Entercom Radio, parent of WEEI

Entercom Radio, parent of WEEI has decided to no longer stream its radio stations over the internet, including WEEI starting tomorrow. This message is on the WEEI web site:

“We regret that as of tommorow we will no longer be streaming our radio station on line. Due to many factors we’ve had to make the difficult decision that this is no longer a service we can provide. You may or may not be aware of the many legal issues surrounding the streaming of music online. To keep it succinct – there are many and they are complex. As we all move into this new digital age we have to collectively figure out the new rules so that artists, record labels and the industry that supports them, Radio, can all win. That solution has not been found yet. It’s likely in the coming months you will hear more of this issue as it appears on the agenda in our nation’s capital. If you wish to learn more, we suggest this web site as a good place to start — http://saveinternetradio.org ”

Glen Ordway talked about this a little this afternoon and said strongly that this is not the choice of WEEI, its staff, and talent. It is solely a decision made by Entercom. You can voice displeasure with this by sending E-mail either to the WEEI shows individually, and they will forward them to management or you can also send it to [email protected]

The issue is about royalites being paid to artists, so it mostly applies to stations that play copyrighted music all day. As a talk station, WEEI has none of these issues, yet Entercom is making the blanket decision to just shut off all its stations from streaming on the internet. Last year USA Today had an article on this battle over rights on Internet radio. At the time the article was written the big deal was about commercials. Stations got around that by taking out the commercials played during the breaks and inserting other material. (If you’ve listened to WEEI on-line at all in the last month you likely wince at the words “fun run”) Now it’s about other copyrighted material. Ordway thinks they can talk some sense to the Entercom bigwigs, so keep the e-mails coming to them. This is likely just the start of many battles by the entertainment business against the digital encoding of almost any media property.

Don’t know if it is

Don’t know if it is just this connection, but the WEEI internet feed has been in and out all day, and inaccessable from here for most of the time. Eddie Andelman had Tony Maz, and he got a guy to propose to his girlfriend of a year and half in exchange for luxury box tickets to the Celtics game six tomorrow night. I don’t quite understand the optimism by the media members locally regarding the Celtics, Eddie and Tony both think the Celtics will game six, Dale Arnold said “I think they win game six….Home court is a big deal”. What reasons are there for optimism? What signs are out there that anything is going to change? The Nets have *dominated* the Celtics, who have been unable to prevent quick starts or make any game to game adjustments. None of these people are giving any reasons for their optimism, in fact, the lack of strategy talk on the air is pretty mystifying.

Peter Gammons came on for his weekly visit on the big show, and much of the conversation centered around Shea Hillenbrand and Alfonso Soriano — how impressive each of them is. How much improvement they both have made in their second season. A lot of gushing. He also mentioned that Dustin Hermanson could miss the entire season with his “groin pull”.

A late start today because

A late start today because there isn’t a whole lot the media can say for the performance of the Celtics last night. Is there a more grating color analyst than PJ Carlesimo? Wow. If ESPN/ABC offers him a job next season with their NBA telecasts, you can be sure he won’t be on the # two team, as he is now. A surprising lack of anger on the part of the Celtics is disturbing. All interviews and pieces in the paper just show a team resigned to it’s fate, a team still in shock and denial over how this has played out. Remember two weeks ago when the talk on all the sports shows was whether the Celtics were going to be able to give the Lakers any trouble in the finals? Now it looks like neither team might get to the championship round. Stern and company surely don’t mind which team comes out of the east for their NBC finals ratings, Boston, you got the tradition of the Celtics, if it’s the Nets, you got the huge New York Media market. They must be praying for the Lakers to come back and beat the Kings in the next two.

Geroge Kimball builds on the theme started by Gerry Callahan and mentioned here yesterday. He adds this point: “Any parent who keeps a 3-year-old up after midnight in order to use him as a press conference prop(which Kidd, as is his wont, did again last night) ought to be charged with child abuse.” Kimball concludes: “Kidd’s position is that he can take it whatever the Boston fans dish out, but that Joumana and T.J. shouldn’t be forced to witness the harassment.This from the man who punched his wife in front of the son he now wants to shield from people who might remind him of it. Just because TNT and NBC (and, apparently, the Post and the Daily News) appear to have forgotten what Kidd did doesn’t mean the rest of us should.”

Well said, George.

WEEI talk this morning is not much Celtics, but more Kidd talk and steroid talk. They did announce that Dale Arnold has signed a new deal to remain at WEEI with his midday show as well as continue to host the “NFL Sunday” show.

With the Red Sox also on an off day, NESN has the Paw Sox taking on the Yankees AAA club, the Columbus Clippers at 7:00. Hardly anything on the Primetime National TV sports schedule tonight. TBS has the Braves and Expos at 7:30. Troy O’Leary fans can try to get a glimpse of the former Red Sox outfielder on the Expos. ESPN is also replaying the disturbing “Outside the lines” feature about coaches and sexual abuse at 9:00.