Approval Ratings – Mike Lynch

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Mike Lynch
Today we’re going to check the approval ratings of WCVB sports anchor Mike Lynch. The WCVB-TV Channel 5 website has a bio of Lynch, and tells us that he has been the principal sports anchor for the station since 1985. He was a full time employee there for two years prior to that, and a part-timer for another year before that.

The bio also tells us that Lynch has hosted the weekly sports program “Patriots All Access,” since 1995. During the NFL pre-season, Lynch serves as a broadcast commentator during Patriots games. For 11 years, he hosted the Boston College weekly football coach’s show “Eagles Preview” on Channel 5.

Lynch is also known for the weekly NewsCenter 5 report “High Five” which he created in 1985 as a way to bring attention to the achievements of high school athletes.



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Random Quote

You guys called us old, over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It’s opinion and obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank y’all for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under us. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry.

— Kevin Garnett, 4/18/12
  • Chris

    Mike gets points for focusing on lesser sports, and on high-school sports. He also gets points for staying away from the editorializing and pontificating that gives sports media hacks their deserved bad rap.

  • jon

    I prefer my media types to be of the non-total-whore variety. Lynchie isn’t out there peddling his wares all over the place. It’s refreshing.

  • Ken Fang

    Mike remains one of the best sports anchors in the local area. He knows his stuff and lets the highlights speak for themselves.

  • Oz

    Doesn’t anyone find him a little condescending? “This is Julio Lugo. He’s the Red Sox shortstop. This is his bat. See here, he gets a single.” Enough already. Plus the Thanksgiving Day high school football locker room pep talks from these insane coaches are a bit much to handle. Talk about feeding a monster ego on these idiots. Zero value to the general population unless you’ve got a kid in the game.

  • Mike H

    Just wondering what some of the knocks on Lynch are. 16% disapproval is a bit higher than I expected. Does nobody stand a chance in some people’s minds?

  • Davey

    You gotta respect Lynchie … an old school scrapper who is not self-absorbed.

    Shows up to work sober, making him a rarity in Boston TV sports.

    Loyal to TV-5 and, obviously, a favorite of Belichek and the Pats.

    Lynch is uninspiring and bland and has been on auto-pilot for 20 years. However, he’s likeable and never alienates co-workers or athletes.

  • Bob

    meh, he’s kinda vanilla overall but is the consumate professional.

    i voted approve but it’s more a vote for patriots all access which is a great show.

    i can take him or leave him on red sox related stuff. he’s just another network TV goof with the Sox…. i just prefer his coverage of the Pats.

  • Danny Boy®

    I remember Mike back in the late 80’s. He’d always show up with tan pants, a button down polo shirt and a pair of loafers with no socks…or was that last week? Hey Mikey…you still wear Zoobahs?

    • BillT

      No socks seems so juvenile. Can’t the station afford a pair of socks for him, or at the very least, can’t they keep a tight shot on Mike so that we don’t have to see his sockless feet?