Red Sox win fifth straight

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The Red Sox continued their winning ways in the City of Brotherly Love last night. We have your Red Sox links and catch up with the bloggers on an otherwise quiet Saturday morning.

Tim Wakefield blanked the Phillies for eight innings, and Manny Ramirez, David
Ortiz, and Doug Mirabelli all went deep for the Red Sox in an 8-0 victory (box
) that moved the Red Sox into first place in the AL East.
, Jeff
, Steven
, David
, and David
deliver the game stories.

and Dan
have columns on Terry Francona’s gracious return to
Philadelphia, a city where he made his share of enemies during a largely unsuccessful
managerial tenure (285-363 over four seasons).

has a short article on Wakefield, who has allowed just
one run in his last three starts, a span covering 22 innings.

Borges writes that last night’s offensive performance by Boston would have
made Earl Weaver proud, as the Sox clubbed a pair of three-run

The Sox notebooks by Krasner,
and, and Borges
lead with the story of an 84-pitch simulated start by Curt Schilling before
last night’s game. Schilling will make a rehab start for Pawtucket next Wednesday,
and Horrigan
writes that the righthander is anxious to “go and pitch.” Horrigan’s notebook
focuses on the big night – at the plate and in the field – by Ramirez, as well
as Johnny Damon’s return to the lineup.

In the Globe, Jackie
has a good column on the end of the eight-month tour
of the Commonwealth for the Red Sox World Series trophy, which reached its 351st
city/town in Massachusetts yesterday.

A leftover from yesterday: ProJo sports editor Art
returns to the winter of 1998, when Mo Vaughn signed with
the Angels and the Red Sox lost out on free-agent bids for Bernie Williams and
Albert Belle. Martone does this in the context of questioning the wisdom of
handing out long-term, big-money contracts, and he wonders how the Sox will
handle the cases of Johnny Damon this coming offseason, and David Ortiz in two
years. You can also hear Martone reading his column and see an amusing Vaughn
photo in Art’s
Audio Notebook

The Yankees weren’t Pedro Martinez’s daddies last night, as he beat them in
a Mets uniform at Yankee Stadium. See the coverage on the
New York Sports News

NBA Finals and draft
looks back at the effort of Tim Duncan in Thursday night’s
Game 7, where the Spurs captured their third NBA title in seven years with a
win over the Pistons.

The Herald and Globe both have coverage of the upcoming NBA draft today.

Steve Bulpett
and Shira
have words from Danny Ainge, whose Celtics
are scheduled to make their first selection at No. 18. Mark
also previews the top power forwards available for teams
in the draft.

If you missed the link earlier in the week, Jon Duke’s latest Full
Court Press
entry looks at some of the big men that the Celtics
could select with the 18th pick.

Around the web
It’s always interesting to check out the bloggers’ take on the Red
Sox and the Boston media.

The Singapore
Sox Fan
finds this quote from Pedro Martinez:

"I attract more attention from you guys and I don't understand why," he said. "To be honest, I dislike you all. I wish I could just live my
life and be a regular player like any other. ... I don't like being the icon."

Hart Brachen has a comical look – literally – at Manny Ramirez and John
‘s follow-up column in his Soxaholix
blog. The site features a daily comic strip “set in a generic office/cube
farm inhabited by a collection of die-hard Red Sox fans who individually personify
a stereotyped and/or caricatured fan personality type.” Funny stuff.

Bill Mahoney takes a poke at Dan Shaughnessy in his parody blog, Call
of the Green Monster

On the air
Radio Watch
has more on WRKO becoming the new radio home of the
Boston Celtics. It notes that the station’s night signal west of Boston is poor,
and that an affiliate will need to be found.

Fox 25 and WEEI have the Red Sox-Phillies today at 1:20.

Onto the City of Brotherly Love

We’ve got Red Sox stories from the off day yesterday as they prepare to take on the Phillies tonight in their new ballpark. The NBA Finals concluded last night with the Spurs winning their third championship. There are a few more NBA draft preview articles, a look at the Celtics move to WRKO, and David Scott weighs in on John Tomase.

With the Red Sox off last night, there is a mixed bag of baseball articles this morning. Adam Kilgore has a feature on John Olerud, who has a daughter with tri-some 2p, 5p-, a unique condition which has caused Olerud and his wife to have to provide almost constant care for five years now. A moving story. Michael Silverman has Johnny Damon saying that if he doesn’t re-sign with the Red Sox this offseason, he may try to convince some of his teammates here who are also free agents to join him wherever he ends up. David Heuschkel has a look at Damon, who is having a fantastic season despite an assortment of nagging injuries and the prospect of being a free agent at the end of the season. Steven Krasner has a look at Mark Bellhorn, who many view as the weak link in the Red Sox lineup. Terry Francona views him as a strength for the things he can do for the team. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the origins of the word “walkoff”, a term which Dennis Eckersley claims to have originated.

Alex Speier has a piece on Jason Varitek, and how 2003 was in many ways a changing point in his career; he found his stroke at the plate, and really entered the prime of his playing days. Yesterday, Mark Shanahan in the Globe had a piece on Eric Van, a “statistical savant” who has gained fame on first USENET and now Sons of Sam Horn for his analysis and projections. Van is now employed by the Red Sox on a stats-based project. I’ve been familiar with Van’s stuff going back to about 1997 on USENET, and he truly is amazing with numbers. Jeff Horrigan looks at Terry Francona’s return to Philadelphia this weekend, a place that did not treat him well while he was there, yet you’ll never hear him complain about it. Chris Snow’s notebook has more on Francona’s return to Philly. Snow also has a minor league notebook in which he looks at Pawtucket first baseman Roberto Petagine, who has an “out” in his contract for next Thursday which he could possibly exercise.

Peter May looks at the San Antonio Spurs winning their third title since 1999 with a 81-74 win over the Detroit Pistons in game 7 of the NBA finals last night. May’s notebook is again about Larry Brown and Gregg Popovich and their 30 year friendship. Mark Murphy says that any number of good players could be available to the Celtics at pick #18 in next week’s draft, as much about this draft is uncertain. Shira Springer looks at the contingent from the University of North Carolina that will be available in this draft, four likely first round selections in the group. Murphy also previews the small forwards available in this draft. Don’t forget to also review Part III of the BSMW Full Court Press Draft Preview, which focuses on big men that might be available at pick number 18.

The Celtics move to WRKO on the radio dial is the subject of a few articles this morning. Lenny Megliola provides a brief overview of the move. Tim Weisberg has a longer look at the deal, and what it means for WWZN, WEEI and Celtics fans. It is also the main subject of Bill Griffith’s Friday Sportview column. Griffith provides some analysis of what options were available to the Celtics, the positives of the deal, and some additional factors.

Tom E Curran yesterday looked at the Patriots signing of Chad Morton.

Jeff Jacobs files sort of a “random thoughts” column, looking at items from around the world of sports and New England. Nick Tavares lists out eight things to be thankful for when Hockey finally does return. I still can’t believe the NBA came to a labor agreement before the NHL did, they even spotted hockey a year.

David Scott looks at the NBA Finals, John Tomase’s venture into the spotlight and Pete Sheppard’s move to the Shores of Hull, among other things, in this Friday edition of Scott’s Shots.

Get more stories on the NBA Championship, the Yankees’ struggles and Pedro Martinez returning to the House that Ruth built, taking the mound tonight at The Stadium, over at the New York Sports News page.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Phillies at 7:00. ESPN has Mets/Yankees at 7:00. (Pedro vs. Yankees) TBS has Braves/Orioles at 7:30.

Tomase Responds

I apologize for the lack of an update this morning.

John Tomase has responded to the feedback he has gotten on his article the other day on Manny Ramirez. He still doesn’t come off very well. I thought and still think John is better than this. Rather than address the issues raised, most of the time he tries to make light of the subject, showing how witty he is, or mocking the emailer for using “Multiple acronyms” in their correspondence (essentially calling the person a geek). He ends with the predictable “maybe the Red Sox should hire me as a motivational speaker” line.

This has been a sad week. I hope it gets better from here on out for Tomase. He shouldn’t be known as the guy who ripped Manny and lost all credibility in the process.

It’s one thing to critique Manny, he is certainly not immune to that. There are things that you can knock the guy for. But this article was over the top, and then was poorly followed up on by the bizarro Big Show appearance and then this print “response”, to which I have no words to describe. I can only shake my head.

You’re better than this, Tomase.

Be sure to check out Part III of the BSMW Full Court Press draft preview, this time looking at the big men that could be available when the Celtics pick at number 18 comes around.