Peter Vescey was on NBC

Peter Vescey was on NBC during halftime of the Nets/Pacers game, taking shots at Larry Bird. He was responding to comments made by Bird recently to the effect that the Pacers would have been better off hiring Rick Carlisle as head coach rather than Isaiah Thomas. Vescey cited the improvement of Al Harrington and Jermaine O’Neal as evidence that Isaiah has done a good job. This is ludicrous. Most NBA observers would likely tell you that the Pacers are in the playoffs despite Thomas. Carlisle has done an incredible job at Detroit with a less talented roster. Vescey is all wet here. Larry Bird knows more about basketball than Peter Vescey or any other writer.

Pats LT Matt Light was part of the ESPN draft coverage, serving on a panel with other rookies from the past season. He talked about what the new crop of rookies has to look forward to, including ribbing from veteran teammates about how much money they’re making.

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However, it’s nice to see that Belichick is still feisty. He just turned 60 years old and it’s been seven seasons (going on eight) since the Patriots last won the big one. Three rings bought a lot of good will, but even he has to realize that the bank account’s getting low.

— Mark Farinella, Sun-Chronicle, 6/17/12