To hopefully end the week

To hopefully end the week and go into the long weekend on a lighter note, we present the inaugural edition of the “Axe Nick” Mailbag.

Please note: This is a *parody* meaning it is not mean spirited. Also, the “Axe Nick” name does not imply in anyway that I think Nick Cafardo should be “Axed”. Rather, the name is a tribute to how our Nick (Not the other Nick) so deftly swings his own agenda axe. Relax and enjoy something that is meant as a lighthearted parody at what is a very popular feature over at

If you prefer the real Ask Nick, this week’s edition has been posted.

Random Quote

He is the bravest columnist I’ve ever seen and is not afraid to take a stand.

— Joe Sullivan, Boston Globe Sports Editor on Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Sports Review, January 2006