Approval Ratings – Andy Gresh

Andy GreshToday we’ll look at football analyst and radio host Andy Gresh.

Gresh is a fixture on the WBCN Patriots Rock Radio network pre and post game shows as well as a frequent guest on Comcast SportsNet, especially during the football season.

Up until March Gresh co-hosted a daily show alongside former Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak on sports radio 790/99.7  The Score in Providence. The station eliminated their local sports programming leaving the duo without that daily gig.

Gresh also does work for ESPN radio, filling in on shows such as Game Night and hosting his own show on Saturday mornings, ESPN Today.

Gresh played college football at URI, which he refers to often to as his source of expertise when analyzing the NFL.



Random Quote

Would it be so bad to be a little more forgiving of the Sox and a little more critical of the Patriots?

— Christopher Gasper, 8/18/2010
  • eireanch

    Disapprove. I just find him unbelievably BORING.

    • Rock

      Another guy who overplays his hand. Playing for 5 minutes at a stiff program like URI does not qualify you to comment with such authority, never mind, commenting on EVERYTHING with such authority.

      The whole “you gotta understand” way of communicating with everyone is condesending and is merely a mask for his lack of ability. He’s about as bad it gets.

    • Cordishi’s Car Date

      Nobody misses him in Providence and nobody will miss him on WBCN, nor will anyone miss him if he crawls into a hole somewhere…

  • SJH

    A beady-eyed moron with a bad haircut who doesn’t have the sense God gave a rabbit. DISAPPROVE.

    • Chris

      Ever watch that Comcast sports show with Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger? They are the ‘Bad Haircut Boys’ right there. No wonder Gresh feels like he fits right in.

  • woo

    Too loud for me, I don’t like to be yelled at.

  • Moe Howard

    I just want my hair back


    “Former player”

    Steelers fan.

    Have never seen him at a Bruins game.

    I once saw him pick his nose on the old Tanguay/Dickerson show.


  • gary

    Disapprove…Him and Tanguay make the WBCN pregame un-listenable…Heard him on ESPN radio before the NFL draft – a complete and utter moron…Of course, if playing URI football is your source of knowledge, I can see why…Plus, he’s fat and ugly like Tomase…

  • The Jortsfather of Sportsradio

    Such a buffoon on air, on tv. Disapprove!!!!

  • Guntfather of SportsRadio

    Fat guy with a little coat

    • Tony


  • fishercat

    he would have been a great wwf villian as part of a tagteam or sidekick to rowdy piper. it’s basically piper’s pit on the bcn pregame now except for the coach interview and brock’s breakdown. the rest of the show is unlistenable.

    this guy is the real reason pete pastore got so many approvals as weei’s postgame show sounds like a conversation between belichick, landry, walsh, and lombardi compared to the bcn fiasco.

    that said we’ll all be riding his coattails someday.

  • Ironhead

    An idiot wrapped in a moron foisted upon the listeners (myself a former listener) of the ‘BCN Pats pre-game show in Jonathan Kraft’s attempt to clone WEEI.

    A jaw-jackin’ DISAPPROVE for the URI/Steeler fan tough guy.

  • LJ Sandwich

    Nobody “Jaw-Jacks” like the “Gresh-Monster.” Throws football terminology around like he invented the game. Gets some high marks for keeping the Spittoon haircut alive, but not enough to offset multiple chins and glorious gunt.

    He once had his rather ample buttocks sunk so deep into that Bernie & Phyl’s cheap leather chair on the Comcast show that it literally was stuck to his arse. He ran around the studio, shaking his behind like a grizzly being attacked by a badger, until the pleather piece of junk flew off his butt and crashed into the cheap barroom prop.

    Most anybody associated with that hideous WBCN pregame show is a boob, but Gresh his Le Grande Mammary of them all.


  • Andrew

    Makes WBCN’s once-great broadcast unlistenable. Much like Pete Sheppard, he does not know when to shut up. Rarely offers anything that I didn’t already know. Leaves me wondering how he has a job talking about sports.

  • fishercat

    the other thing i just remembered was back in october him touting mcfadden as some sort of secret nugget. he said something like ‘pats fans will have no idea who this guy is but his name is darren mcfadden and he’s who the pats will want on draft day..’ yeah, that’s a real find gresh.

    this was of course after mcfadden had just run wild on a nationally televised game.

  • Beaker

    Known as Manboob at URI…cuts his own hair with varying success…fattest eyelids in the Boston media market…in his free time, plays in a bluegrass band called “Roll Up The Safeties”…played football at URI…notorious SBD farter…he will punch you in the mouth before you have a chance to punch him in the mouth…played football at URI…has a salt water tropical fish tank that he eats from…no neck

  • Tony

    He appears to be more about bluster than anything else.

    Perhaps he believes that speaking louder than anyone else will make his opinions more accurate than anyone else’s??

    Mild disapprove…I really don’t hear or see enough of him to have a strong opinion either way.

  • Steve

    Great guy when he’s not around.

  • Wilson

    Short, fat, small jacket, loudmouth, know it all, hmmmm…
    are we talking Ordway here??
    DISAPPROVE!! because he reminds me of Ordway!

  • Chris M

    I can’t get really worked up about him. Kinda obnoxious on the radio (but who isn’t, these days), but otherwise a big meh..

  • Nopointe

    the worst

  • Big Fat O

    He’s a Pete Sheppard that played college football


  • Curtis

    I also heard him hosting a show on Sirius NFL radio this past weekend so fat, drunk and stupid seems to be working for him as he continues to rack up gigs. Its a frightening media world we are entering.

  • aldo_cella

    I agree with the poster above who wrote that he says nothing you don’t already know.

    Honestly, Gresh, Stearns, Steve Burton – nevermind how these guys keep their jobs. How do they get them to begin with?

  • LL

    JawJackin’ Gresh can take my DISAPPROVE as a hit in the mouth and shove it up his “A” Gap.

  • Chris

    Fights with Pete ‘The Meat’ for the last piece of Beef…

    Andy is the very caricature of a sports media HACK…a street-walker who prostitutes himself to whichever media vehicle will ‘have’ him. The traits of your average street-walking media hack are these: They out-shout everyone within earshot; they are where the food is; they were Wal-Mart door greeters before and will be again; they have jowls.

    A HUGE ‘DISAPPROVE’ for this massive wind-bag.

  • Chris

    This guy has ‘Connecticut School of Broadcasting’ tattooed to his jowls.

  • J.R.

    HUGE disapprove. Dreadful, know-it-all loudmouth (Ordway with training wheels). Makes the ‘BCN post-game radio show a wasteland. Krafty the Younger . . . are you listening?

  • Muggy

    Unattractive, arrogant, ignorant blowhard with a hideous haircut who obnoxiously tries to pass himself off as a URI tough guy.

    Just awful.


  • rick

    Let’s see:

    1) Prefers speculation and scandal over facts and discussion.

    2) Thinks louder equals better.

    3) Feels need to continually remind you that he played football in college.

    If there was a vote on this guy, will there be one for Rutillo? Was there?

  • QM


    WBCN ruined their postgame show by hiring this clown. You know Gresh is horrible when WEEI’s “Real Postgame Show” is better to listen to than his postgame show.

    Bring back Tim Fox and Pete Brock!!

  • rrsafety

    Did what Arlen Specter and Roger Goodell combined could not do….Destroy the Patriots Rock Radio Network.

    Has compromising pictures of Jonathan Kraft with a Star-Search-Era David Archuleta….


  • CCF

    An azzclown’s azzclown …

    Why have you forsaken us Jonathan Kraft?

  • hank durod

    I hate WBCN Patriots Rock Radio.

  • Jason

    Brings nothing to the table and talks way too loud.

  • MarkB

    His “the fans are so stupid” shtick doesn’t go very far with me – I am a fan, after all. Do you really have to be a blowhard to get attention these days? Nice guys like Russ Francis really do finish last.

  • b holmes

    i think my aunt has that maroon shirt.


  • RhodyFan

    Gresh did not play football at URI. He was on the team his freshman year, then quit. URI lists him as a letterman for one season.

    • fishercat

      According to the 2007 URI Football Media Guide, which lists all-time lettermen at URI, Andy Gresh did letter in football at URI in 1994 and 1995:…f/section08.pdf

      Since he was a senior in high school in 1991, 1994 and 1995 would probably have been his junior and senior years at URI. So I’d guess he did play 4 years and actually got onto the field his last two years:…ndy-gresh.shtml

  • Rotillo

    Sheppardesque provincial doofus. It’s not that they’re both fat and loud, it’s that they both believe being loud and aggressive will make up for any lack of insight or knowledge. The fact that he is viewed as an equally good fill in for Doug Gottlieb on ESPN Radio as Rusillo is baffling.

    • El Jefe

      The fact that he is viewed as an equally good fill in for Doug Gottlieb on ESPN Radio as Rusillo is baffling

      /The worldwide leader.

      • media-tor

        Fill-in? I believe ESPN radio has given Andy Andy his own weekend show. Whaddup widdat??? Apparently fat, drunk and stupid is a pretty good way to go through life.

  • Bill

    Nasaly voiced bloated moron…probably bullied likds in school since he’s such a load. He sucks

  • Sluggo

    Never listen to WBCN’s pre- and post-game show because of him.

    He stinks.

  • ben

    His morning show on The Score with “Coach” 5-6 years back had some redeeming qualities — definitely better than D&C.

  • ozzy

    Ignorant…….at the top of his lungs. Come to think of it, thats what sports radio is all about.

  • Scott Wedman for threeeeee

    Interestingly enough, he is unlistenable and obnoxious on Comcast and whatever local stuff he does, but very good on ESPN Radio.

  • Paul

    I heartily endorse the comment by Scott Wedman. I drive ‘snowbird’s’ cars North and South and found him a good listen on ESPN radio but whenever he is on Comcast Sports Net I truly turn the channel. He is UNWATCHABLE.

  • Lance

    Ditto to all above, Hope BCN dumps this loud mouth, if they do, I will tune in again. Brock and Fox were great!

  • Newton

    Last season, he said Brady was about the same as Carson Palmer . . .Disapprove.

  • Kevin

    The guy is on Sirius NFL now sometimes. I have listened to him 3 times now. I hate him

  • Oh Man

    There is a reason that Gresh’s show in Providence and the entire Score AM-FM station tanked. You can only talk so much college sports in the New England market. Also, listeners don’t tune in to hear Gresh and Zo’s continual fart jokes.

    Andy is good on ESPN and Zo does well in his new WEEI spots. Maybe it was the station management at The Score that dictated the childish conversation. It became evident that The Score was on the decline when they released Coach Colletto.

    For those that bash WEEI, they give the listener what they want: meaningful and insightful sports talk and guests. To all the for Score hosts, good luck in the future.

    As for Cordeshi, trying to push your college sports radio voice career also played a factor in the demise of The Score. Way too many lineup changes over the years. You had a good thing going but ultimately ruined it!

  • http://http// Robert Fagnant

    Saw that loud mouth sports NFL expert talking to two guys at PC at the Newport Creamery on Smith St at Lunch today. I almost thought his 80 lb fat arm was going to knock over my ice cream coffe frapp and his 400 lb body took the entire booth! Anyway, I’m so glad he is off the air, as he always knocks down woman like they are secondary citizens as sex trophies and talking about foxy lady clubs, etc., while he’s married like a school kid. He’s a yeller and says nothing that is new or isn’t already in the news. There is nothing original or likeable about him. I never listened to that sports station because of him (and I always did religiously) and his foul mouth talking, and his voice is like a scratchy blackboard with nails going across it! Maybe he’s in line to help PC out? He stood up and looked right at me but I don’t think he’s seeing too clearly after that Lasik surgery of his. I noticed he went way downhill after that Lasik surgery. Maybe he’s a bad outcome. Hehe! No, kidding. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

  • Ozarkruffrider

    I was looking for any support of this guy. Looks like I found more of the same that we all who are Sirius listeners have now experienced.

    He went off on a couple of Sirius regular callers who complained about his abrasive way of doing a show (on my website) and grouped us in as no-life idiots. He’s proud of 11 years of being who he is and proudly and LOUDLY proclaimed he won’t change.
    I see that he indeed treats women as with disrespect. He commented on air after a local gal who is a Pats fan (who is interning on his show that night) gave her story on how she got the job with Sirius, that all she had to do is wear a low cut blouse and she would have got the job.

    I even made the mistake of complementing him when he started, but as some of you already posted, it got real old—real fast. We are proud Sirius Football listeners and consider Sirius the ultimate in talking and understanding the game. He has no business on that channel no more than the Man show, that Kimmel used to do, being on NFL Network.

  • Earl

    i still like you andy… 😉
    remember that any reaction is better than no reaction…you the man
    remember the good ole days bud


  • Rob

    Best radio host EVER! who needa Zo