Still Sitting At Two

The Red Sox were unable to move their magic number, which still sits at two, with three games left to play. Josh Beckett suffered the loss last night, giving up 5 runs in 6 innings to the Twins in the 5-4 Red Sox loss at Fenway Park.

Just abbreviated links this morning, so I’ll send you to to get your baseball coverage.

Over at Patriots Daily, we’ve got our weekly Roundtable discussion, looking ahead to Monday night’s matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.

David Scott checks in with a weekly edition of Scott’s Shots. He’s no doubt going to anger some fans with his suggestion that it just might be time for Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti to hang it up. He also however, has a number of other media notes today, including a new Sunday night show for channel 5.

Susan Bickelhaupt has more on WCVB channel 5 launching a new Sunday night sports show.

Meanwhile, if you pick up Patriots Football Weekly this week, you can read my monthly Media Watch column. This week I have a chat with Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver, who talks about making the transition from a print magazine with a web presence in Sports Illustrated, to the web-only world of Yahoo!

With Celtics media day set for today, WEEI will be broadcasting live there on the Big Show this afternoon. Get your basketball fix at

Random Quote

This is the ultimate dilemma. Of course fans want the Red Sox to win the World Series, but the dilemma is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. And if the Red Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, one of those two franchises will be permanently and forever altered. One of them will never be the same. So remember, while winning is the ultimate goal. If you’re a Sox fan or a Cubs fan, it carries a steep price tag. Life will never be the same.

— Bob Lobel, chat 10/9/2003