Afternoon links? Yes. A mini-edition,

Afternoon links? Yes. A mini-edition, anyway. Just a reward for all those who had to sit through four hours of Bill Burt on with Dale. (Ok, he wasn’t that bad, I’m just being a wiseguy.) I’m working on a feature I hope to have up sometime early next week.

Eric McHugh looks at Troy Brown, who still wants to return punts. Tom King looks for a big sophomore season from Daniel Graham. Dave D’Onofrio looks for clues at a recent Patriots practice.

Bill Simmons answers his mailbag.

Random Quote

So the next time you hear some broadcaster or sportswriter muttering that Bill Belichick never tells them anything, take that as a sign. If Belichick didn’t feel like wasting his time with them, you probably shouldn’t either.

— Drew Magary, NBC, 09/14/11