Day Two Wrap and TV Listings

According to the Boston Business Journal, the Patriots official web site broke some new ground on Sunday night.

Mike Reiss offers some Media Day thoughts.

Bob Lobel catches a Golf Cart ride to Media Day.

Patriots Football Weekly also had a blog from media day today.

Greg Garber says that Junior just wants the ring.

Len Pasquarelli looks at Tedy Bruschi coming full circle since his stroke.

Don Banks talks to a veteran AFC insider about the Patriots plans for Sunday.

Jay Mohr says that this game stinks. Unless you like the Pats.

Tonight’s Patriots/Super Bowl TV Schedule

6:00PM, NESN – Globe 10.0
6:30PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
6:30PM, NFNN – Put Up Your Dukes
* Cowboys WR Terrell Owens
* Fox’s Pre-game team, Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long
7:00PM, NFLN – NFL Total Access at the Super Bow
* San Francisco 49ers QB and Total Access Super Bowl XLII Correspondent Trent Dilfer interviews Patriots QB Tom Brady
* Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
8:30PM, NFLN – Super Bowl Classics – Super Bowl XXXVI: New England vs. St. Louis (complete game re-air with U2 halftime show and original network announcers and graphics)
10:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
10:30PM, CSN – Road to Perfection Special – 1 hour live special from Glendale
11:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
11:30PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
11:30PM, NESN – Globe 10.0


7:00PM, NESN – Predators @ Bruins
7:30PM, CSN – Celtics @ Heat

Random Quote

You guys called us old, over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It’s opinion and obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank y’all for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under us. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry.

— Kevin Garnett, 4/18/12