Another D&C Rumor

David Scott has a few interesting items this morning, from the Globe sports department looking to shift a few people around, to Ron Borges attempting to work the back channels to get “his side” of things out there (he’s innocent, of course) and another rumored landing sport for Dennis & Callahan.

Adam Reilly offers a few thoughts on the possible D&C move to 96.9FM.

The Yankees are coming, the Yankees are coming. Bob Ryan isn’t as excited as most Sox fans are about the Bronx Bombers coming to town for an early season series.

Gerry Callahan thinks that the guy who gets the most boos from Red Sox fans this weekend will be getting cheered at Fenway Park on Opening Day next season. Yup, ARod.

Bill Doyle looks at NESN’s constant shuffling of analysts. Susan Bickelhaupt also looks at this topic, with two more baseball personalities being added to the mix this week in Ken Macha and Naoko Funayama.

Random Quote

So the next time you hear some broadcaster or sportswriter muttering that Bill Belichick never tells them anything, take that as a sign. If Belichick didn’t feel like wasting his time with them, you probably shouldn’t either.

— Drew Magary, NBC, 09/14/11