Looks like Grady Little’s media

Looks like Grady Little’s media nemesis Bob Rodgers could be in a bit of hot water with his bosses at NESN. From the Inside Track gals:

We hear Rodgers, a 17-year NESN veteran, may be on some kind of in-house suspension after he went AWOL from training camp to return home and coach a high school basketball game.

Word is, Bob pre-taped a bunch of reports about the Tuesday arrival of Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez - covering all the bases (one if both showed up, one if only Nomar showed, one if Petey showed solo, well, you get the drift) - then flew back to Hanson for the game.

Shame, shame.

Random Quote

There were obvious ethical questions (consumer fraud, anyone?) about holding out ALL of his starters and regulars in the final exhibition.

— Kevin Mannix, Boston Herald, 09/05/04