Good to see Pedro sending…

  • Good to see Pedro sending the baseball from the win yesterday to our friend Shank Shaughnessey, who proclaimed that Pedro would never again win a game in the majors after Pedro’s comments last year about digging up the bambino and drilling him.
  • Celtics with a huge win last night. Tommy has finally resigned himself to the fact that the “3” is a huge part of today’s NBA game. Especially after the Nets closed to within 1 and then the C’s hit three 3’s in the last 3 minutes of the game to put the game away.
  • Some action this weekend on the Bledsoe trade front. Looks like the Bills and Bengals might actually BOTH want Bledsoe, as incredible as it might seem.
  • You can catch the Celtics tonight at 8:30 on Fox Sports Net.
  • Thank goodness the Sox and C’s did well over the weekend. WEEI last week was impossible to listen to.

Random Quote

You’re expected to just nod in the affirmative, utter “In Belichick We Trust,” and walk in lockstep off a cognitive cliff.

— Chris Gasper, Boston Globe, 9/20/12