Here’s the Sunday Night sports

Here’s the Sunday Night sports shows.

…wondering when we’ll read anything from Dan Shaughnessy acknowledging that he was wrong and out of line to have called David Ortiz a “giant sack of you know what” several times last winter and this spring. This guy has delivered time after time for the Sox this year. He’s had huge hits against the Yankees, and his batting average following an intentional walk to Manny is just ridiculously good.

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I don’t think D&C are unlikeable. They’re passionate and sometimes their comments and opinions can be perceived as negative. But they are incredibly smart, well prepared and far more knowledgeable about sports than Toucher and Rich. That’s why they’re as successful as they are. Toucher and Rich are talented radio guys and they have a following, but if you want sports, D&C are the choice.

— Jason Wolfe, Chat, 8/3/12