Almost the exact moment Jose

Almost the exact moment Jose Offerman was hitting into a game ending double-play, the Canadiens scored the game winning goal of tonight’s season ending playoff loss. Not great viewing for the Boston fan. There’s one wrong prediction and boy do I hope I’m wrong on my other one from today.

A rough Sunday/Monday. Celtics lose

A rough Sunday/Monday. Celtics lose a tough one yesterday, Migraine today. Coincidence? The series is going 5 in my book and I think the Sixers pull it out in game 5 at the Fleet. That is not what I want, but just a bad feeling I have. I really hope that the C’s can rebound from this loss and end it in game 4, but I just have a bad feeling. I’m not usually a pessimist, either.

The Boston Herald’s Celtics coverage page has a section where you could search for articles related to the Celtics-76ers matchups over the last 10 years or so. If you try it, be patient, it takes about 15 seconds to load the articles, and then get your wallet out, as you’ll have to pay to read them. The Bruins coverage page on the Herald has the same feature for Bruins/Canadiens.

The Bruins try to stay alive tonight in Montreal. (7:00 UPN 38) I don’t claim to be a Hockey expert, but I think the B’s will actually win this series, pulling out the game tonight and then winning game 7. No promises.

Red Sox will continue their homestand, opening a series with Baltimore tonight at 6:05 on NESN. Dale Arnold will be disappointed to know that because of the rainout yesterday, Pedro Martinez has been pushed back to Wednesday. The WEEI midday host is taking Sport Illustrated’s Peter King to Fenway tomorrow night, and had hoped to get to see Pedro.

Friday, in looking towards this

Friday, in looking towards this weekend’s sports events, radio hosts were rating all the things that would be happening. The Bruins – Canadiens game seemed to be the hot topic, then the Celtics – Sixers game 3, then, as an afterthought there was the Red Sox. I think it was Steve Buckley who commented something along the lines that too bad these Red Sox games were going to be of such “low” quality. Well, what happens? We see some quality Lowe. A no hitter. The first at Fenway since 1965.

The Herald wasted no time in posting Tony Massarotti’s story on the game. The Globe’s page said there was a story, but all I got was a 404 error.

The Bruins lose, and are on the brink of elimination, but here’s hoping the Celtics can finish off the series tomorrow. With the rain expected, we should see the largest Celtics TV numbers in this region since the days of # 33.