Day Two Wrap and TV Listings

According to the Boston Business Journal, the Patriots official web site broke some new ground on Sunday night.

Mike Reiss offers some Media Day thoughts.

Bob Lobel catches a Golf Cart ride to Media Day.

Patriots Football Weekly also had a blog from media day today.

Greg Garber says that Junior just wants the ring.

Len Pasquarelli looks at Tedy Bruschi coming full circle since his stroke.

Don Banks talks to a veteran AFC insider about the Patriots plans for Sunday.

Jay Mohr says that this game stinks. Unless you like the Pats.

Tonight’s Patriots/Super Bowl TV Schedule

6:00PM, NESN – Globe 10.0
6:30PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
6:30PM, NFNN – Put Up Your Dukes
* Cowboys WR Terrell Owens
* Fox’s Pre-game team, Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long
7:00PM, NFLN – NFL Total Access at the Super Bow
* San Francisco 49ers QB and Total Access Super Bowl XLII Correspondent Trent Dilfer interviews Patriots QB Tom Brady
* Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
8:30PM, NFLN – Super Bowl Classics – Super Bowl XXXVI: New England vs. St. Louis (complete game re-air with U2 halftime show and original network announcers and graphics)
10:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
10:30PM, CSN – Road to Perfection Special – 1 hour live special from Glendale
11:00PM, NESN – SportsDesk
11:30PM, CSN – Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight – 30 minute special live from Glendale
11:30PM, NESN – Globe 10.0


7:00PM, NESN – Predators @ Bruins
7:30PM, CSN – Celtics @ Heat

Media Day, Cervasio Leaving NESN

The Patriots have finished up their media day obligations. Some notables:

The woman in the wedding dress proposing to Tom Brady.

Richard Seymour making Ellis Hobbs do pushups.

Randy Moss wants to retire as a Patriot.

Pierre Woods interviewing Tom Brady and the Patriots QB turning the tables on the fellow Michigan alum.

Tedy Bruschi’s name being misspelled (“Brushci”) on his booth. Even though he played his college ball for Arizona.

Here are some more accounts of Patriots media day:

Globe Double Coverage Blog

SI’s FanNation Live Blog

ESPN’s Hashmarks Blog

Gregg Doyel‘s media day blog.

Other items:

During the latter part of the media day session, WEEI’s Dale & Holley had Terrell Owens on as a guest…

The Boston Globe has 35 media credentials in Arizona this week.

Gregg Easterbrook continues to insist that the Patriots record this season AND their past Super Bowl wins are tainted by Spygate. The horse is dead, Gregg.

Peter King has some thoughts on Phoenix, and whether Randy Moss will be back with the Patriots next season.

Football Outsiders has a new version of Too Deep Zone posted.

Some photos of radio row from the Arizona Republic.

The caption for this first photo is:

Former all-pro Freddy Sperlis shares his thoughts.


We also have this shot of some locals:


Tina Cervasio to leave NESN

NESN announced today that Tina Cervasio will leave the network when her contract expires in March.

“Tina expressed to us a need to be closer to her family and travel less,” said Joel Feld, NESN vice president of programming and executive producer. “We are appreciative of everything she has done for NESN and wish her the very best.”

“These last two years working with NESN and covering the Red Sox have been both a privilege and an honor,” said Tina Cervasio. “At this time in my career, I have chosen to pursue other opportunities that would afford me the chance to be closer to my family. I want to thank everyone that I have worked with, both at NESN and the Red Sox. It was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget and will look back upon with great pride. I would also like to thank my colleagues in the Boston media who made the rigors of covering sports in New England a joy.”

Cervasio joined NESN in March 2006 and has served as the network’s Red Sox game-day reporter for the past two seasons.

Noon Update

Got in the car this morning just in time to flip on WEEI and hear Dennis and Callahan talking about Roger Clemens and steroids. They did have an interview with Robert and Jonathan Kraft, which was mildy entertaining/interesting, but baseball and steroids talk…Super Bowl week?

Paul Schwartz has Plaxico Burress predicting a 23-17 victory for the Giants.

Dan Shaughnessy had a chat on today.

Gene Wojciechowski says that to understand Bill Belichick, we need to look at what he did in Cleveland.

Mike Sando offers up a great spreadsheet on the Patriots roster.

Mike Reiss has a Super Bowl media day mailbag.

If you’re looking for food ideas for your Super Bowl party, the food blog Slashfood is running a Super Bowl category all week long.

This afternoon is, as mentioned, media day. The Patriots go first. You can actually watch much of it at