Boston Sports Media Contact Information

I’ve decided to compile a list of “Official” email addresses for Boston sports media members. These are all their “corporate” email addresses, unless otherwise noted. Many of these are acquired as a result of the person emailing me. I will not be posting “private” email addresses unless specifically requested by the media person. This list will grow and evolve in time, and will get a permanent link under the “BSMW Material” link to the left. If some are missing, it’s because I don’t have an “official” address for them.

If you’re a media member and would like your address added to the list, please let me know.

Boston Globe Contact Information

Joe Sullivan, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Dan Shaughnessy, General Columnist: [email protected]
Bob Ryan, General Columnist: [email protected]
Jackie MacMullan, General Columnist: [email protected]
Gordon Edes, Baseball Columnist: [email protected]
Ron Borges, Football/Boxing Columnist: [email protected]
Peter May, Basketball Columnist: [email protected]
Kevin Paul Dupont, Hockey Columnist: [email protected]
Bill Griffith, Sports Media Columnist: [email protected]
Bob Hohler, General Assignment Writer: [email protected]
Nick Cafardo, Football/Baseball Writer: [email protected]
Shira Springer, Basketball Beat Writer: [email protected]
Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Hockey Beat Writer: [email protected]
Michael Vega, General Sports: [email protected]
Mark Blaudschun, College Sports: [email protected]
Frank Dellpa, Soccer: [email protected]
Ron Indrisano, General Sports: [email protected]

Boston Herald
Howard Bryant, Columnist: [email protected]
Tony Massarotti, Baseball Columnist: [email protected]
Michael Felger, Football Beat Writer: [email protected]
Steve Bulpett, NBA Beat Writer: [email protected]

(I can guess at the rest of them…probably firstinitial/[email protected] Those are the only “official ones” I’ve seen listed at their webpage.)

Providence Journal
Art Martone, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Sean McAdam, Baseball Columnist: [email protected]
Steven Krasner, Baseball Beat Writer: [email protected]
Tom Curran, Football Beat Writer: [email protected]
Kevin McNamara, General Sports: [email protected]

Hartford Courant
Jeff Jacobs, Columnist: [email protected]
David Heuschkel, Baseball Beat Writer: [email protected]
Paul Doyle, General Sports: [email protected]

Jason Wolfe: [email protected]
Dennis and Callahan: [email protected]
Dale and Holley: [email protected]
The Big Show: [email protected]
Pete Sheppard: [email protected]
Ted Nation: [email protected]

WSKO – The Score
John “Coach” Colletto: [email protected]
Andy Gresh: [email protected]
Scott Cordischi: [email protected]
SportsBeat: [email protected]

Mike Winn: [email protected]
Eddie and Jags: [email protected]
The Diehards: [email protected]
Sean Grande: [email protected]

WBZ Channel 4
Bob Lobel: [email protected]
Dan Roche: [email protected]

Mike Giardi: [email protected]
Mark Ockerbloom: [email protected]
Chris Collins: [email protected]

Lenny Megliola (Metrowest): [email protected]
John Tomase (Eagle Tribune): [email protected]
Bill Burt (Eagle Tribune): [email protected]
Mike Fine (Patriot Ledger): [email protected]
Eric McHugh (Patriot Ledger): [email protected]
Christopher Price (Boston Metro): [email protected]
Mark Farinella (Sun Chronicle): [email protected]
Jonathan Comey (Standard Times): [email protected]
Jon Couture (Standard Times): [email protected]
Alan Greenwood (Nashua Telegraph) [email protected]
Eric Wilbur ( [email protected]
Dave Jageler: [email protected]
Russ Kenn: [email protected]

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