The Joys of Technology

Well, the server woes continue. Some of you can see the latest updates just fun, while others are seeing the site as it was last week, or earlier this week.

What apparently has happened was that the site was moved to a new server by my host, but they didn’t tell me, and there is a delay in propagation – telling other servers around the internet about the new address. This could take a couple more days to finally resolve. Regardless, I’m not pleased.

Another victim of this move has been email. I long ago stopped using my host to serve up my email, but doing that requires some custom settings on the server (DNS). These settings were wiped out in the move. I’ve since taken the measure of moving all those settings to my registrar – so that hopefully in the future if this should happen again, email will not be interrupted.

If you have sent me an email in the last day or two that requires a response from my, please wait another couple days, and if you don’t hear from me, please re-send it. If you have an urgent need to contact me, you can send email to admin |AT| bruceallenmedia |DOT| com.

In the future, I’m going to try to use as a place to keep you updated on these types of things. If you ever come to and find the site down, not updated, or otherwise strange, head over to that blog to see if I’ve posted an update there.

Since I spent an hour this morning trying to sort out my email situation, in lieu of regular links I’m going to have to refer you to the dashboards. These are set up at a separate host, so if BSMW is ever down, these should still be working. At the moment I have more confidence in the host that has these than in the host that has BSMW: (Draft Tonight) (Swept in Seattle) (assistant GM Jeff Gorton out the door)

A few other notes:

The Hartford Courant reveals a new web site design today.

Yesterday, a post on Reiss’s Pieces announced that others besides Mike Reiss will now be able to post on the blog. While this is understandable in some aspects – believe it or not Reiss isn’t the only writer covering football at the Globe – in other ways, I don’t like it. Reiss created this “brand” and it almost seems like diluting it a little bit by allowing others to post in the blog which carries his name. Also, the stated purpose of allowing other writers to post – adding additional thoughts or reaction to an article in the paper, seems to take away from the strength of the blog, which has always been about bringing you every detail of Patriots news as it happens.

The Globe/ would be better served in setting up an additional blog rather than tinkering with the runaway success of Reiss’s Pieces.

Bill Doyle has his “Tuning In” column today, with a look at NESN’s Jayme Parker, who has been “flashing” listeners at WEEI.

Ron Chimelis says that Curt Schilling just doesn’t get it.

If the technology allows, I will attempt a quick afternoon post today. The last few days, I couldn’t even log into the site to try and do that…

Sox Sunk in Seattle Again

Note: We’ve had some server issues the last few days which have prevented afternoon updates. I’ve been assured that the problems have been addressed, though there may still be some “flakiness” going on for the next day or two.

The Red Sox battled last night after being put into a pretty deep hole by Kason Gabbard, who couldn’t find the plate in the first inning of his outing last night, eventually falling to the Mariners 8-7 in Seattle.

The late night appeared to wreck havoc with the web sites of the local papers. When I was putting together this post, the Herald had only run an AP game story of the contest (they’ve since posted Michael Silverman’s Still winless in Seattle) – but they did have a number of regular articles from Massarotti and Silverman, and the Globe online sports section was just bare bones, with just a few main sports stories listed, and not yet organized.

Gordon Edes looks at a night in which the Mariners had an answer every time the Red Sox battled back to tie the game. Sean McAdam looks at the Red Sox having to go to their bullpen early for the second night in a row, and having it cost them again.

Tony Massarotti talks to Mike Hargrove, who managed the great Cleveland team of the late 1990’s about what dangers can befall a team that has a huge lead, as the Red Sox do. McAdam says that Coco Crisp is playing the best centerfield in all of baseball.

Amalie Benjamin looks at Mike Timlin struggling to regain the form that has made him the Red Sox most reliable reliever since 2003. Michael Silverman looks at Kevin Youkilis breaking the club record for consecutive errorless games for a first baseman. Alex Speier says that Curt Schilling’s health issues might actually make him cost more to the Red Sox next season…in insurance costs.

Massarotti says that the Red Sox are out of the running for Chicago pitcher Mark Buehrle. Kevin Gray has Fisher Cats manager Bill Masse defending his comments that the ovation given to Clay Buchholz Monday night was “absolutely disgraceful.” Patrick Smith looks at the reaction by NH fans to Masse’s comments and finds the great majority of people disagree with the manager. While Buchholz may have been the center of attention on Monday, Alan Siegel looks at Sea Dogs shortstop Jed Lowrie, who generated plenty of his own discussion on WEEI the last few days as some called for him to be promoted to replace Julio Lugo.

Edes’s notebook has Seattle closer J.J. Putz endorsing Jonathan Papelbon as an All Star. Silverman’s notebook has Julio Lugo getting a night off, mired in an 0-29 slump. McAdam’s notebook has more on Youkilis setting a new standard for first base play with the Red Sox.

Mark Murphy has a look at the Celtics draft history, which has a little bit of everything, steals, busts and tragedy. Peter May says that the Paul Pierce situation is a very tricky one indeed for the Celtics. Steve Bulpett says that Pierce and the Celtics management both want the same thing, and that Pierce could actually help the process of bringing in a veteran player rather than making the grumblings that could make players shy away from agreeing to come here. Mike Fine has Danny Ainge weighing all his options prior to the draft. Jessica Camerato looks at the Jermaine O’Neal rumor…which never was.

Bulpett says that most of what is being reported out there regarding the Celtics and potential deals is patently bogus.. The hot rumor last night was Shawn Marion (again) and Bulpett shoots that one down. Tim Weisberg looks at the five players the Celtics will likely be able to choose from at the #5 slot. Desmond Conner says that this draft might not be as deep as some people think it is, but there are some gems available. Springer has a profile of Florida State forward Al Thornton.

David Sandora has a chat with former Pistons and Dream Team coach Chuck Daly.

Christopher L. Gasper says that the extension signed by the Bears’ Nathan Vasher – a player with a very similar career track to Asante Samuel, could hurt the Patriots cornerback’s attempts to get a Nate Clements-like deal. John Tomase looks at why finding a college linebacker to fit the Patriots system is such a hard task.

Garry Brown is hitting to all fields. Bud Collins reports from Wimbledon with Tim Henman as the reincarnation of Sir Francis Drake.

Sox Tripped Up In Seatte

David Scott has Jason Wolfe and Entercom breaking their silence (sort of) on Gerry Callahan’s health. I don’t ever want to hear people at that station criticize Bill Belichick’s injury reports as being too vague after this.


It was an ugly night in Seattle for the Red Sox, as they were roughed up by the Mariners 9-4 as Julian Tavarez took the loss, and Jeff Weaver, who had entered the game with an ERA over 8, held the Red Sox to 1 earned run in 5 2/3rd innings.

Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox looked totally lost out on the field against the Mariners last night. Gordon Edes has more on the night falling quickly upon the Red Sox in their final stop of the high mileage road trip. Sean McAdam reports on Tavarez having his worst outing of the season since his very first one back in April in the loss.

Tony Massarotti notes that the Red Sox have been successful to this point without the usual huge slugging contributions from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. McAdam has a few opinions and observations from this marathon road trip. Gerry Callahan says that the Red Sox don’t need Mark Buehrle and should let someone else pay the ransom needed to acquire him. Bill Reynolds says that the Red Sox do need Buehrle, but shouldn’t mortgage the future for him.

John Habib has a look at the performance of Red Sox AA ace Clay Buchholz against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats last night. Buchholz went 6 innings, giving up 4 hits, 1 run and striking out 11, a performance that earned him a standing ovation from the fans. That prompted Fisher Cats manager Bill Masse to say: “This is New Hampshire’s team, Manchester’s team and to see Clay Buchholz get a standing ovation was absolutely disgraceful.”

Silverman has a Curt Schilling update, sort of. Schilling and the Red Sox really don’t have much to say about when he might be back, or about his rehab plan. Amalie Benjamin says that the plan for Schilling’s rehab should be made soon.

Garry Brown says that Josh Beckett deserves to be the AL starter in the All Star game. Massarotti has a quick note on Music From The Mound – a new CD that is a collection of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s favorite American, English and Japanese recording artists. Joe Haggerty has a look at ‘El Guapo,’ Rich Garces having a great time with the Independent League Nashua Pride.

Silverman’s notebook says that tonight’s starter, Kason Gabbard, will be sticking around to make at least one more start for the Red Sox after this one. Edes’s notebook has more on Gabbard, who is slated to make his second start this season for the Red Sox tonight. McAdam’s notebook has Schilling taking a swipe at Theo Epstein yesterday.


Jermaine O’Neal was the latest name attached in trade rumors to the Celtics, but Shira Spring this morning says it is extremely unlikely that O’Neal will ever play in a Boston uniform. She cites ill will between O’Neal and Danny Ainge as a hangup. Steve Bulpett says that there shouldn’t be much read into the fact that Ainge and Doc Rivers traveled to Phoenix yesterday to watch more workouts. David Scott looks at a report from Adrian Wojnarowski that has Paul Piece getting ready to demand a trade should Ainge not land him a veteran running mate.

Shira Springer notes that this year’s NBA draft contains plenty of personality in addition to talent. Peter May lists out his top 5 prospects per position.

John Tomase has Deion Branch talking about the Asante Samuel situation, as well as his own with the Patriots from last year.

Daniel Malloy has Bill Romanowski talking about his new career marketing healing supplements.

Mike Loftus has the Bruins happy with their draft selections.

Bud Collins has Roger Federer talking about the remodeled digs at Wimbledon.