Colts, Manning, Break Through

The Patriots saw their season come to an end last night as the Indianapolis Colts finally broke through and defeated New England 38-34 in the AFC championship game.

Scott Benson has the wrap on the BSMW Patriots Game Day page.

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The Standard Times also has a number of game stories.

Chad Finn has his live blog of the game.

Christopher Price knocks out his 10 Things We Learned Last Night.

I’ll try to review a few more articles over the course of the day and offer thoughts on them and the rest of the Patriots coverage today.

Random Quote

So the next time you hear some broadcaster or sportswriter muttering that Bill Belichick never tells them anything, take that as a sign. If Belichick didn’t feel like wasting his time with them, you probably shouldn’t either.

— Drew Magary, NBC, 09/14/11