Michael Felger has a good

Michael Felger has a good look at Scott Pioli, a guy Bill Belichick calls “one of my best friends”. Jackie MacMullan says that Belichick and Pioli make up a great team. Dan Shaughnessy makes all the comparisons from last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl to this time. How things have changed. Kevin Mannix says the Patriots know that they have to keep Ty Law. Alan Greenberg says that on the Patriots, no one is above the Law. Mike Reiss gives us assorted thoughts and facts on the Patriots from Houston. Among his thoughts, he wonders what Lawyer Milloy is thinking right now. Eric McHugh says that this Patriots team has eclipsed the squad of 2001. Steve Buckley looks at Tom Brady coping with the increased spotlight this time around. Nick Cafardo says Brady is the big attraction of this game.

Peter May looks at all the Panthers toting camcorders for Super Bowl week. John Altavilla has a look at Jermaine Wiggins returning to the Super Bowl. Jim McCabe looks at Carolina safety Mike Minter. McCabe’s notebook looks at the Panther’s delay in getting into Houston. George Kimball’s notebook looks at Carolina returnman “He Hate Me.”

Mark Arsenault has a look at what the Patriots send off to Houston from Foxboro was like. Michael Smith says the Patriots got chills from the sendoff, and not just because of the weather. Greenberg reports on the Patriots arrival in Houston. Michael Parente and Michael Felger say the Pats were all business as they arrived in Houston. Christopher Price says that the Patriots have moved into the elite class of NFL franchises. Glen Farley also looks at the transformation of the Patriots. Paul Edward Parker says too bad the Patriots can’t take Gillette with them. Michael Corkery says many Patriot players are regulars around Providence. Karen Guregian has a look at Rodney Harrison, expecting his first child. Gus Martins has Willie McGinest speaking about going to his third Super Bowl with the Patriots. Felger looks at a few Patriots facing an uncertain future.

Parente’s notebook has a look at a long-over reunion for Bobby Hamilton in Houston. McHugh’s notebook looks at a Panther that Rosevelt Colvin might want to talk to. Deon Grant had the same type of hip injury that Colvin suffered this season. Farley also has a look at a frustrated Colvin, who wants nothing more than to play in a Super Bowl. Smith’s notebook has Willie McGinest expecting Tedy Bruschi to play. Felger’s notebook says Bruschi’s status is still up in the air.

Stephen Harris says the Bruins are preparing for a playoff push. Ron Indrisano has the Bruins seeking a scoring spark.

Celtics got crushed in the swamps of NJ yesterday. Links at Fox Sports Net New England.

Gordon Edes reports on the Rangers naming A-Rod team captain.

John Molori previews all the local TV and Radio coverage for Super Bowl week.

Sunday Links from Len Let

Sunday Links from Len

Let the hype begin. Super Bowl Sunday is only one week away as the players, media, and celebrities head to Houston. Michael Smith, in his Pats Notebook, tells us the Patriots are heading down to Texas at 1:00 pm today. Smith explains that the Patriots with Super Bowl experience understand what this week is all about and are conveying that to the younger players. Smith also has a feature on Rodney Harrison who is an old school football player raised in an old school fashion by his mother Barbara in Chicago. Michael Holley sees this as one tough business trip for Coach Belichick and the team. He also believes the Panthers are a much better team than the Patriots who won it all two years ago.

Tom Curran said yesterday in his Notebook that Ty Law and his agent both expect Law back in 2004. There may be a restructuring of the contract. But the 2004 salary cap amount is very similar to the 2003 amount. This is a 2005 problem. But Adam Schefter of the Denver Post, like Ron Borges, believes Law will be a free agent this winter. Schefter claims that the Patriots were trying to dump Law during the season too and that the Broncos turned the Patriots down. Schefter also believes that referee Walt Coleman bailed out the Patriots last week with a fortuitous overturn of the ruling on the field that Tom Brady fumbled with just over a minute left in the game. Does Adam even watch the games? That overturn didn’t even resemble anything controversial.

Karen Guregian explains what this game means to ringless veterans like Rodney Harrison, Ted Washington, Christian Fauria, and Tyrone Poole. Kevin Mannix discusses how the Patriots make good use of the both the draft and free agency to build the team.

Jim McCabe, who has been covering the Panthers for the Globe, says the Panthers hit rock bottom in the last regular season game of 2001 in a game at home against the Pats. 21,000 people showed up in Carolina for that game and most were rooting for the Patriots. McCabe has the story of how the Panthers went from 1-15 to the Super Bowl.

It should come as a shock to nobody that Ron Borges uses his NFL Notes column to defend Al Davis who claims he never offered the Raiders head coach position to Sean Payton despite what Payton told the media. Borges insists that Davis is not a liar. Davis may not cooperate with his fellow owners, sue the league, and move his teams multiple times. But Ron Borges seems to always back the guy. Borges also discusses the financial burden owners take on when their teams go the Super Bowl.

Rick Cimini of the NY Daily News has a feature on Belichick’s friendship with Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi, who owns an Arena Football team, claims Belichick got “screwed” in New York because of a misunderstanding. Steve Serby of the Daily News says Adam Vinatieri is Mr. Clutch.

No-name writer Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal is upset that the Super Bowl has two no-name quarterbacks. He wanted Donovan McNabb. Does he actually believe McNabb is better than Tom Brady? The best thing he says about Brady is that doesn’t mess things up (like his hero who threw four picks in a conference championship game). The very same newspaper has another writer taking shots at Tom Brady today. Terrance Moore says “Manning is Manning” but “Brady is just a Brady”. He claims the NFL has problems as result of the parity in the league and New England is an example of what parity brings us. Perhaps the NFL could bring back the old 3rd Place Championship game and the Atlanta writers would be happy. Maybe the Georgia Dome could serve as the permanent home for such a game.

The College basketball season is starting to heat up with some local teams doing well. Recently, a very young BC team saw its RPI on the rise after some quality wins. But they lost a tough 65-62 road game yesterday to a decent West Virginia team. Mike Shalin has the game story. In a battle between the top two schools in New England, PC stunned UConn at Connecticut. Kevin McNamara has the game story . Both teams are headed for March Madness and will meet again in Providence. Bill Reynolds says that it wasn’t just a monster game by Ryan Gomes that beat Connecticut. UConn couldn’t handle the Friars zone either.

Gordon Edes has Baseball Notes today and has the story on Mo Vaughn unofficially calling it quits as Mo plans to spend more time at his home in Easton and less time at his home in New York. Mo hopes to help out the Brockton Rox and spend more time on his hitting school in Stoughton. Tony Massarotti has the Red Sox looking at possibly bringing back Ellis Burks.

The Bruins lost another home game last night. Florida beat the Bruins 2-1. Steve Conroy has the game story.

Bill Griffith has the story of the growth of the Patriots owned media (website and weekly tabloid). Griffith also explains why today’s Celtics game is not being televised locally.

Some Quick Saturday Links from

Some Quick Saturday Links from Len

The Patriots, Panthers, and the media don’t get arrive in Houston until early next week and there’s not much going on right now. Tom Curran has a profile on the ageless Roman Phifer. Karen Guregian reports on the improving health of Tedy Bruschi.

George Kimball reports on a big Panthers rally in Charlotte yesterday. Wooooooooo!!!! Ric Flair even spoke at the rally. Paul Nowell, also reporting on the rally, has the Panthers fans playing the