Short Day/Long Weekend

The A’s extracted a measure of revenge for the previous two nights, whipping the Red Sox 15-2 last night. Bob Hohler says that things were all going just a little bit too smoothly for the Sox. Jeff Horrigan writes that Fenway seemed especially small to Red Sox pitchers last night. Joe McDonald says that this was not a pleasant game to watch for Sox fans. Tom Yantz says things got so bad that David McCarty almost made his second appearance as a pitcher this season. David Borges says this one was a mismatch from the start. This was a bad outing from Bronson Arroyo. Sean McAdam (don’t you dare call him longwinded) looks at a reality check for the Sox number five starter. Rich Thompson and Joe Burris also look at the “stinker” (Herald headline) from Arroyo. Michael Silverman says that despite last night, the Sox have not given fans any real cause for worry so far this season. Joe Haggerty has a pretty in depth look at Kevin Youkilis and his approach to hitting. Nick Cafardo has an article on Pokey Reese and Nomar, and what is going to happen when Nomar finally returns. He throws it out there that Nomar could be the one to change positions. (an idea brought up by Mike Felger on the Big Show, where the idea was haughtily dismissed by his co-hosts) Cafardo doesn’t treat the idea as really viable, but he does throw it out there. He also gives us the interesting tidbit that in High School Reese was a QB and David Patten of the Patriots was one of his receivers.

Alex Speier says that if you’re looking for a bright spot from last night, it’s that even though they didn’t really get to him, the Sox hitters still made Mark Mulder work, he threw 117 pitches in just 5.2 innings. John Connolly also looks at the night for Mulder. Karen Guregian looks at Manny, Pedro and David Ortiz helping out with relief efforts with floods in the Dominican Republic. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) tackles the issue of Nomar’s slow return from his injury. He refers to the idea put forth by his “curly haired friend” that Nomar is taking his time returning as a way to make a statement. Callahan asserts that Nomar is smart to wait until he is 100% healthy before returning. He has too much on the line here to rush back and play while he’s still hurting. Jeff Jacobs looks at the Sox efforts to expand the NESN empire through Connecticut and elsewhere. Cafardo also has a look at David McCarty, ready to have gone into the game as a pitcher last night. Thompson takes a look down in the minors. Hohler’s notebook looks at the Sox production on 3-0 counts. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Kevin Millar kicking in his option for next year. McDonald’s notebook and Borges’ notebook look at the defense failing the Sox last night. Yantz’ notebook looks at the rough outing from Arroyo, and has Curt Schilling calling the police to report an erratic driver. (also reported in the Herald.)

Steve Bulpett reports on the Celtics finally officially adding Dave Wohl and Tony Brown to Doc River’s staff. He also looks at other possibilities including former Celtic Ed Pinckney. Rivers had a chat on yesterday. Bob Ryan freely admits that he is whining about the state of the NBA today. Peter May looks at the T-Wolves looking overmatched against the Lakers.

Lenny Megliola has a number of thoughts which start out with a chat with former Celtic Bill Walton on his feelings for Boston. But his first thought after that reads:

Feel free to wonder, like a growing number of Patriots' fans are, if Rosevelt Colvin will ever be of use to the team.

I’m reading this more and more, and it bugs me. What are these people basing this on? What information do they have? Why is this number growing? All “official” comment on the matter, by the Patriots and Colvin himself have been pretty positive on this topic. He has made appearances on WEEI and FSN, and yesterday there was an article on by Paul Perillo where Colvin is confident in his progress. It’s my belief that if the injury was truly going to be the end of his career – or even if that was a possibility – you’d hear nothing from him or the Patriots on the matter. All this doom and gloom regarding Colvin is pure speculation, yet it’s being treated more and more like a fact. I believe he’ll be on the field for training camp. They’ll probably take it slow with him, as they should, but I think he’ll be there.

It’s started slowly, but picking up steam. Philly Sports Media Watch is up and running. The posting times are later in the day, as my man there has a few scheduling conflicts for earlier posting. The site is in it’s infant stages, if you know people around Philly, feel free to point them to the site and make suggestions for links. Philly was chosen as the next “Media Watch” site as it seems to be the closest to Boston in terms of media and coverage and passion for sports. Keep an eye on it, and spread the word.

David Scott has his Friday edition of Scott’s Shots, with a paragraph devoted to the purchase of Dirt Dogs, and a variety of other sports and media topics. Bill Griffith looks at the decision the Celtics have to make regarding their radio future on WWZN.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Mariners at 7:00. ESPN has Pacers/Pistons game four at 8:00.

Dirt Dogs Goes Big Time

John Molori’s report from Monday that the Boston Dirt Dogs site would soon be hosted by has been confirmed. The New York Times company has put out a press release announcing the acquisition of the site, they also announced that Steve Silva will be joining starting June 7th as a sports producer. Congratulations to Silva for turning his “fan site” into a new career for himself.

That being said, (Thanks, Buckley) It will be interesting to observe what effect the new corporate affiliation will have on the Dirt Dogs website. After all the NY Times and Boston Globe are part owners of the Red Sox. Will the site continue to hit hard when stars struggle? Will Silva’s ability to get scoops to his site quickly improve or lessen within the confines of a legitimate news organization?

As part of the continued tangled web that is the Boston sports media scene – it seems everyone is tied to everyone else in the media somehow – something that I did not know until yesterday was that Silva is also the webmaster for the All Pro Patriots Tailgate parties website, a venture headlined by WEEI personalities Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas. An interesting tie, given the acrimony between WEEI and the Globe.

Perhaps these issues will be addressed in a future online chat with Silva – an event that many will be looking forward to, for many different reasons, good and bad. I’m not sure it will actually happen. If it does, it will be heavily moderated.


The Red Sox pounded Tim Hudson and the A’s last night 12-2. It was a chilly night at Fenway, but Nick Cafardo looks at a “totally cool” performance by the Sox. Jeff Horrigan notes that there was no revenge for the A’s last night. Sean McAdam looks at a strong performance for both Curt Schilling and the Red Sox bats. Ken Davis says last night’s anticipated pitchers duel never materialized. David Borges says that it sure didn’t look like Tim Hudson on the mound for the A’s last night. Lenny Megliola looks at the offensive explosion by the Sox. Tony Massarotti has a look at the Sox lefties going 7-10 against Hudson last night. Dan Shaughnessy says the Sox have become unbeatable at home. Sean McAdam looks at the Sox injuries forcing them to keep pulling guys from Pawtucket. Jim Donaldson looks at the latest of the callups, Andy Dominique. Alex Speier also looks at the Sox injuries. Megliola also has a piece in which he says he has a “gut feeling” that Nomar will stay with the Sox. Paul Harber and Matt Kalman look at a big night for Mark Bellhorn.

Karen Guregian looks at a big start for Derek Lowe tonight. Jeff Sullivan has a “thoughts” column, which begins by telling us that Byung-Hyun Kim can speak English just fine. Steve Buckley (subscription only) takes up the topic of whether Curt Schilling is Hall of Fame material or not. He says his induction speech would be something worth listening to. Howard Bryant (subscription only) knocks those who would question Nomar’s desire and ability to play. He also does a mea culpa for messing up a quote in an article from two weeks ago. Not often that you see that. Horrigan and Cafardo report on Bill Mueller missing six weeks for knee surgery. Harber has a look at new A’s closer Arthur Rhodes. Kalman looks at the A’s filling in holes after losing several key players over the winter. Borges’ notebook looks at some comments by Nomar yesterday and when he might begin a rehab assignment. Davis’ notebook and Steven Krasner’s notebook look at the surgery for Mueller. Horrigan’s notebook and Cafardo’s notebook look at Nomar’s progress towards a rehab stint.

Steve Bailey looks at the Sox planning on staying at Fenway for a long time.

Michael Smith looks at the cap restructuring done by the Patriots during this offseason. Michael O’Connor looks at Mike Haynes being honored by the Sports Museum.

Peter May, still hounding the Celtics for making the playoffs, has a look at the draft lottery.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of Eddie Andelman accusing Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie of “lining their pockets” with the proceeds of their recent “Fred’s Run” charity event. The 1510 host made the accusations during a rant on yesterday’s program in which he also went off on many of the WEEI personalities.

NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) ESPN has Pistons/Pacers at 8:30. ESPN2 has Giants/Diamondbacks at 10:00.