Rats…I get slammed (indirectly) on

Rats…I get slammed (indirectly) on WEEI’s Big Show and didn’t even get to hear it. Something about “quasi-journalists who write on the internet, make no money and live in their mother’s basement.” Says that they just don’t understand the business and how the producers book the guests. That they should probably call Brett or Andy to learn about the business and how they book…

Hmmm. First of all, it seems that he may have heard about my comments about Buckley through the grapevine or misunderstood them because it came across as if I had criticized Buckley for regurgitating his column on ‘EEI while really it was the opposite. Buckley took what had been talked about all day on the station, and took five minutes, wrote a column out of it and submitted it to his editor. This is the same guy who can criticize Manny for not running hard, or Pedro for shutting down early? If Buckley had written a controversial column of his own accord and it became a hot topic for conversation on the airwaves, that’s one thing. For him last week to write an article that had already been done, (Yes, I know there’s no copyright on ideas) go over the top with it, and then have it published the same day he had already been booked in advance on WEEI is another thing all together. So here’s what Buckley has done in the last week:

1) Took the article by Tomase, put his own spin on it, and then waited a few days to have it appear in the paper the same day he’s booked on WEEI.

2) Taken the hot topic of yesterday on WEEI (of which he was a participant) and then written a lame column about it today.

Mike Fine imitates the trick that Dan Shaughnessy used recently, the disclaimer that he won’t be giving his best effort today. It wasn’t funny when Shaughnessy did it, either. Joe Fitzgerald weighs in on the Paul Pierce trial and the safety of athletes and public figures. Eric McHugh looks at Ken Walter’s sneak attempt and Ted Johnson. Rob Bradford makes the Drew Bledsoe/Roger Clemens comparison.

I feel like Bill Parcells.

I feel like Bill Parcells. Reading Buckley’s newest “effort” makes me feel like throwing up in my mouth…today’s piece was produced using another media whore method. This time instead of swiping his idea from a smaller paper, he takes the topic from yesterday’s sports radio discussions and writes a column out of it. Talk about shutting it down…I’m beginning to wonder if Buckley has an original thought in him. Borges must be either real pleased with Buck, for taking the heat off him, or ticked off because he’s taking the spotlight away. I can’t figure out which. Can the Herald sports editor be truly pleased with this submission? I debated not mentioning this column at all today, because by leading off with it, aren’t I just being an “enabler”? Giving him publicity about his column–however dreadful it is? Who was it that said “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” I decided in the end, that I’m here to cover to media, and like it or not, stuff like this has to be mentioned. I’m not all that mad about the content of the column, though I don’t agree, I can at least understand those who are ticked off at Pedro for passing up his last start if the Sox are eliminated, it’s the fact that Buckley wrote this column after saying all these same things for 4 hours yesterday on the Big Show that has me irate. He ends the column with “please, no more talk about how it was understood he’d make his next start if the Sox were still in it. If that’s the case, what was with the flowers, champagne and personal notes left at Pedro’s locker after his last start?” (He said this exact same thing on WEEI yesterday…verbatim) There had been much talk before that start about if Pedro won his 20th game that really the season would be a resounding success for Martinez, it was a symbolic milestone of how far he’s come back from last year. It was a big deal to Pedro, and to his teammates, clearly. The gifts were in congratulations of meeting crossing that magical 20 win line. Somehow Buck doesn’t get it.

David Heuschkel starts off with Pedro wondering, What’s all the hubbub, bub? Bob Hohler looks at how the offseason could shape up. Gordon Edes chats with Grady Little. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Sox Wild hopes still being alive, and fills his notebook with a Little milestone and other sundry items. Sean McAdam combines a game story with a notebook. Tony Massarotti looks at Derek Lowe’s chances for the Cy. In contrast to Pedro, Lowe wants to make two more starts to increase his chances for the award.

Nick Cafardo looks ahead to the Chargers, and includes a tale of a college matchup between undefeated teams led by Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Michael Felger looks at just how far Tom Brady has transcended expectations. Felger’s notebook has an injury update and an honor for Larry Izzo. Jim Donaldson takes a look around the NFL and decides the Vikings should be contracted. Cafardo’s notebook has word of Ty Law’s contract being restructured.

Looks like NESN and the Globe will be joined at the hip even more very soon. A blurb on NESN’s website says: “NESN.com is about to get a new home. Starting October 2, Boston.com and NESN will combine their resources to help create New England’s premier sports site. We’re excited about working together, and hope that you will continue to visit us at our new online home, boston.com/sports.”

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. ESPN & ESPN2 have baseball doubleheaders at 7:00 & 10:00.

Two weeks ago it was

Two weeks ago it was Manny, last week it was Nomar, this week Pedro is in the crosshairs. It gets real old, real quick. Why they think this makes good radio totally blows my mind. It’s been almost all Pedro “shutdown” talk all day on WEEI. The Touchdown Twins were on with “The View” (Dale and Neumy…Ordway has dubbed them that) and while everyone on that program and at the beginning of the Big Show (Felger, Buckley) is careful to say they like Pedro, they want him to finish his career here, that he’s a great pitcher, they don’t want to run him out of town, but then they all proceed to slam him. After some football Tuesday talk with a pretty entertaining Matt Light, the talk on WWZN also turned to Pedro. Tony Massarotti was a voice of reason taking on Eddie. He noted that the same people who are all indignant over this would castigate the team if Pedro were to get injured and mess up next season. He took Eddie on vociferously, for perhaps the first time, even saying if Eddie did what he’s pontificating about …putting Pedro out there when you’re on the hook for big bucks next year and risking an injury…that Eddie would be a bad businessman…which is hitting Eddie hard. Glen Ordway tried to make the ludicrous analogy of saying Pedro’s actions are like Tom Brady shutting it down with four games left and the Patriots trailing the Dolphins by one game. He quickly realized the absurdity of that comment and retracted it. Kevin Paul Dupont and Mike Giardi joined Sean McDonough for the McDonough group. Sean introduced the Pedro topic almost right off the bat. Kevin Paul Dupont made an excellent point that Pedro’s shutdown was pretty much validated by his manager, Grady pretty much threw up the white flag with that lineup in the second game of the doubleheader last week. He adds that that lineup, along with Little’s non-action against Manny are fire-able offenses. Giardi feels that as much as he wants to see Pedro finish his career in Boston, that it isn’t going to work out that way.

Bill Simmons writes a Red Sox eulogy, and also addresses the media madness in Boston. Some strong stuff in there. Since Simmons has cartons more juice than I’ve got in this town, it’ll be interesting to see what the ramifications of his knocking Buckley are. Mike Fine looks at the Cy Young race.