Here are some Sunday Links

Here are some Sunday Links from Len.

The Patriots rolled 31-0. Kevin Mannix says it wasn’t a trap game. It was a statement game. Tom Curran goes through the symmetry of the whole 31-0 loss in week 1 with the 31-0 win in week 17. Did any local writer mention that in game 1 Brady had 0 TDs and 4 INTs while he had 4 TDs and 0 INTs in game 16? Tom Brady says in his press conference that his leg is fine contrary to what Deion Sanders was saying on CBS. That hit brought back memories of the injury in the 2001 AFC Championship Game at Pittsburgh. More quotes from the Patriots from

Bob Ryan dusts off the Brady/Montana comparisons while Don Banks says his MVP vote is going to #12 and Banks also has four Patriots on his all NFL team. Mike Vrabel is included in that four. Banks is the only national writer who gives Vrabel his due. Even the local writers overlook Vrabel who lacks the color and flash of Tedy Bruschi. Ron Borges will rain on your parade if you believe in the hype that Brady is in any way deserving of an MVP vote.

The Drew Bledsoe obituary was written by close friend of the family Borges. Borges must be the official writer for the ex-Patriots. Milloy tells him that he

Yesterday’s Tom Curran article about

Yesterday’s Tom Curran article about “The Teflon Donahoe” contained a factual error. (I’m kicking myself for not catching it.) He stated that Donahoe:

Skates, even after signing fat Sam Adams to a $32-million contract in the offseason.

The error was pointed out on the KFFL Patriots board, (one of the top Patriot message boards) and Curran himself responded and corrected himself.

...You're right, I screwed the Adams thin (sic) up bad...he signed an 11.7M deal...Spikes signed for 32M and that obviously was the # kicking around my certainly doesn't do a whole lot to advance my argument when i'm off by 21M and I'll get that correction in...(I stand by the fact he's fat -- and the other points in the column, though) clarification, when I said "he has his defense carping about his offense" i didn't mean he asked them to do that, i meant that it has come to pass...probably could have worded it better.

Refreshing to see a guy say he messed it up…publicly. He also made the correction in his notebook today. Other writers would instead whine about “irresponsible websites” and the like…if contacted by email, they would tell the emailer that he’s sure that they’re at the top of their field…

Another edition of quick links…Michael

Another edition of quick links…Michael Felger and Alan Greenberg have looks at Lawyer Milloy, who is still talking and taking his shots. Mike Reiss speculates on how the fans will react to Milloy. Tom Curran looks at the downfall of the Buffalo Bills this season, and the men who will likely take the fall for it, head coach Gregg Williams and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Nick Cafardo plays the “what could’ve been” game with Rosevelt Colvin, even if Colvin won’t play it with him. He compares him to Tony Conigliaro among others. Michael Smith looks at the success the Patriots defense has as a group, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Michael Parente wonders how it was possible that the Bills beat the Patriots. Felger’s notebook looks at Eugene Wilson’s fine from the Dallas game being rescinded. Smith’s notebook looks at the combined efforts of Antowain Smith and Kevin Faulk.

Gordon Edes reports on the “totally, totally dead” Alex Rodriguez trade. Tony Massarotti also has a look at what Tom Hicks is saying now. Art Martone & Sean McAdam play “True or False” regarding the ARod deal. Bob Ryan says the Red Sox might just be better off without making the trade. Nick Cafardo says Terry Francona will bring the clubhouse together, no matter who is in it. Massarotti and Edes also report on the Sox signing of Pokey Reese yesterday.

Celtics links are at Fox Sports Net New England.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris have the details of the Bruins latest tie, a 1-1 deadlock with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Andy Nesbitt and Michael O’Connor have Andrew Raycroft lamenting the one goal he did allow. Harris’ notebook says Sergei Samsonov’s return could be just around the corner. The Globe notebook looks at Rob Zamuner finally chipping in.