Approval Ratings – Dan Shaughnessy

Dan ShaughnessyYes, the day is finally here.

The Boston Globe clearly considers Dan Shaughnessy the star of its sports department, putting the columnist front and center whenever a big sports event is catching the attention of even the most casual of sports fans. Shaughnessy gets the call for all the front page stories during the baseball postseason, and even now with football and basketball. He is used by the paper to be the voice of Boston sports.

Shaughnessy grew up in Groton, and is a graduate of Holy Cross. He started his professional career with the Baltimore Sun in the late 1970’s, serving as Orioles beat writer. He moved on to the Globe in 1981, where he covered the beat for the Red Sox and Celtics before moving to the columnist role. He is a seven time Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year, and eight times he has been selected as one of Americas top-ten sports columnists by Associated Press Sports Editors.

Shaughnessy’s feud with Curt Schilling has been well documented, and as has his role in the (short lived) resignation of Red Sox GM Theo Epstein following the 2005 season. His formulaic columns, ripjobs and contrarian opinions have earned him the title of The Most Hated Man in Boston, though I have a feeling he’s not as hated by the average fan as we might think he is. His work has inspired his own watchdog blog, the entertaining Dan Shaughnessy Watch.

He is a frequent guest on national sports shows such a Jim Rome, and is a frequent guest on stations all across the country.

Shaughnessy has written at least 11 books, including The Curse of the Bambino, The Legend of the Curse of the Bambino and Reversing the Curse: Inside the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Other credits include Senior Year: A Father, A Son, and High School Baseball and Ever Green The Boston Celtics: A History in the Words of Their Players, Coaches, Fans and Foes, from 1946 to the Present.



Random Quote

“The New England Patriots, let’s face it…they’re NOT good anymore. They’re weak.”

— Trent Dilfer, ESPN – September 30, 2014
  • Get A Life

    WHAT??!! There are 3 people who actually APPROVE! of this guy?

  • Jortsfather of Sportsradio

    Amazingly the Jortsfather has always been a fan of the Big Show Shank, the “i’ll always email you back” Shank, the beatwriter Shank, and the Baseball Sunday Notes column Shank. I disapprove the columnist Shank, the “i run a mile a day” Shank, and the Schilling Shank.

    At the end, i’d miss the guy if he wasn’t in the Boston media since he’s certainly worth discussing. Approved.

  • LJ Sandwich

    Where to start with Shank-a-roo? A lazy man’s lazy man. Long ago stopped liking sports. Uses more tired and dated cliches than you can shake a curling iron at. Warren Zevon, Back to the Future, Bruce Springsteen, and on and on and on. Pop Culture ended for the fright wig wearing grouch back in the 80’s.

    One of the original media whores, popping up like an afroed jack in the box on any and all TV and radio shows. Must have dozen’s of 1099’s at the end of the year.

    Once seen walking in a hotel lobby wearing a bathrobe and heading back to his room with two complimentary glasses of white wine. Cheap as the day is long. Throws dimes around like manhole covers.

    Will encourage you to call him to engage in verbal fisticuffs.

    Needs to take the Globe buyout and dissappear like fellow negative hack Ron Borges.

    Can’t DISSAPROVE enough!!!!!

    • Nicky B

      Take a look Bill Simmons, this is your future.

      • George

        Nicky, Are you Sports Gal #1?

  • Jon

    Ah, fresh meat.
    He’s disapproved because he started a small argument with my friend for some idiotic hatchet job he did on Walpole high. You know you’re a jackanapes when you pick fights with HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

    And then there’s the whole Curse of the Bambino claptrap.
    Thanks. Now where’s the Giant Forehead?

    • fishercat

      Reminded me of that great quote he had about how covering high school sports was better because you could corner high school kids in the locker room much easier than a pro athelete.


  • Angry Old Bastard

    He’s already got the hair, just give him a big pair of floppy shoes and point him in the direction of the circus….DISAPPROVE!

  • Nopointe

    In honor of Shank I’m too lazy to write an original comment.

    Glory days, oh they’ll pass you by Shank, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. A good writer has a good work ethic, Shank has tired references.

  • fishercat

    Will Dan have his daughter be voting at libraries across Massachusetts and soliciting positive comments from friends and relatives for the thread? Or does he only do that for amazon?

  • SJH

    The English language lacks the proper invective for this sad, absurdly bitter clown-faced excuse for a writer. Suffice it to say that CHB’s position at the top of the pantheon of the Globe’s sports department is exhibit A, B, C and D for why the Globe’s business fortunes are down into the toilet.

    The man who famously declared “The Curse isn’t over until I say it’s over! I wrote the book!” needs to learn that his relevance and indeed only reason to continue drawing breath is over.


  • Sluggo

    A hack’s hack. ‘Nuf sed.

  • CMR

    If there’s a word (and there are many) I could use besides “disapprove” consider them used. Like others have mentioned, invited me to call him after receiving my email questioning of his many ridiculously biased articles where he spews venenous hatred toward a member of a local team. He cannot take constructive criticism as he feels himself beyond reproach. After several rounds of this, which he soon turned to personal attacks on me (as if he’d know anything), I thought we might end up meeting in the back of the schoolyard to settle our dispute. How I wish. He’s a hack, a joke, a self-righteous blowhard who just needs to go away.

  • AbeScromsbie

    Disapprove! A blowhards blowhard… He has a rotation of about 2.5 columns that he reuses to suit the sport, etc… He’s the epitome of a sports journalist who loves it when the story is……HIMSELF!? The father of capitalizing off local sports highs & lows by excreting unreadable books a month before the holiday season.

  • hank durod

    Cartel of the Keyboards.

    The Sox own him and his children.

  • Rickkyboy

    May have contributed to the further dumbing down of Sports Talk Radio in Boston by having the Globe ban its writers from Weei appearances.

    “The Curse isn’t over until I say it is.”

    DISAPPROVE X Infinity!!

  • b holmes

    just awful. out of touch, has been completely played out for years.

    i dont bother reading his stuff.

  • Andrew

    I’m sure this has already been said and will likely be repeated, but Shaughnessy just doesn’t seem to enjoy sports. Why would I want to read a sports column written by a guy who holds my dream job yet refuses to appreciate any of the enjoyment the subject of his writing can offer?

    I do feel he is a talented writer, but nobody likes the turd in the punchbowl.

    • Fred West Lynn

      What evidence do you care to offer to demonstrate that he is a talented writer?

      • Andrew

        He’s bitter, jaded, maddeningly contrarian, and stopped liking his job a long time ago. He frequently mails in uninsprired work at best. I wish he would quit his job at the Globe so someone who actually enjoys writing about sports could take his place.

        If all this can be put aside and the body of his work can be viewed objectively, I do not think he can be simply written off as a talentless hack. He may be a cynic and a jerk, but I do feel he once had the capability to be a decent writer. This is likely a moot point since he has long since decided he enjoys his role as the villian.

  • Muggy

    Dan brings new meaning to the word “lazy.” The man hasn’t had an original thought in 20 years and his irrelevant columns read like they take all of five minutes to throw together–just brutally awful stuff. Of course, on the odd occasion His Laziness gets a burst of energy (for him) and delivers one of his patented, nasty, agenda-driven revenge efforts–OH, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! It’s not about sports or my readers, IT’S ABOUT ME!! This clown’s shtick got lame years and years ago.

    Lazy Dan’s arcane references are excruciating and his stale act is just plain tired. Dan, take the buyout, please. You’re an embarrassment and have been must-miss for years now. There’s so much better, more thoughtful, more intelligent stuff on the internet these days that soon, dinosaurs like Lazy Dan will be a thing of the past–which is a very, very good thing.


  • LL

    47 people approve of this guy? And people wonder what is wrong with this country…

  • buttercup

    Sadly, he will regard all the negativity towards him as a badge of honor- nay, courage for his “unpopular” positions. Stopped caring about him or much what he wrote after he panned the Pedro trade on Sports Final. Just a silly, fading non-entity.

  • Lefty

    He does have the talent to be a good writer, but his talent is made irrelevant by his agenda-driven recyclotron 5000 that causes him to spit out the same basic bile driven columns under different titles. It’s really a shame that his talent is so wasted.

    In fairness, I have made it a point to not read his columns since 2003, so I really can’t comment on anything he has written since then.

    I do highly recommend the boycott approach, however, It’s done wonders for my blood pressure and has probably saved him from having to hear me yell “You Suck, Shaughnessy” in the Fenway concourse area like I used to when I saw him there. Now, seeing him is a bit like seeing an old high school teacher you hated. You know who it is, but he’s completely irrelevant.


  • JC

    Among the most offensive things the Globe sports staff will do this year was running Shaughnessy on the front page the day after Lester’s no-hitter.

    Shaughnessy wasn’t even at the game, nor did he bother to make the short drive to the park when he saw what was going on. Wrote purely off NESN and called it a night.

  • Bob

    disapprove for reasons stated above and because
    he used his contacts within the Red Sox organization (Tom Werner) to get his daughter the internship she wanted in Hollywood.

  • George

    I learned a couple of things reading Bruce’s write up. Its news to me that Shaunessey “writes all the front page stories during the baseball post season” because I don’t read anything below his name. As many have already written, he’s the #1 customer at USPS. The only time he exerts any energy is when he’s spewing acid-puke on someone or something.

    And, this guy has written 11 books?!!! How he gets any book deals is beyond me!

    His “standing” on the Boston sports media scene shows us what a sad state of affairs we have here.

  • green33

    Full confession, I liked the CHB – when I was in High School in the 80’s. Back then his cliches were actually topical and I hadn’t read the same drivel from him 72 times already.

    I’ve been boycotting him for several years now, I won’t click his link (and don’t read much of anything on paper) so his sorry-ass rationalization that “he must be doing his job because people don’t like him” holds no water here. In general, I wish Schilling would STFU & pitch, but I love his open disdain for this stiff.


  • Char

    I don’t know what’s worse, his bitterness or his laziness. Can’t write 200 words without crapping on somebody. Wish I could disapprove x100.

  • Dean of Jorts Ramblings

    All you need to know about the CHB is that after the Sox beat the Yankees in 2004, he was everywhere screaming that the “Curse” wasn’t over until they won the World Series. “I should know, I wrote the book!” A loser’s loser. One of the most bitter, spiteful, unhappy hacks in Boston sports media history, and that’s saying. It’s sad that his stank is now rubbing off on Bob Ryan.


  • Ian

    He should stick to being a panelist on the Jim Rome Show

  • DUKE

    reading the othe rcomments is really comical. Dan Is The man…and is purely THE best sportswriter in boston period. You may not like what he says….but then again the truth usually hurts!

    • George

      DUKE (or is it Dan?) Truth? You’re joking right? Can you name the last time he wrote something relevent? Or how about the last time he had an original insight? I’d love to know Dan.

    • fishercat

      Shank really nailed it with Ortiz, too bad that fat bag of crap took playing time away from Giambi and Millar. Sox fans would have been wise to heed Dan’s warnings and get Ortiz gone before he brought the whole team down with him.

      What has this guy ever been right about? A fake curse? Trash day in Newton? The 3-2 kid? What? Carl Everett? Yeah that was a tough one.

      I think Bruce should have posted his two columns 10 years apart each about Sox pitchers leaving the park before the final out; one was about Clemens fiery ethic forcing him to leave the park early because he was so tough and cool. The second about Pedro leaving the park early because he was…. Dominican.

    • Fred West Lynn

      I can’t tell if “Duke” is Dan or his daughter, so please forgive any pronoun troubles.

      I don’t think that my opinion of Shaughnessy comes from disagreeing with his opinions. I’m a person who likes reading contrary opinions. What I find unacceptable is opinion without knowledge, name-calling as a way to fill column space, and junior-high-level posturing posing as fearlessness.

      Is this all Shaughnessy’s fault or partially the responsibility of his enablers? Hard to say, but the proof is on the page and any reasonable review of his work would yield the judgement that it’s pitiful by any standard.

    • Lance

      Dan, please – link a column demonstrating what you say to be true.

  • ree


    sad, just sad.

  • Galway

    Disapprove. I liked him when I first started reading the sports section, because I thought his writing style was fresh. Then, two years later, I realized that he simply recycles columns and cliches.

    I will say this in his favor. As a sports columnist for my college paper, I wrote to him to ask for advice about breaking into the field. He kindly called me, read my columns, offered feedback, etc. We stayed in touch for awhile, and without fail, he responded to every phone call. It was pretty classy.

    But, if we’re voting on the basis of writing and reporting talent, then I have to stick with disapprove.

    • LJ Sandwich

      He has no problem calling people. I emailed him a question once and he called me. The problem is, he loves to just lecture for 15 minutes about everything he thinks he knows on a given topic, just to show you he’s smarter than you. He doesn’t want to solict an opinion or engage in discussion. A true worthless blowhard.

    • Jon

      Funny, I met him at an event once when I was a college journalism student and went up to talk to him briefly. (At the time I actually enjoyed his writing). He did talk to me but in the middle of a sentence he turned his head to some public relations flak and said “is the bar open yet?” Then he got a drink, so the conversation was a short-lived one.

      The event was a Rick Pitino speech and there was a column about it by Shaughnessy the next day.

  • DaveR

    I know it’s unpopular to say it, and I know his negativity is definitely a negative (ugh… need my thesaurus), but I don’t think CHB is as bad as everyone makes him out to be. I’ve met him in the past, and he’s an entertaining and decent guy in person. And I don’t think it’s fair to hold him to reporter standards, because that’s not his job. His job is to be the lead opinion writer on the Glob’s sports page. And in that role, he’s very effective — like him or not, he’s talked about, and talked about a lot.

    So I think he’s doing precisely what the Glob is paying him to do, namely get people talking about him, thereby increasing readership. And I’m not going to blame the guy for doing what he’s supposed to do, even if it isn’t a choice I would have made myself.

    I do wish he’d be more like Joe Poz…. but then I wish everyone would be more like Joe Poz, so there you go.

  • Tony

    Back in the day, when he covered the Sox in the 80s, I thought Shaughnessy was a decent beat writer who had decent sources and gave the reader decent information.

    The sad part is that Shaughnessy peaked as just a “decent” baseball writer nearly 20 years ago.

    And really, he ALWAYS had a poisen pen….even when he was a beat writer. I even remember a radio talk show host back in the 80s referring to him as “poison pen Shaughnessy”. And he seems completely incapable of letting old feuds die. I don’t think he’s ever had a nice thing to say about John McNamara. Hey, I agree the guy was a terrible manager, but I got over Johnny Mac the day the Red Sox finally fired him. Shaughnessy was still taking shots at him at least 10 years later–he still is taking shots for all I know (I don’t read him anymore).

    And how about his feud with Bob Kraft? The Pats’ owner seemingly has gotten over Dan’s constant ripping of him in the wake of the Parcells fiasco in ’97, but as recently as last season, Shaughnessy referred to Kraft as “Amos Alonzo Kraft”. Let it go, Dan. Please let it go.

    The problem with Dan, and all journalists in his age group is that they finished journalism school in the immediate post-Watergate era, when EVERY journalism graduate dreamed of becoming the next Woodward or Bernstein, and a story wasn’t considered a story unless some kind of controversy was involved.

    Even sportswriters like Shaughnessy began seeking out “controversial” angles to their stories and beats, and even went to some lengths to stir the pot themselves if the pot seemed a little too calm.

    I remember reading once–and I wish I could remember where–that the 1982-83 Celtics (the last Bill Fitch team and the least successful C’s team of the early Bird Era) attributed some of their team dissension to the fact that Shaughnessy, who was new to the C’s beat, was always in the lockerroom trying to stir the pot. That probably was a lame excuse, but still, that’s the first and only time I’ve ever heard that said about a sportswriter.

    In recent years, as a columnist, all of the adjectives used to describe him so far in this comments section certainly do apply, but to me, his biggest flaw is his insufferable ego and haughty elitism.

    The man simply cannot stand to be criticized, even if it’s constructive and not nasty criticism. He lashes out at his email critics with a rank immaturity that’s poorly disguised by his considerable vocabulary skills.

    In short, this man had considerable talents once, but he’s wasted them, primarily because of his own caustic personality and an ego that doesn’t allow him to see his own flaws clearly enough.


  • Fred West Lynn

    Much like the Simons – Carly and Paul — it’s difficult to separate Dan Shaughnessy the writer/”personality” from the media machine that keeps shoving him down our throats. In terms of enduring impact on our day-to-day sports enjoyment, Shank is up there with The Cardinal, Joe Fitzgerald, and the Colonel, Dave Egan, in that he seemingly has been around forever — a fact of life like hurricanes and dog poop on the playing fields.

    What has he brought to our regional conversation? In his earlier years, he was obviously trying to concoct a catch-phrase that he could market. “ThanksDad” “Jurrasic Carl” and several even less impressive trial balloons finally yielded a phrase that he did not come up with: “Curse of the Bambino.”

    Humping that metaphor like a Tuscan trollop, Shank somehow developed a national profile. The curious part is that — until his acceptance into the Barnicle circle of Hibernian Hail Fellows Well Met — Shaughnessy has gained ever-higher profile based on the success of the local teams. Success that he has openly derided. One could fairly ask if he would have any platform at all if the Red Sox, Patriots, and (finally) the Celtics were .500 teams. There is no glory or mythmaking to be had from mediocre teams.

    What do we know about him? Well, his sloth is well-documented as is his contempt for his readers and his region. He apparently fancies himself as a full-service commentator even as readers struggle to find an actual quote in his articles that isn’t from Werner or Luccino. He has a face made for radio and a voice suited for mime.

    So the fact that he holds the Ray Fitzgerald/Peter Gammons chair at the Boston Globe shows how dramatically that newspaper has slid. The fact that deaf, dumb, and blind editor Joe Sullivan thought that the only person who could properly deliver word of John Lester’s no-hitter to the world would be Mr. Asleep At The Wheel says more about the newspaper business than Shaughnessy himself. That a once-great paper would commit fraud just to put Shaughnessy on the front page should be a firing offense.

    So, what are the plusses? Small carbon footprint. Never arrested for a capital crime. Deep knowledge of boxed wine. The minuses? Well… a prickly public personality, a work ethic that would be considered sub-standard in any communist country, and an appalling musical taste (as anyone who documents his pop culture references can demonstrate. Lester Bangs he ain’t).

    The truly sad part is that unlike Tony Mazz, for example, Shank doesn’t give any indication that he is aware of how pompous and smug his is in his own lazy puddle of stench. Not good enough for the Holy Cross paper; the “11 books” part of his bio makes me retch.

    On the whole …DISAPPROVE!

  • JDokes

    Incite without insight.
    Is perfectly happy to dish out criticism (which is certainly his right), but CALLS PEOPLE AT HOME if they criticise him by writing a Letter to the Editor (as is the reader’s right). Skin so thin he’s practically translucent.
    I think he still has some talent. But 90% of the time, for reasons that only he knows, he takes the path of least resistance, which is usually recycling some old column.
    He truly believes that nothing is new, so that repeating himself is warranted.
    I’ve dealt with him in person, and he was polite enough. But this vote isn’t about what kind of guy he is.

  • Wilson

    Dripping fangs of Disapprove!!

    Always seems to mention Groton somehow in his
    stories or at least he did when I used to read
    his stories. Funny thing is, I live in Groton,
    and everyone there HATES the guy! They always
    mention Gammons,(Groton School guy,)in a positive
    light, but when it comes to the CHB…they all
    indicate that Newton can have that world class
    Irrelevant at best! An aging beat reporter who can’t
    understand why he no longer can get close to the guys
    he covers…Gee! what a surprise!..They all think he
    sucks too! Ever think of that Dan??? (Duke!!)

  • NAOP

    Boston has Dan Shaughnessy
    Every other city does not
    Advantage: Every other city


  • ben

    He must have pics of the Globe senior people with farm animals. He has done nothing to earn or maintain his position at that paper. The number of random folks who say, “I won’t read his column” is indicative of his weakness in that role.

    The column he wrote about himself running a mile a day should be mailed to anyone voting approve.

  • EC

    I think that Dan always tries to convey a sense of ironic detachment. So many of his columns convey a sense of “[d]ear reader, this is what you may be interested in, but I’m really above it all. I won’t lose any sleep over Aaron Boone or Manning to Tyree.” I don’t think that he was always that way – the 1980s Celtics clearly still matter greatly to him. Maybe it’s because he no longer can see athletes unfiltered. But I think that the snark and the efforts to portray himself as above it all will prevent him from ever being as good a writer as, for example, Bob Ryan.

  • Rock

    Dan is a typical contrarian (the planets laziest intellectuals). It’s his gig and he clings to it out of an absence of any real thoughtfulness and because it pays the bills. Who finds people with either of these qualities worth an ounce of merit or distinction?

  • Joe

    Disapprove to “infinity”. Someone at MIT should figure out an autovoting macro to break the record.

  • J.R.

    Disapprove, and let us count all the reasons why:

    — Lazy

    — Trots out recycled columns that are as predictable as the tides

    — Carries on “tough guy” vendettas in the press with figures long removed from the Boston sports scene (e.g., I’m old enough to remember his constant references to “Laughing Boy” Bill Fitch years after he stopped coaching the Celtics)

    — For someone who “earns” his living by constantly sticking shivs into other people’s backs, he is hysterically thin-skinned when confronted with factual errors in his own work

    — Wears his a-holiness on his sleeve as some type of twisted badge of honor

    — Has somehow deluded the geniuses at the 17 percenters that his petty prose is somehow topical and a “must read”

    — Is a dinosaur whose personal calendar is stuck on 1983

    Next time it’s offered, take the buyout, Dan.

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  • George

    Why does this city have so many sportswriters who want to make themselves the story? Masserotti is the latest example, following Shaunessey’s footsteps by spewing venom and making his move for the spotlight. Borges was another in that line. Even Will McDonough, who I always looked forward to reading, crossed that line a few times.

    I don’t think its coincidence. I think it is becoming a Boston tradition, as the culture these people have created now spawns more of that behavior. The need to become “insiders”, the emphasis on being the first to get the story and get your name out there.

    Then we have sports radio, acting as the fertilizer that makes those weeds grow. Its another stage and chow line, and the bigger a**hole you are, the more time you get on the air.

    Radio and the web allow for easy interaction between the writers and a fans (typically the most vocal and obnoxious of fans). Then you have opportunists like Ordway who jump to fan the flames, putting on his Interviewer hat and giving them a forum on the Big Show.

    Who wants to settle for the dignity of quietly and humbly doing a good job by informing and/or entertaining your audience, when you can be the star?

    • jon

      >Then we have sports radio, acting as the fertilizer >that makes those weeds grow.

      You, sir, have got Yahtzee. Dead-on and well put.

  • Tiki

    When Dan Shaughnessy looks in the mirror, he starts singing “I’ve Finally Found Someone”. Anyone who has to use his daughter to solicit positive reviews for his book on Amazon is a fraud of the highest order. The only difference between Shaughnessy and Steve Silva is the color of their teeth.

    • Angry Old Bastard

      you’d think when he looks in the mirror he would say, “damn…I really got to do something about my hair”

  • Rotillo

    Disapprove, but I still have more contempt for those who have literally never offered anything, anything at all to a discussion of a team or an issue. The confederacy of dunces of stearn, burton, Halloran, etc… will always be worse because they simply shouldn’t be employed as sport media figures while CHB has the ability to contribute something, he just rarely bother to actually do it.

  • MacMullet

    he’s everything I wish I could be

    • Fred West Lynn

      You mean he did not take they buyout?

  • Lance

    Disapprove but only for his work up to ’03. Have not read an article by him since because he’s obviously lazy. Hated the fact the national media used him as a spokesman for the fans during the “reversing the curse” b.s. Could not avoid his ugly mug during the ’04 playoffs.

    One major reason I canceled my Globe subscription. Joe Sullivan thinks he’s brave – and that’s a reason why the Globe is doing so poorly. Only people I know who read him now are retired and dying.

  • Ken Fang

    An extreme ten thumbs down for CHB.

  • Steve From Yellowstone



  • Guava

    Just a sad sad man.


    Three minutes after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series in St. Louis, the 1,000+ Red Sox fans behind the third base dugout started a “Shaughnessey Sucks” chant.


    Oh, “Disapprove!”

    NHL free agency less than five weeks away! Go Bruins!

  • Forbin

    Ran into Shaughnessy in the St. Louis airport the day after game 4 in ’04. Just for the hell of it I went up to him and asked his thoughts on the Sox pulling it off. Without even looking up from the floor he gave me a, “ehhhh,” and that was it.

  • mike b

    As founder of the Dan Shaughnessy Watch, I have pored over way more of his work than any sane man should ever have to. He is, in a word, worthless. To paraphrase Hawkeye Pierce, there’s a whole lot of nothing here. There is simply no redeeming value to his work, no legacy, no nothing. Oh, I suppose there are a few copies of his various books in the Barnes & Noble in Chestnut Hill. I know because I’ve seen them — in the hands of Shaughnessy himself, as he admires his work.

    At least someone does (although for all I know, maybe his mother does too). I can only think that the relative handful of “Approved” votes were actually submitted by Shaughnessy himself, running from PC to PC in the Globe offices. (Is Shaughnessy Gaelic for “ego”?)

    Yes, people used to read Shaughnessy. And I suppose when he worked the beats he was less offensive than he came to be. What his bosses missed along the way is that pre-Internet, there simply weren’t choices for sports news. Read SI once a week, or perhaps The Sporting News, and sit in front of the local news at 11 for that three-minute recap. So folks read whatever they could get their hands on, regardless of quality. The market was captive.

    That’s long since changed, not that anyone on Morrissey Ave. gets it. Shaughnessy regularly self-plagiarizes, alienates nearly everyone he mentions, flip-flops with the wind, and — perhaps worst of all — is completely oblivious to the mess he’s made of the Globe’s reputation. When the powers that be throw up their hands over the broken model that is mainstream media today, they need look no further than The CHB to understand why.

    • Fred West L:ynn

      Page One of today’s Globe pimps Dan’s “Wake up Garnett” time-waster in the same size type it uses to headline a state-by-state political analysis.

      Insanity, they name is Globe.

  • The Gimp


    You are not the story, Dan.

    Remember his argument about the Sox’ Curse not being over until they won the WS?…”I wrote the book on the curse! I should know”

  • stephenstarring

    The single laziest piece of cr-p hack on the Boston medias media scene. His pop culture references weren’t funny when they were current , never mind now that they are hopelessly outdated. This guy must have some ridiculously incriminating photos of globe management, because it is the only explanation of him still having a job, never a mind a columnist job.

  • KF

    Gonna keep it pithy – he sucks. Dan mails it in the way Mark Blount mailed it in after the Celtics gave him a big contract.


  • yahtzee

    Someone must have already voted from my company so I couldn’t vote DISAPPROVE. He’s morphed into irrelevant; there’s nothing creative, insightful or interesting about his columns or news stories. I no longer read it – is there any more damning statement about a columnist? His continued prominent presence makes me more likely to cancel my Globe subscription every day.

    And, what Mike B said.

  • TheToughStreetKidFromLincoln

    Danny Shaugnessy? Great guy, great guy.

    His son goes to BC like Timmy Russert’s son. Tim’s a great guy.

    DISAPPROVE – he’s taking money out of my mouth (my wife’s big check from the bank only goes so far) by appearing on every network show anywhere as “The voice of the City of Boston.”

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to wax poetic on Sen. Kennedy. Ted Kennedy – great guy.

  • Dave

    Quite honestly, it tells you something about Jim Rome also. Boycott the both of them. Mr Negative… Shaughnessy…. and Mr Ego……… Jim Rome. You can make money and develop a bunch of drones following your every word by being a MOUTH with a microphone….. THINK FOR YOURSELF……Drones!

  • JS

    Shaughnessy and his hate filled writing will not be missed. I often wonder how he might explain the vile he spews to his children – for instance some of the loving columns he wrote about Bill Buckner. I found it irnoic when the punch drunk Lobel left the scene without fanfare – Shaughnessy wrote in dismay about this. You will be able to hear a pin drop when Danny boy signs off – I only wish it were tomorrow……SEE YA DANNY!

  • Bill


    Ugly on the inside and outside. Dispicable piece of crap. Take the buyout you scumbag…

  • I Hate Dan

    He’s picked on every single player that’s done anything in Boston, and no one has punched him in the face yet. The only players he’s ever liked were Bird (because he didn’t publicize his bar room fight where Bird broke his hand in the playoffs), Greg Kite, Max, and Carlisle. (The last three weren’t impact players, save for all around nice guy Max)…He’s vindictive, jealous, and he’s smarter, smarter, smarter than you….And, he makes things up: “The 3-2 Kid,” his fictional name for his non-fictional son in his non-fictional fictional crappy book….Yep, he’s a douche bag. Before he’s fired, he should be put in a room with Ortiz (reference the above “pile of you know what” quote), Schilling, Carl Everett, BB, and Pedro. If he lives and can still walk or eat solid foods, the Globe can rehire him…I don’t like the guy. Are you getting that? He has this look like “I have a joke and I’m laughing at EVERYONE all the time, only I’m too smart to tell you and you’re too dumb to understand it if I did.” F this guy!

  • Classless Concepts

    I don’t loathe this guy as much as I do Mazz…He’s simply outdated and irrelevant. The only thing that grinds my gears about this guy is when he pops in on a sport he doesn’t cover (Football) and hands out his uninformed opinion. Anything he writes about the Patriots should be dismissed with extreme prejudice.

  • DUKE

    I guess all the lightweight fans of boston want to be a yahoo sports town & just go with the flow. Well….I don’t! I want to be able to think for myself and Dan makes you do that. Its his humour, unique spin on things and take done in a superb writing style that truly makes him stand out. He will write the unpopular thing if that is what he sees & thats exactly why we read him. Others simply wont & just go with the flow.Deep down we know he is right. Of course we know he is right about Schilling, was right about McNamara & Buckner. Lets try and remember we are supposedly the most knowledegable sports town in America. Lets not turn totally into Yahoo’s like the vast majority on here. Then we will turn into a town like Atlanta alot sooner than we think!

    • LJ Sandwich

      DUKE Shaughnessy…DISSAPROVE!!!!!

    • ree

      Go away Duke-I mean Dan. In case you haven’t read through the above comments, nobody here likes you. You’re irrelevant.

      Ha ha “…superb writing style…” That’s a good one, did you pen that one yourself, Duke/Dan?

      • HighWireNickEsasky

        I gave him an aggressive disapprove, but I think the tactic of labeling every Shank supporter as Dan or Dan’s family is pretty lame. Duke’s posts are laden with poor arguments (and grammar). Go after that…

    • mike b

      You miss the point. Shaughnessy writes “the unpopular thing,” then the next day — literally — will take the exact opposite position. He stands for nothing.

    • George

      DUKE, I admit I did go with the flow, for a few years in fact, back in the late 80’s-early 90’s, when I read Shaunessey faithfully. Eventually I accepted the fact that there would never be any substance to Dan’s work and realized reading his stuff was a waste of time.

      Can some fans be yahoos? Sure, you only need to turn on sportstalk to figure that out. Overall Boston fans are more sophisticated (about sports) than most, and that’s precisely why a guy like Shaunessey gets called out for being shallow and repetitive – not to mention brutally negative and dark. This IS sports not politics afterall.

      If you’re satisfied with his output, that’s your business. Aside from what I’ve already written, I wouldn’t know how to argure with you about this…

  • Siggy

    I knew I should have checked the blog yesterday, I’ve been waiting for this!

    I just hate it when I hear a national show or a sports station in another city come out of a break with.. “and now we have with us, the beloved sports columnist from the Boston Globe…” Ugh.

    As Hunter Thompson once said, Dan, you know you’re over the hill when you start stealing from yourself.

    DISAPPROVE with extreme prejudice.

  • The Hey

    The sad part is that he used to be a good writer before he got full of himself and became the Joe West of Sports Writers.

    His agendas have blinded him and killed any goodwill he ever had in this town.

  • Beantown

    Can we stop accusing Duke of being CHB. Didn’t anyone actually read his last post. While there was the obvious similarity to CHB in that it was a ridiculous concept, it was fairly well written and did not contain any tired references. No way CHB wrote that.

  • T-Bone

    I can’t stand or read his columns. But he bought me a beer once.


  • Chris

    Haughty, elite, and ‘bitter’ are three adjectives that describe this unhinged, angry man. Documented elsewhere, Shaughnessy is a sports media ‘gray-hair’ who falls in line with the rest of the cabal in deriding the Internet as a mortal enemy. The Internet in all its incarnations–blogs, message boards, and comments sections–has almost single-handedly ruined Shaughnessy’s ‘reason for being.’ He never passes up an opportunity to launch IEDs at the Internet and fans of same. His ongoing rant against ’38 Pitches’ demonstrates Shaughnessy’s derangement perfectly.

    While other flailing Boston sports media hacks have found ‘safe havens’ within the same Internet that they purport to ‘hate’ (funny about that irony, huh?), Shaughnessy is limited to accepting guest appearances on Ryan’s ‘10.0’ in the same way that a pigeon waits for crumbs near a Boston Common park bench. Watch out for those dirty syringes, Dan.

  • brownszombie

    Sounds like 99% of disapprovals have never been outside of 128. Read the Carolina papers or Florida or take your pick…..I don’t like the messenger, but outside of the once – in – a – while – mail – it – ins the message is there. What in his writing is more negative than the BSMW?

    • George

      Sounds to me like you’ve never read the Boston Globe. I’ve read plenty of bad sportswriters from all around the US. However, most of them are not widely known and passing themselves off as experts as Shaunessey likes to do (and cash in on).

      As many here have said, any talent he possesses as a writer is wasted. From a fan’s perspective, he’s a waste of media space that might otherwise be used by someone with something interesting to say.

      BSMW has been totally fair and provides a vajuable service reporting on local media, If anything, BSMW often gives many media figures the benefit of the doubt in the spirit of professionalism.

    • Fred West Lynn

      I’ve never understood this argument. If the sports writing (or news reporting or political reporting or investigative reporting, or the comics for that matter) are crappy in Carolina or Florida or (this is for you, “Duke”) Atlanta why should that have the slightest impact on what we should expect from our own local media? Dan actually seems not as bad as he is because the sportswriting talent pool has become pretty stagnant since the days of Ray Fitzgerald, Leigh Montville, and vintage Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan, and Charles P. Pierce. But viewed on his own merits (lazy, formulaic writing; virtually no reporting to speak of; shopworn bag of 80s pop culture references attempting to add “style”), he is dreadful on every level. The next insightful — never mind original — observation in a Shaughnessy column will be the first since “Werewolves of London” howled from the FM speakers of The Rock of Boston.

  • ObjectiveBruce

    I never cease to be amazed at how much people take criticism of their sports heroes to heart. It is as if he is a horrid person because he doesn’t engage in hero worship.

    I do find it amusing that the Pride of New England’s Drag Racing Capital would fire off a phrase such as “formulaic columns, ripjobs and contrarian opinions” to describe the columnist.

    Formulaic indeed.

    • George

      ObjectiveBruce, if you’re really interested in objectivity, here’s Exhibit A, Shaunessey;s most recent column from yesterday’s Globe:

      Looks like it probably took all of 10 minutes of effort. The column, about Garnett needing to take charge, brims over with cliches, commonplace references and mindless recycled analysis. Anyone who thinks he’s getting unfairly bashed, just READ THIS.
      75% of the posts here are more interesting – and I’m not exaggerating!

      If you happen to get through the whole article, note the “hop on my back fella’s” reference. You’d think, as a longstanding local, he could use Cedric Maxwell’s herioc leadership role on the 1981 Celtic team that won it all. Do you think he could break a sweat?

      • howzie

        George, I’d love to click on it, but I don’t want CHB to get the clicks.

    • mike b

      It’s really not about criticism of athletes, OB, and you know it. It’s about lacking a spine. He’s for something/something one day, vehemently against it the next. It’s a wonder he can walk upright.

  • Scott

    You forgot to call Shaughnessy ‘brave’, Objective Bruce. I’m sure you meant to.

    Yeah, that’s why people don’t like Shaughnessy – because of “criticism of their sports heroes.” Because he doesn’t engage in “hero worship”. Because of how courageous he is – he dares tell us that the King has no clothes!

    Had you not weighed in, I would have attributed the disapprovals to the push-button manipulative writing, the same tired cliches and long-held agendas, and the surly contempt with which he holds his customers.

    But now I know its just that he’s not engaging in hero worship. I have also learned that because Bruce Allen lives in New Hampshire, he really has no standing to even comment.

    Thanks for setting me straight.

  • Komodo Dragon

    haha, you can definitely tell that this guy is not gonna a go very far, lol, his approval rating is laughable.