Media Madness

Thanks to Tony Massarotti for the on-air order yesterday to publish that Michael Holley will be named Dale Arnold’s co-host for the WEEI midday program starting on March 1st. Whether this is actually true or not, I do not know at this point, but Tony Mazz ordered Bruce Allen to publish that information on his website, so that’s what I’m doing. I did not actually hear the remark, but I’m told it had a bit of an edge to it. Afterwards, Tony made a comment along the lines that he knows that Holley will get the job. (The comment was along the lines of

Random Quote

However, it’s nice to see that Belichick is still feisty. He just turned 60 years old and it’s been seven seasons (going on eight) since the Patriots last won the big one. Three rings bought a lot of good will, but even he has to realize that the bank account’s getting low.

— Mark Farinella, Sun-Chronicle, 6/17/12