Consider me properly chastised. A

Consider me properly chastised. A number of you brought it to my attention that information on Charlie Weis appeared in the “Inside Track” of today. I was also informed that perhaps the media was aware of the situation, and yet at the request of Weis’ family, chose not to run the story. I thank those of you who wrote in to correct me. When I’m wrong, I want to know about it, and I want you all to know about it.

Random Quote

You guys called us old, over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It’s opinion and obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank y’all for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under us. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry.

— Kevin Garnett, 4/18/12