A Few Notes on Belichick’s Press Conference…

…for those of you who can’t wait till tommorow’s papers.

Conditioning test: Everyone who ran passed the conditioning test. Overall the condition of team is “acceptable”

Jeff Burris: Waived – did not report to camp. He (Burris) “made a personal decision and I respect that.”

Eugene Wilson: “Is out there doing what everyone else is doing”.

Do unsigned rookies annoy you?: It’s part of the process – it is what it is. It “could take an hour (to sign them), could take a month”.

Cory Dillon: Is in good condition, ran well, (BB) expects he will be a “contributor”.

Zeron Flemister signed because of Fauria injury and Watson holdout?: “Maybe a little bit”. Mostly had to do with it just working out.

Rosie Colvin: All players should be participating. No one is in the category of Steve Neal last year (unlikely to play).

Is he (Colvin) on schedule?: “I don’t know what the schedule is”. He is moving well, running well, he’ll be out there when he is ready.

Importance of camp on season: I have never been part of a good season where we had a bad camp.

Tom Brady = even keeled?: He is, but he has a spark and a presence and an enthusiasm that is contagious to his teammates.

David Patten: Has had almost a full year to rehab and has looked good all spring.

Bethel Johnson: Has had a real good off season and improved in a lot of areas.

Random Quote

Personally, I think it’s Pedro’s new Shaughnessy hairstyle that might be messing him up, but whatever is going on, Martinez needs to get back on track or he can forget about George Steinbrenner dangling many millions for many years on a guy with John Burkett stuff.

— Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe, Sept 9th, 2004.