Shaughnessy was among the panel

Shaughnessy was among the panel on FSNE’s New England Sports Tonight. He said he was “stunned” that this Jose Offerman flap has been made such a big deal of. He said it’s like the Ben Affleck thing, it’s taken on a life of it’s own. He said he was calling him a piece of junk as a player, not a person. YET, he said if he had explained himself, he wouldn’t have used the terminology “piece of junk”. He then got pretty mad when Greg Dickerson asked him to explain himself. Shaughnessy snapped that it wasn’t about the fact that Offerman wouldn’t explain himself. He didn’t really make himself clear. He repeated again that if Offerman had explained himself, he would not have used the wording “piece of junk” to apply to him. It made it look pretty clear that it was in fact personal and just mean spirited on Shaughnessy’s part that led him to use the phrases he did.

Marty Tirrell was also on the show and said he “absolutely guaranteed that (Mark) McGwire was juiced” The others jumped on it immediately, Dickerson saying that this isn’t 1510 where you can just throw these things out there and no one hears them. A bold statement from Tirrell, who tried to water down the statement by saying he was including McGwire’s admitted Andro use, which is a derivative of steroids.

So here’s the Affleck/Merloni summary:

So here’s the Affleck/Merloni summary: Affleck called from an airplane and said it meant alot to him to clear this up. Merloni was calling from Skydome. Affleck: “Lou, I completely apologize…I was a knucklehead…shooting my mouth off…just was talking out of envy” Lou answered: “I appreciate it…I’m glad we got this cleared up.” Affleck then offered to do something to make it up, to do something for charity for him, said he was going to send him a copy of all his movies but then he read in the paper that Lou hates them all. (reference to Merloni’s quote in the paper) He didn’t imagine that anyone would even listen to what he had to say. He said he should’ve been smarter about it. McDonough said he didn’t stop him because he’s known him long enough to know that he was kidding about it all. Lou said he felt like he’d give a little jab back by putting down Ben’s movies. Lou said he’d check out the new movie and he thought it’d be ok. (laughs) Ben ended up saying he’d take Lou out to dinner and set him up with a supermodel or something. Lou said he’d put his boys on a leash and keep them from going after Ben. Ben ended up asking for a Merloni jersey. Lou laughed at that and said they’d set something up.

WWZN had S.I. writer Tom

WWZN had S.I. writer Tom Verducci on this afternoon, who wrote the article “Totally Juiced” which appears in this weeks edition. He said many higher ups in baseball are glad this article is written, because it exposes things that the players union wants to keep buried. Reading the article is quite an eye-opener. Many believe that steroids are safe, even some who don’t take them. There are some who are opposed to them, but still take them because they think they *have* to just to keep up with those who do take them. His educated guess on the percentage of MLB players using is 40-50%.

WWZN is also going to have both Lou Merloni and Ben Affleck on after 5:00 to try to clear the air.