Theo speaks on the “Brush Fires”

Theo Epstein (TE) was on WEEI with Mike Adams(MA) and Michael Felger (MF) this morning and had some interesting comments.

First, he was asked by Mike Adams about the lineup last night, and how it seemed curious to have so many impact players out of the lineup.

TE: Who do you think can make out a better lineup, Terry Francona, with all the information, managing to win as many games as possible over the course of 162 games, or you, with partial information to win last night

Random Quote

Could that Brady/Patriots window, just like the Celtics, be closed for good?

The colossal second-coming of Joe Montana, once a perfect 10-0 and then 14-2 in the postseason, needed a Tim Tebow tumble to reality and a choke for the ages by Baltimore’s Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff — just to pick up a couple playoff wins.

— Hector Longo, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 6/15/12