Where do they get this

Where do they get this stuff? Today, Bob Hohler writes that Cliff Floyd “also doubled, giving him his first multihit game for the Sox.” Last night was the eighth game in which Floyd had two or more hits for the Sox. (You can look it up) He also had a three hit game August fourth in Texas. This was at the end of the otherwise alarming notebook in which Hohler informs us of Pedro’s hip soreness. How about this quote from media darling Johnny Damon in the Herald’s notebook today, referring to the incident in Anaheim where the fans threw things on the field in frustration: “Hopefully all the jealous fans who have been calling us names will take a step back now and realize how much an idiot they looked” . I sure hope Johnny was quoted out of context, because that quote put out by itself is very inflammatory. Way to put yourselves back in the good graces of the fans…

Jackie MacMullan writes how most fans are going to choose the Patriots over the Red Sox anyway. Dan Shaughnessy writes about the team that knew too much…Bob Ryan writes about Paul Pierce putting on his Superman cape last night and saving the US team.

Fox25 Has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00, TNT has the US vs China in basketball at 9:00.

Today’s Ron Borges quote of

Today’s Ron Borges quote of the day from WWZN. He claims that the Patriots in fact did complete a deal with Jamal Anderson, and that he was added to the roster, and then mysteriously dropped. (he didn’t say how) Borges accused Belichick of lying to all of us by saying the deal didn’t get done, and that they didn’t sign him because of conditioning. A caller had the temerity to assert that Borges might hold a grudge against Belichick and the Patriots. Borges denied it, saying that he is always going to report the truth, whether you like to hear it or not.

Strike updates will likely be

Strike updates will likely be forthcoming on all sports media outlets throughout the morning. WEEI has a “mole” at the park watching to see if the bus leaves for the airport. I’m listening to ESPN radio. They just reported at 11:10 this morning that three teams have told Donald Fehr that they will not strike. At 11:30 they’ve reported that people are boarding the buses at Fenway. MSNBC is reporting a deal is done.

As Gino Cappelletti said last night on the WBCN broadcast, “without the gun you can’t have fun.” The Patriots shut down the Redskins offense which has received so much attention this summer. But, as Ron Borges has to to say, “that was to be expected considering Danny Wuerffel was pulling the trigger for the Redskins.” OK. Wuerffel isn’t a top (or even good) QB, but he did burn a pretty good 49ers team with a 16-25, 269 yards, 3 td 0 int performance a couple weeks ago. (He played against the starters, too) Tom Curran gives the Patriots defense more credit. He also has the most informative notebook, which includes a story about Belichick’s father on the 1941 Detroit Lions. Michael Felger and Nick Cafardo submit their game stories without sniping at each other. Kevin Mannix fawns over the Patriots defense. Kathy Orton looks at rookie TE Daniel Graham’s nice night. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Graham, as well as the secondary and Robert Edwards. Michael Smith writes how his new contract will effect Brady. The Globe reaches back to it’s past as the greatest sports page in the country and trots out Leigh Montville for the first of a weekly series of NFL picks columns. Today is his season’s picks.

Dan Shaughnessy with another surprisingly soft column on baseball. Jim Donaldson says he’s all Patriots now. Steve Buckley says the game of baseball is pure, the people involved in it at the pro level are not.

Bill Griffith looks at the NFL pregame shows for the upcoming season. Jim Baker looks at college football.

Is it the kiss of death if I say Fox25 has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00? ESPN has college football Oklahoma vs Tulsa at 8:00. ESPN2 has USA basketball vs Germany at 8:00.