Tom Brady appears to have

Tom Brady appears to have a new contract with the Patriots.

WWZN has had Nick Cafardo, Jackie MacMullan, Bill Simmons and Bob Tewksbury on this afternoon, MacMullan bridged between Eddie and the McDonough group. They’ve had David Wells and John Sterling in their studio as guests. WEEI has Steve Buckley with Dick Radatz teamed with fill in host Greg Dickerson.

AM 1590 the Tiger in Nashua promises “some interesting information” from a couple sources, Red Sox related, no one else is talking about yet. You can listen to Marty Tirrell and Michael Mutnansky on “MT Speakin’ on Sports” starting at 6:00 tonight, On-line streaming is available.

Some spark. Amazing what can

Some spark. Amazing what can happen from one day to the next, yesterday, all the writers are pumped up, saying this team is geared up for a run, today, Steve Buckley, Sean McAdam, Gordon Edes, and Tony Massarotti all throw in the towel and say it’s over. Michael Holley points out that the playing the Yankees late in season has been revealing for the Sox. Get ready for an ugly strike, the players quoted in the papers are totally oblivious to how arrogant they sound. Michael Silverman has John Burkett sounding like a complete fool, Bob Hohler’s notebook has Burkett, but also Johnny Damon sounding off. It’s looking ugly. enjoy your Pedro Martinez start tonight, as it may be the last you see for some time. Steve Conroy and Bob Duffy draw the assignment of covering David Wells last night. Chad Finn touches all the bases.

Paul Kenyon looks at Damien Woody’s switch to guard. Rich Thompson writes that Tom Brady realizes there is work to do still. Thompson’s notebook looks at Jamal Anderson and the cuts from yesterday. Michael Smith gives more details on Anderson, and also looks at the cuts in his notebook. Be sure to check’s NFL Preview page today, and scheduled articles include extensive Patriot-related stories. The stories have been being posted later in the morning/early afternoon.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally) Jim Baker reports Tony Clark will once again be on the post-game show. Following that, NESN will re-air the Front Row special on Doug Flutie. ESPN2 has Reds/Cardinals at 7:00.

Bob Numeier was once again

Bob Numeier was once again joined by Sean McAdam on WEEI. Baseball talk continued, trying to figure out this team, talking about the strike. Eddie Andelman had his show from Worcester to honor the Little League champions and WWZN’s new affiliate there. This show was another mostly non-sports affair. Bert Sugar was on. ’nuff said. Sean McDonough was joined by Mike Giardi and Steve Burton, and Charlie Steiner spent a good amount of time on the show waxing about the greatness of the Yankees. Quite nauseating. With the Jamal Anderson deal falling apart, (WWZN was way behind in reporting why) McDonough pointed out that the Touchback twins Borges and Cafardo had been criticizing Belichick yesterday on air for not telling the whole story about the Anderson deal. They were insisting that it was all a done deal yesterday and that Belichick just was being difficult and not releasing any details. They also had a short piece with Tony Clark, who didn’t say a whole lot, but that he has his cell phone on 24/7 these days and that the players have to keep their “emotional concerns” about September 11th separate from the labor talks. Kevin Paul Dupont joined the crew after McDonough left at 5:00.

Del Jones of the Patriot Ledger says Manny has not been the problem with this team. The Sox other Ramirez, Hanley has also been on an incredible tear and is eating up the league with the Lowell Spinners, Chaz Scoggins of the Lowell Sun reports on Ramirez. Bill Simmons reviews Hoosiers in detail. Today’s NFL Preview section looks at the coaches in the league. The section has a panel of ESPN experts each picking their top NFL coach, none of whom mention Belichick. John Madden, in his article does. If you’re wondering what Chad Ford says about the Celtics in the ESPN Insider section, it boils down to this, they shouldn’t have lost Rodney Rogers, they need a point guard, (He suggests they get Rafer Alston) and they need to give the ball to Kedrick Brown and get him in the rotation. Ford says Brown might be the teams best man on man defender and was the only player in the summer league to “put the clamps” on Richard Jefferson. Ford says Brown could be very very good.