Approval Ratings – Mike Adams

WEEI's Mike AdamsToday we vote on WEEI evening host Mike Adams.

Adams has had a long and colorful career in both radio and television since the 1970’s in the New England and New York areas. in the 1990’s he was best known for his NECN show Mike Adams’ Sport World. He was also working part-time at WEEI during that span. After the NECN show was canceled, Adams bounced around a little bit, including a job in New York, and a forgettable stint as morning drive host at sports radio WWZN in Boston. Interestingly, this part of Adams career is left off of his WEEI Bio.

Adams seems to have at last found the perfect fit and time slot for his unique talents on the evening Planet Mikey show on WEEI.



Random Quote

I think the Celtics are real and they are a threat and I hate it…

— Michael Felger, 98.5 The Sports Hub, During 2012 NBA Playoffs
  • eireanch

    How does Mike Adams have a job still? He is painfully unfunny, completely uncreative (his schtick is exactly the same as it was 15 years ago and his theme song ripped off from someone with actual talent) and his unreasoning hatred of Manny Ramirez borders on psychosis.

    D&C are the worst thing on ‘EEI, with Planet Mikey a close second.

    • pedro

      Couldn’t agree with you more, that guy is pathetically lame, have hated him since he did that crap on NECN. That dopey take over the radio station to get a job thing was atrocious, unfunny and just plain sad that it even got on the air. EEI as a whole has snowballed downhill with their 20 minute ad blocks and poor programming.

    • Joe

      A complete waste of space… They would have been better off giving the gig to John Wallach…

    • skip4922

      I agree.. Adams is terrible. He is not funny. He has little sports knowledge. His show is a bad imitation of Howard Stern. He brings in semi-hot teenage girls to read emails. His jokes are just plain stupid. He spends more time talking about Boston sports in the 60’s and 70’s than todays teams. He has a personal issue with Manny Ramirez. I work from 6-12 and listen to the radio. I could not take Adams anymore so now I listen to ESPN radio on 890. I prefer NASCAR talk than listening to that burnout. I do not understand what made EEI give him this job. It seems like the callers to Adam’s show call just to talk to someone. They really think that they are friends with Adams. The other hosts would blow up 90% of Adam’s callers. We need to get fans together and petition WEEI to fire this idiot.

  • TC

    “Planet Shitskull” says it all.

  • Ironhead

    Quite possibly the worst show ever to (dis)grace the airwaves in the history of SportsRadio. There’s a reason it’s called Planet Shiitskull.

  • Sluggo

    I enjoyed Adams’ show on NESN. Don’t like The Planet.

  • MarleeM

    Its the best thing on radio.

  • Timmy Mac

    Have I landed in bizarro world? Mike Adams is hilarious, and his is the one show on EEI I will make time to listen to. D&C are horrible – agreed. But Planet Mikey is BY FAR my favorite sports show on any medium, radio, TV, or net.

    • skip4922

      Then you are a dork..


    June, 2006. I’m in the 755 Club at Atlanta’s Turner Field. I hit the Mens Room and I hear some guy a few urinals over talking like Luis Tiant as he pisses. Sure enough, it was a completely legless Mike Adams. I will admit that it was more entertaining than anything he’s uttered on ‘EEI.

  • CCF

    If they were to give Boston sports radio an enema, this is the show where they’d stick the rectal nozzle.

  • Griff

    Bring back Teddy Sarandis !

  • Beaker

    Remember that time he locked himself in the studio until they gave him the job???? CLASSIC!!!! It was like wrestling, only realer!!!! Mikey’s the BEST!

  • 02062

    Knows next to nothing about the NFL, College Football, the NBA, College Basketball.

    Passable baseball knowledge – his criticism for Manny being late is laughable considering his past at 1510 The Zone (showing up late, showing up unprepared).

    I can’t believe with all of the resources that WEEI has at it’s disposal this is the best they can do in the evening.

  • The Gimp

    There are moments when Mike actually comes out with coherent, insightful thoughts about the boston sports world. These moments seem to be few and far between, and he seems quite happy to play the role of the village idiot at WEEI. Because of this, his show is practically unlistenable. Makes me thankful I can sometimes get WFAN after 7.

  • bill

    Absolutely horrible. Let’s see, disturbing lack of sports knowledge, unfunny, irrelevant, etc…

  • Bob

    Hero of the stupid. His jokes appeal to the lowest common denominator and you can always count on him to make the juvenile, cheap, unfunny, obvious snide remark in any situation.

    Adams taking over Neumy’s spot on the sunday morning baseball was really upsetting. Predictably the show went from being a weekend oasis with no celebrity callers and “stoooorylines” to an extension of the planet mikey show with all the usual mid week WEEI noise.

    He almost seems like a wanna be shock jock with some his antics such as getting a yankee tattoo on his rear end, growing his hair out, trying to make perverted jokes on a sports talk station.

  • Timmy Mac

    This is CRAZY TALK!!!!

  • Jim Rivers

    Listening to his show is a gigantic waste of time—–so I don’t. Not funny, not creative, not worth listening to!

  • Marc

    He is quite possibly the worst thing on radio ever.

    The comment about him ruining the Sunday morning baseball show could not be more right on. It went from 3-4 hours of actual baseball talk to 3-4 hours of “Red Sox Awesome because Yankees Suck!”

  • Rich

    A friggan blast every night espescially weh he goofs on Craig from Rockland.Hey, even Ray from Lynn cracks up when he calls!

    Mikey’s the F’n BOMB!!!!!!!

  • Davey

    Mike is very lazy and his sports knowledge is limited to 1980s Red Sox baseball.

    Chemicals may have robbed him of his quick wit and he has lapsed into a tired sophmoric lounge act.

    He was an up-and-comer with WFSB in Hartford in the 80s but he lacked drive, discipline and maturity. That says a lot when the sports director was the equally unmotivated Dave Smith.

    On the plus side, he is a nice guy with no pretentions. He seems to realize that “Planet Mikey” is his last shot.

    • em naefunny

      Davey – you must be Harvey Smilowitz who replaced Dave Smith – that’s who I’d call sophisticated and a wealth of sports knowledge! Perhaps the blame should be placed purely on those in control at Channel 3 who neither motivated nor allowed a proper sports broadcast. Deciding to make sports bells and whistles rather like the weather being the news. You obviously have no idea about how local television news is run – ambulance chasers come to my mind.

  • Nopointe

    Mike Adams is the perfect WEEI host. The hygiene of Pete, the realness of Meterperel, the blandness of Holley, the weight gain of Dale, the pointless rambling of Ordway.

    If only Mike could learn the annoying baby talk of Callahan or the pseudo-intellectual snark of Dennis.

    Then he would be a sort of Sports Talk Voltron.

  • Fenian Infidel

    Unfunny,ignorant,arrogant…PERFECT for WEEI. The former “Dale Denver” has origins in mid 70’s FM radio and should have stayed there playing Joe Walsh,Jimmy Buffett..the “I’m so stoned” pothead schtick. Knows next to nothing about sports,his knowledge is sciolistic at best,limited to Red Sox trivia. A disgrace and considering his own checkered history,shouldn’t be allowec to criticize anybody short of Rae Carruth.

  • Sean

    I was a huge fan of his in the Sportsworld days when I was in high school. I was initially excited when I discovered WEEI in 2000 and found out he was occasionally on. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I’ve tried to figure out since then whether he’d gotten worse or I’d just gotten more knowledgeable about sports.

    The only time I’ve enjoyed listening to him since then is when he used to fill in for Pete Shepherd as Flash guy. 5 minute segments where he could just read headlines, make jokes, and not be require to have any deep insight suited him well.

  • Dave F

    Wasn’t the disapproval rating much higher earlier in the day? It seems like once he got wind of the poll, he had people vote their approval for him. Same thing happened with Gary Tanguay on the day of his poll.

    • BSF34

      This is CRAZY TALK!!!! WEEI people don’t pay attention to us “web geeks”. 😉

  • ChrisF

    Mike Adams comes off like a lecherous dirty old man with the ’email females’ he has in studio. Ted Serandis was a crank but at least he was intelligent.

  • Humphrey

    I can’t believe what a waste of time his show is.

    Bring back the WOW man and the rest of his BC ilk

  • Hank Durod

    NECN Sports World should be brought back in re-runs. I loved it. Planet Mikey is not without its moments, but Sports World was the best.

    Mike Adams is hilarious.

  • planet mikey

    F*** em if they can’t take a joke

  • KeithChris

    Mike Adams should stick to selling used cars. The guys who fill in for him on his many days off consistently outshine him… WEEI should give them a shot instead of this washed up joke.

  • Nice N’ Stinky

    Come on, guys… Mikey’s not great but compared to the rest of the lot he’s at least listenable. And he’s an improvement over Sarandis (faint praise, I know).

    I’m just patiently waiting for the Pete Sheppard disapproval ratings and the venom that is sure to follow. He is the guy that single handedly sends me to the FM dial for my afternoon drive.

  • Scott

    Mike Adams is the funniest sports guy in Boston. I can’t believe there’s actually people out there who dislike him so much, what a bunch of loons!

    Mikey rocks, wish there were more like him out there.

  • spiderman

    Take that sam vincent!! Stick those disapprove ratings where the sun don’t shine.

  • D+C’sgagball

    I can’t wait for this guy to screw up so John Rider can have his slot.


    Ugh, Mike, you can go to bed now.

  • Regnad Kcin

    The only things funnier than Mikey are some of these comments from those “haters” out there. Mike actually lets the callers talk for a change instead of cutting them off and demeaning them like most of the other pinheads. Speaking of pinheads, the one thing that annoys me about sports talk radio is the unfortunate arrogance that both hosts and callers all too often have. Can you pick those guys out of the comments posted here? Not too hard, is it? On the nights when Mikey mixes in the music trivia with Lenny, I can’t stop laughing.

  • George

    Aside from the Red Sox games, Planet Mickey is the only thing worth listening to on WEEI. He may be a complete goofball, but he is intelligent and a genuinely nice guy which is something you can’t say about almost everyone else on this station. I really don’t understand why people don’t like him. If you don’t share his sense of humor, that’s fine, but why do people dislike him so much? I can only guess it’s because the imbeciles that like Dennis and Callahan and The Big Show are naturally averse to a listening to a good, smart guy having a genuniely good time, particularly when it comes at no one else’s expense.

  • Chris

    This guy comes across as a white Jimmy Meyers…cantankerous, acerbic, angry, full-of-himself, and a never-ending feeling that he was ‘wronged’ in a former life.

  • Cnris

    I used to like Mikey, but not so much anymore. He is tiresome. But judging from the comments here, there are those who love him, so obviously there is a market for him. And there’s no way EEI keeps him on the air if his ratings are bad.
    So to Mikey’s fans I say, “more power to ya. There’s no accounting for taste.”

  • Jingo Jackson

    Some of the criticisms about his lack of knowledge are pretty hysterical. Name one full time host on WEEI who is well versed in the 4 major pro sports, plus college football and hoops? Most of these guys are barely passable on the three major teams in town. Sarandis was a multi sport geek, but by the time he left, he was a bitter man who lashed out at callers, teams, and his fellow hosts. It was clearly time for a change.

    You don’t tune into Adams to get hard sports talk – the guy is an entertainer, and by all accounts a fun loving guy who is more humane to callers than the rest of the hosts on that station. He’s not a comedian by any stretch, but I really don’t know what people expect to get at his salary level. His show offers a change of pace which is appealing to some, as evidenced by the ratings.

  • Chico

    Did you know that Jim Lonborg became a dentist? Skiing accident? 1967 Red Sox..Yaz…Petrocelli…Yaz…YAz…YAAAAZZZ!

  • JoeC

    Personally, I don’t think he’s the most knowledgable and intelligent guy on the radio and his anti-Manny crusade drives me nuts, but I think he’s got a decent show.

    This is nighttime sports talk radio – I ain’t looking for Cronkite.

    I think the biggest factor for a talk radio host is showing respect for your callers. They’re the ones who are your devoted listeners. Adams excels at that, a principle that is sorely lacking on WEEI.

  • Bob

    Listening to Planet Mikey is like sitting around with your goofball friends talking about sports. I happen to enjoy it more than the previous evening show. Teddy is extremely intelligent but was a little too arrogant and cranky for my taste. In the end, he just wasn’t enjoyable to hear.

    While I think some of the people commenting here underestimate Mike Adams’ sports knowledge, some times I’m just looking to enjoy listening to some sports conversation and he is great for that.

  • Thissitesucks

    How come the people who don’t like the show or EEI are posting. If you spent more time listening, instead of hearing your keyboard type you might have some validity! You all seem very depressed at your jobs and would love to hold the positions that are being rated! Listen more, and bitch less.

  • Chris M

    His show is only good when you want to zone out while driving at night. That’s it. If you expect more substance than Mikey rambling about the 1993 Red Sox starting line-up with some senior citizen from Cape Cod, then you will be disappointed.

  • BobbyBeantown

    Planet Mikey has its funny moments. I love John Ryder’s breaking news segments about some weird random team. But Mikey is better off sticking to humor than sports. I wait for Ryder to do his Celtics show before I would call in to discuss the Celts with Mikey.

  • John

    I think many of you are expecting too much from 6pm-11pm. Its a show for people who are looking to chill out and have fun with sports. Its not a “thinking man’s show”. Once you just accept it for what it is, its actually not bad.

  • Matt

    I gotta agree with most people on here…The NECN Days were alright, but I was a teenager – if it was on now, I’d probably hate it. Plus that Howard Green guy was a d-bag. Anyway, the Mike of today is like chewing glass. The classic rock, the pot, the whole shtick…dumb.

  • paul baranofsky

    mike adams is an fat no talented hack.he and his fellow KKK member callahan hate all athletes who arent white pablum puking liberals like them,.You cant have any respect for an guy who locks himself into a studio tacts like a 5 year old who threatens to hold his breath unless he gets his way.John wallach has been a loyal WEEI employee for years and he should have gotten this gig not this washed up never was

    • Jon

      Callahan is a liberal?!??!?!

  • Jason

    Boy-what a bunch of haters! I smell jealousy in lot’s of that misery. I listen at work pretty regularly and crack up. Turns out Mikey wasn’t the only one who thought Manny was doggin it and wasn’t being all he could be. If you call him a Manny basher, you don’t listen enough. He has always said Manny would be his favorite player if he tried harder. Think of Dustin Pedroia, I’d rather my kids emulate him than Manny! WAKE UP HE WAS RIGHT! Mikey is perfect if you are a fan who by evening has gotten their sports fix and want something a little lighter and funny. What a bunch of sourpusses. Lighten up! Go Mikey! You ROCK!
    Blah Blah Blah! I think this page includes comments from everybody he ever blew up on his show! I’m gonna go have fun like some of the other happy people who commented. The rest of you-continue your miserable existences!

  • Jon

    Two questions:
    1. Is it too late to change my vote?
    2. Does Mikey realize Manny is no longer on the team? I listened for 20 minutes and every call was about Manny. Is WEEI now broadcasting the Dodger’s pregame show? Can I expect Mikey to introduce Vin Scully as his new co-host?

  • John

    I found this webpage looking for anything on Mike Adams Sportsworld from the 1990’s. I don’t listen to him on the radio, so I can’t comment on that. I do remember getting frustrated when I wanted insight and analysis on sports because he never took it seriously. But his show used to make me laugh out loud. When I was at NU in 1996-97, we used to watch him all the time when he had that guy Maury on the show who didn’t do anything but sit there and be an idiot. I wonder whatever happened to Maury?

  • nburnsey

    R U GUYS DRUNK!!! Mikey has the best show on WEEI!! he is the Man!!! he has so many good points and he is funny! nuff said

  • John

    Mikey (and Dale & Holley) are great! They have to be to make up for those two morning blowholes on WEEI – Beavis & Butthead I call them.

  • George Lyons

    I like Mikey.Screw you haters.

  • Jon

    Mike Adams is much better than the Big O, Ned Flanders and Brutus Buckeye and the Putt Putt Twins.

    Then again, so is 30 straight hours of Garrison Keiller describing his kidney stones. So there you go.

    Mikey, please stop whining about internet haters and Manny. No one cares.

  • robert albee

    I am a decendent from John Adams and Sam Adams, are you also related to them? If so, please call me at 978-549-8425. I reside in Maynard, MA

    Robert Albee

  • CraigFrom Rockland

    Screw you you pink hate haters!!!! Leave Mikey Adams alone!!!! Losers!!!!!!!!!! and Bruce Allen is a jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!