Mangini Watch, Day 6

Saturday links by Rich ([email protected])

After today, your Saturday correspondent is going to take few weeks off, and when I return it may be in reduced role, perhaps platooning on Saturdays with another blogger as Bruce expands the staff. Although it is a lot of fun, it is also time consuming, and my non-BSMW Saturday obligations are catching up with me.

After doing the links once a week for about six months, I find it mind-boggling that Bruce has been tirelessly doing it every weekday for almost 3 years. Not to sound like Steve DeOssie (“caller – have you ever played NFL football?!?!”), but it is harder to put one of these things together than you think (or at least than I thought before I did it), so a big tip of the keyboard to Bruce for the incredible amount of time and effort he puts into it.


Random Quote

Belichick will not be so lucky. He doesn’t have (Jimmy) Johnson’s personality, which can be as jovial and charming as a snake oil salesman’s. Worse, this Patriot team isn’t going to win two Super Bowls any time soon…

— Ron Borges, Boston Globe 11/22/01