A lot of time this

A lot of time this morning on WEEI is devoted to the National Anthem “scandal” in Montreal. It’s thought by some that the rendition of the U.S. Anthem played before the Bruins/Canadiens Tuesday was done sub par and notes missed on purpose. They’ve even replayed the US anthem and the anthem for Canada that were played and compared them, and there does seem to be a difference in quality. Whether it was done intentionally is another story. It seems unlikely that something like that could be done. The fear expressed is that something in “retaliation” could be done in game 5 back at the Fleet.

A babbling appearance by Bill Walton affirms his place as the weirdest figure (should that read “eccentric”?) in broadcasting. He went on and on, waxing poetically about the Celtics, Larry Bird, The Dead, His sons, his injuries, his current tour of 30 NBA games in 30 days, and living in Boston.

Another big Boston sports day

Another big Boston sports day is on tap. Starting with Pedro Martinez attempting to snap a two game Sox losing streak in Baltimore. Game starts at 3:00 on Fox 25. Then we have both the Celtics and Bruins in critical playoff matches. It might be reasonably safe to say whomever wins each of these games tonight is going to win the series. Catch the Bruins in Montreal on NESN at 7:00 and the Celtics at home on Fox Sports New England and TNT at 8:00.

I was watching the WB56 Sportscast last night, and the lead for the sports was the Red Sox with the big captions “Wheels are falling off”. Just a tad cynical. The team drops two games in a row, both of which ended with the tying or winning run at bat or on deck, and the “wheels are falling off”? This is a typical example of how the Boston media loves to stir up the fans and be negative. The team is off to a tremendous start, I don’t understand the need for this sort of thing.

A Parade…Marching Bands…School let out

A Parade…Marching Bands…School let out early…Buffalo LOVES Drew. Ralph Wilson speaks to roaring crowds welcoming Bledsoe to Buffalo, telling Drew he’s “given the whole area a spark.” Presented him with his official number 11 jersey…Bledsoe comes to the microphone…a very exciting day for him and his family, has always admired the Buffalo Bills and their organization. His first regular season game was in Buffalo, coming full circle now, hopes to end his career there, enjoyed his 9 years with the Patriots, his treatment there and experience and now looking forward to the next stage of his career. He’s coming there for one reason…to win football games.

Questions from reporters…comparing coming into the league as a rookie with joining this Bills team. Drew thinks this situation is better, the Bills are better than those early Patriots teams…When the trade happened, he was in the Hospital with his son, and there was a “range of emotions” Very excited when he found out he was going to be a Bill…Feels great to be wanted coming in here after not being able to get his starting job back last season…Had confidence all along that he would end up in a good situation, that’s as far as he’ll comment about the trade process…Extremely excited to get back on the field, know’s he can still play at a high level, can’t wait to answer critics (Read:Belichick) …refused to talk about comments made by NE players regarding certain things Brady brought to the team that Drew didn’t….said the answer he’s going to give is his play on the field…a ton of talent on that Buffalo team, he welcomes the high expectations, expects the team to win alot of games and expects to be held to a very high standard of play…looks to be “very successful very quickly”…Thinks the weapons the Bills have are probably more than the Patriots have….defenses can’t take away one guy and stop the team….no lasting effects from injury last year…then the media was dismissed to go out to the “rally”

This was all broadcast on WEEI