Interesting article in the Toronto

Interesting article in the Toronto Globe & Mail regarding a dispute between hockey writers and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The legendary Red Fisher has withdrawn from the Hall in protest. The Bruins own Harry Sinden is at the center of this dispute.

Who's to blame? Hay said Harry Sinden, the president of the Boston Bruins and a Hall of Fame director, played a role in the decision to spell out the media's limited status. In 2002, Sinden became upset when the media selection committee voted Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe into the Hall.

"[Dupont] wasn't in Harry Sinden's good books," Hay said. "And Sinden talked about giving the [main selection committee] or the board the opportunity to veto anybody that [the media selection committee] nominated. Of course, I wasn't going to have anything to do with that."

But out of the Sinden snit came the Hall's decision to officially differentiate between media and honoured members.

"We wanted to make it clear media members are not honoured members and never were," Hay said.

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However, it’s nice to see that Belichick is still feisty. He just turned 60 years old and it’s been seven seasons (going on eight) since the Patriots last won the big one. Three rings bought a lot of good will, but even he has to realize that the bank account’s getting low.

— Mark Farinella, Sun-Chronicle, 6/17/12