Payton Designated…

So much for praising WEEI for their scoops. The Hartford Courant posted at 11:17 this morning that Jay Payton has been designated for assignment, and as of 12:50, still no word on The Sports Radio Leader.

Update: They finally got the story about 1:15 PM, then got Dave Heuschkel on the line to talk about it. Heuschkel said that Payton was sent back to Boston last night because he was about to be traded.

Jon Wallach reported in the next flash that Rule V Draftee Adam Stern had been called up to replace Payton on the roster.

At the same time, XM Radio was reporting that the Red Sox had acquired Alex Cora from the Indians, which is now confirmed on Cora was acquired in exchange for Ramon Vazquez. WEEI got to this story about 1:55 this afternoon.

Random Quote

I don’t think D&C are unlikeable. They’re passionate and sometimes their comments and opinions can be perceived as negative. But they are incredibly smart, well prepared and far more knowledgeable about sports than Toucher and Rich. That’s why they’re as successful as they are. Toucher and Rich are talented radio guys and they have a following, but if you want sports, D&C are the choice.

— Jason Wolfe, Chat, 8/3/12