Eric McHugh looks at the

Eric McHugh looks at the similarities between the Patriots and Raiders. Christopher Price looks at the Raider mystique. McHugh also has a notebook with focus on J.R. Redmond. Mike Loftus says the Bruins are riding high…Rob Bradford chronicles Kedrick Brown’s history of ankle sprains. In the business section of the Globe, Steve Bailey writes about new Celtics owners attempts to bring in limited partners. The offering document spells out these benefits for potential investors: ”Special Members are entitled to: (1) be referred to as co-owners, (2) receive cash distributions as set forth below, (3) use the co-owners’ seating at the FleetCenter, (4) receive World Championship rings.” Yesterday, had a series of Articles on the Patriots and Raider. There is a comparison of Brady and Gannon. Mark Kreidler writes about Raiders with a grudge. Joe Theismann breaks down the key points of the game. Former Raider Eric Allen looks at the tuck rule call.

No incoming phone lines at the remote from the Harp that The McDonough Group was broadcasting from today, leaving almost all the talking to the hosts. They had people send in e-mails and they would call them back. Bill Simmons joined the program at 4:00 and while talking Celtics, made the prediction that the new owners will trade Antoine Walker away next offseason. He thinks the new owners do not want to pay the luxury tax either. Sean McDonough recalled meeting John Meterparel’s wife, and noticing that he married way over his head…

Random Quote

However, it’s nice to see that Belichick is still feisty. He just turned 60 years old and it’s been seven seasons (going on eight) since the Patriots last won the big one. Three rings bought a lot of good will, but even he has to realize that the bank account’s getting low.

— Mark Farinella, Sun-Chronicle, 6/17/12