WWZN streaming is working now.

WWZN streaming is working now. I wish it wasn’t. Loose cannon Ron Borges is implying that Pedro Martinez is a racist. Borges insists that that if Derek Lowe had said what Pedro said regarding the Floyd deal (Pedro would rather have Colon), but instead named a white pitcher, there would be a huge outcry that Lowe was being racist. Borges thinks that if Pedro had a choice between Randy Johnson and Bartolo Colon, Pedro would pick Colon because he’s a fellow Dominican. Nick Cafardo and Steve Burton are in shock over this allegation. When Cafardo challenged the statement, Borges replied with “You probably don’t think Belichick is a liar, either.” Burton is “blown away” by the comments, callers are lining up to tee off on Borges. Reader Walt from Hudson thinks he has it figured out: “Borges is like that old Buck Henry talk host routine – he has no callers and starts saying things like ‘I’m a Communist’ to get a call. Counting Eddie’s show the Zone has gone 1.5 hours without a call today until Borges dropped his poison.” It’s got people talking anyway, at least until the Red Sox announce the trade for Bobby Howry. They didn’t have the name at first, just announced that the Sox had acquired a “reliever from the AL Central”. Rather vague. It wasn’t until 4:42 that they announced it was Howry. ESPN Radio and various sites had it reported earlier.

Mike Port came on a little after 6:00 and says they view Howry as a power reliever, a set-up man and a closer, he had full arthroscopic surgery in 2000, He’s been able to pitch in 47 games this year and is getting back to being the power set-up guy he was with a chance of being a closer for us. He’s a big game pitcher, has an aggressive demeanor. a positive addition to the ballclub. Tomorrow they have to make some adjustments. They made trades, not just for the sake of making trades, but that were right for the Red Sox. Like to think they did two things in that direction today added payroll but had John Henry and Larry Lucchino involved all the way, and let this be a signal to Red Sox fans. Larry Lucchino came on a bit afterwards. They possible four areas that they wanted to make a move in, and did it in two of the four. Some clubs we’re competing with weren’t able to do anything. As far as the Yankees, …not just competing against one team… I do though subscribe to the Evil Empire pathology… I do recognize that if we get to the post season with the couple of starters we have, we will be tough competition for anyone. We will keep our eyes open regarding waiver opportunities if we can… August allows for movement, not a likely possibility compared to July. We like the added depth we’ve brought to the team, these are two very good guys who’ll fit nicely into this clubhouse. Personality and character issues are quite important to us. Did they proceed as if there would be no work stoppage? …hope there will not be one and the issues are solvable, but when you’re as close as you are here you have to take your artillery out and go for it. Situation varies from day to day…. fairly moderate issues… no one fighting for salary cap, rev. share, payroll tax… at the end of the day, will come up with a solution. On the possibility of adding more payroll? Now there is an issue of roster space, that’s why the GM gets big bucks… it’s Mike’s call.

Funny…if Borges feels so strongly about the comments by Pedro, why didn’t he bring them up to Lucchino?

WEEI once again had John

WEEI once again had John Rooke and Ron Hobson filling in for Dale and Nuemy. Mike Adams was along as well. Mike Port was on shortly before 11:00 and said the team is still attempting to make a deal for a pitcher. They wanted a bat and an arm equally as much, the Floyd deal came together first, so they pursued and closed that one. He added that with the Montreal game going into extra innings, Floyd is not expected in Anaheim tonight. Sean McAdam came on both WEEI and ESPN radio, and on both expressed his pessimism about the labor situation. He is very certain that there will be a strike, as the people involved in negotiations are not the type to actually make a deal with any sort of concessions to the other side. Interestingly Keith Olbermann, who is now writing for Salon.com had a note today that he’s now heard that a total of three teams have voted against setting a strike date. He notes that in the whole history of the MLB players association, one player has voted against a strike.

WWZN did not come in as Streaming Audio for me, I’m not sure if they’re having a problem or not. The bit I heard of Eddie and Jagman, they were talking to the owners of the Lowell Spinners, and Eddie was talking about the theme of the day being about family and all the sports events there are now in New England for families to do. Seems curious that Eddie would assign a theme to a day that naturally lends itself to sports talk — the trading deadline day.

WFAN -New York has a 15 minute piece from the overnight with Red Sox announcer Jerry Trupiano, talking about Cliff Floyd archived on its web site. Trupiano reports that John W. Henry flying Floyd out on his private jet. He also is of the opinion that Jose Offerman will be gone. He talked some about the search for bullpen help, and the performance of Pedro Martinez, who didn’t let a player make it to second base all night, and only allowed a couple bloop hits.

In additional to his weekly show with Will McDonough on Sporting News Radio, Bill Parcells has signed up to be a part of the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown team each week.

The Mooseman has part two of his Patriots preseason preview. Some entertaining items in here, he collects quotes from around the country about the Patriots and what they did last year and dissects them. The Curtis Martin ones are particularly amusing.

Sox get their man. Sean

Sox get their man. Sean McAdam has the most detailed account of the trade. Gordon Edes got the reaction from the Sox clubhouse. Includes quotes from Manny. Funny, I thought Manny was clueless about these things. Many Sox fans got amusement from seeing unabashed Yankee fans such as Rich Eisen downcast and lamenting the trade on ESPN. Yankee announcer Michael Kay also appeared on ESPN Radio and claimed that the Expos wanted too much from the Yankees, that since the Yankees have a superior farm system that they could’ve given more than the Red Sox and basically that the trade didn’t get done because MLB is “mad” at the Yankees.

Tony Massarotti looks at Pedro’s performance and recent streak. Steve Buckley bangs the drum for the retirement of Tony C’s number. While I agree that it would be a nice gesture given the potential that he had and tragedy that cut it short, I don’t buy the “He’s one of us” that Buckley, Stearns and others have trumpeted. By that logic, Lou Merloni should be having his number up there. Isn’t Lou “one of our own”? Tony C’s circumstances are extraordinary, and perhaps he does deserve to have his number retired. But it’s a lot more than just “He was one of our own.” Stan Grossfeld has a look at the Cape Cod league, with some interesting history and a nice glimpse into the way of life in the league. “Summer Catch” it isn’t. (That’s a good thing)

Kevin Mannix, Tom Curran and Michael Smith all take a sober look at Charlie Weis and the circumstances that led to his deciding to have the surgery. Curran also takes a look at the rigors of the dog days of training camp. Michael Gee has somewhat of a rebuttal to Mannix’s criticisms of the “Targeting September” theme that appeared in the Herald yesterday. Michael Smith writes in his Notebook that Belichick thinks of Tebuckey Jones as his Troy Brown of the offense. Pretty high praise.

Michael Holley attempts to crunch the numbers involved with the Vin Baker trade. He also uses a Larry Bird quote that Paul Gaston’s ownership philosophy reminded him of the Clippers’. He concludes by suggesting what Celtics fans everywhere would love. Perhaps Gaston should sell the team.

NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 10:00. The game will also be shown on ESPN2 nationally. ESPN has Indians/A’s at 3:30 and Dodgers/Reds at 7:00. HBO debuts it’s second season of “Hard Knocks” touting it as “The first sports-based reality series — and the fastest-turnaround reality series ever” the show features the Dallas Cowboys training camp and airs at 11:00 PM. Weekly replays include Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and 12 midnight and Saturday on HBO2 at 12 midnight. All times are ET/PT. A 16-person NFL Films crew will live at the Cowboys training camp in San Antonio, TX, shooting more than 700 hours of video over the course of the series. Camera and sound crews will be given unencumbered access to the players and coaches meeting rooms, training rooms, dormitories and practice fields.