Shots Wraps up 2008

We’ll let David Scott carry the load this morning, as he takes some time from his book to present to us The 2008 Shotties – NESN and Globe Rift Widening; Ordway Losing Bargaining Power Daily.

Some new stuff in there, the latest on Glenn Ordway’s future at WEEI and Bob Ryan commenting on the cancellation of his Globe 10.0 at NESN, combined with a look back at many of the top stories of 2008 in Boston sports media.

He goes into two of what were my remaining three top stories this year – the launch of, the Herald’s questionable moves and judgement regarding personnel and their handling of Spygate, and has a number of other observations, notes and shots.

Regrettably, I’m going to have to punt this morning and hand the coverage to and for last night’s Bruins win (9 in a row) and Celtics loss (3 out of 4).

Price is Right for

Got a nice note from Christopher Price of the Boston Metro this afternoon, letting me know that starting next month, he’ll be leaving the Metro and joining as the Patriots writer for the site.

Price will also serve as assistant editor for

Price has covered the Patriots for the Metro since 2001, and his weekly “10 Things We Learned Yesterday” column became a must-read for Patriots fans following each game. Price is also the author of The Blueprint: How the New England Patriots Beat the System to Create the Last Great NFL Superpower.

This is another nice hire for, which continues to collect competent writers and reporters who cover the teams thoroughly and without an axe to grind. (Which made the Ron Borges hire so strange to begin with.) Good luck to Chris!

Top Stories 2008: Baseball Beat Musical Chairs

As we continue our series on the biggest Boston sports media stories of 2008, we come to a crazy few weeks this summer on the baseball beat in the local papers and websites. In that span, we saw the following movement:

Gordon Edes: Boston Globe to Yahoo! Sports

Rob Bradford: Boston Herald to

Alex Speier: NH Union Leader to

Jeff Horrigan: Boston Herald to Private Sector

Tony Massarotti: Boston Herald to

Sean McAdam: Providence Journal to Boston Herald

Adam Kilgore: Washington Post to Boston Globe

Daniel Barbarisi: Providence Journal city hall beat to Red Sox beat.

Looking through that list, it seems easier to point out that the only people who stayed put in their baseball gigs were Amalie Benjamin and Nick Cafardo of the Globe and Michael Silverman of the Herald.

All of that movement certainly gave this site plenty to report on during those few weeks.