Alright, since I didn’t get

Alright, since I didn’t get the morning links up, here are a couple from the smaller papers. (Since you’ve already likely read the larger papers.)

Glen Farley says that that Patriots aren’t worried about Tom Brady’s shoulder, which was operated on this week. The news was broken yesterday in a Palm Beach Post gossip column. Our poor local media guys were shut out again by the Pats on this one.

Clark Booth addresses 10 questions going into Spring Training. He thinks the Yankees are better. Kevin Gray has the story of a 24 year old from NH who is learning the life of a front office person in Major League Baseball.

Random Quote

Personally, I think it’s Pedro’s new Shaughnessy hairstyle that might be messing him up, but whatever is going on, Martinez needs to get back on track or he can forget about George Steinbrenner dangling many millions for many years on a guy with John Burkett stuff.

— Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe, Sept 9th, 2004.