Tough day with the Darryl

Tough day with the Darryl Kile tragedy. Fox handled it quite well, keeping viewers updated while still showing all the action of the game. Tony Larussa appeared live with Joe Buck, who is still mourning his father, and was tearful and reflective. ESPNNews had live coverage of the press conferences of ones close to the situation. Cubs GM Andy McPhail, Cubs Manager Don Baylor and Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty were among those who spoke. Larry Walker was one of the most visibly distraught and went out and hit a homer and started tonight’s game 3-3. Ann Werner of ESPN did some really nice on location reporting in a tough situation. A totally professional, tasteful and somber effort.

Random Quote

This is the ultimate dilemma. Of course fans want the Red Sox to win the World Series, but the dilemma is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. And if the Red Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, one of those two franchises will be permanently and forever altered. One of them will never be the same. So remember, while winning is the ultimate goal. If you’re a Sox fan or a Cubs fan, it carries a steep price tag. Life will never be the same.

— Bob Lobel, chat 10/9/2003