Billy Beane talk dominated the

Billy Beane talk dominated the Mustard and Johnson program on WEEI. ESPN reported at 9:30 this morning that the A’s and Sox have already agreed on a compensation package for Beane. Talk on M&J revolved around what the package will be. When told a minor league third baseman was involved, Mustard showed his devotion to the Yankees and lack of knowledge of the Red Sox by saying it must be Tony Blanco, was terrible at Single A ball this year. In reality the prospect the A’s covet is likely Kevin Youkilis, who the A’s tried to get from the Red Sox earlier this year. Note the second item on this Peter Gammons article from August.

Random Quote

Belichick will not be so lucky. He doesn’t have (Jimmy) Johnson’s personality, which can be as jovial and charming as a snake oil salesman’s. Worse, this Patriot team isn’t going to win two Super Bowls any time soon…

— Ron Borges, Boston Globe 11/22/01