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Don OrsilloAnnouncer boy is up next.

Don Orsillo is the play-by-play man on NESN’s Red Sox telecasts, he’s done most of the games starting in 2001, and has done all of the local non-national broadcast games since the 2005 season.

Orsillo’s first game was Hideo Nomo’s no hitter in Baltimore in 2001, and he received some criticism for what was perceived as a lackluster call of the final out. He’s gotten some practice on calling no-hitters since that time, and his performance is well received overall in most quarters.

Orsillo’s bio lists out his past experience:

Orsillo got his start as a baseball play-by-play announcer for the Pittsfield Mets of the New York-Penn League during the 1991 and 1992 seasons. In 1993, Orsillo moved to Binghamton, N.Y., to do play-by-play radio and television for the Binghamton Mets of the Double-A Eastern League. While with Binghamton, he had the opportunity to serve as a commentator for the nationally syndicated 1994 Double-A All-Star Game.

During the 1991-1996 hockey seasons, Orsillo was the play-by-play radio and television voice for the Springfield Indians/Falcons. He hosted “Inside the Indians,” a weekly live television talk show and was the analyst for the 1994 AHL All-Star Game.

Orsillo was awarded a local Emmy in 2003 as Outstanding Sports Broadcaster and in 2005 was named the Massachusetts Sportscaster of the Year.

During the 2007 postseason, he called games for TBS on their national broadcasts.



Random Quote

So the next time you hear some broadcaster or sportswriter muttering that Bill Belichick never tells them anything, take that as a sign. If Belichick didn’t feel like wasting his time with them, you probably shouldn’t either.

— Drew Magary, NBC, 09/14/11
  • eireanch

    Approve, but only because I am a homer and he is unobjectionable to the point of being bland. I liked McDonough better.

    • eireanch

      To be fair, I will say the time he had Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke in the booth after the Mel Gibson thing was the funniest thing I ever heard during a baseball game. A lot of announcers, I think, would have tried to be “one of the guys” with those two and runied everything. Orsillo had the good sense to stay the hell out of the way.

      • HighWireNickEsasky

        “Lenny Clarke” and “funniest thing” have never before graced the same sentence

        • Classless Concepts

          Lenny Clarke is perceived as funny because he touts his Bostonian heritage and is really loud. He’s awful.

        • Nopointe

          I think they sound great together HighWireNickEsasky, such as:

          I saw the funniest thing, Lenny Clarke fell off a building.

        • eireanch

          Fair enough … Denis Leary was funny, Lenny Clarke just happened to be there.

        • Nixon

          I am so glad to see that others find absolutely nothing funny about Lenny Clarke. Orsillo might be funnier.

    • Shawn Sullivan

      Don has paid his dues and listened to enough McDonough nonsense. Quit living in the past or I’ll bore your further saying I wish we could have Ken “Hawk” Harrelson instead of Jerry Remy. The fact is, Red Sox Nation has the perfect “Odd Couple”. I look forward to continued success throughout the organization. It would just be nice to catch the “Rooster” and Remy go a couple of bare knuckle rounds in their ’78 uniforms.

  • Bob

    yawn orsillo sucks as an announcer. I wish he’d just drop the eddie hascall routine and be more like he is when he appears on WEEI. more informative and less dorky

    he and remy could also comment on the stories surrounding the team a bit more instead of just regurgitating whatever’s in the media guy or the notes for each game.

    disapprove. the sox could do better than this clown but we’re stuck with him. He couldn’t carry Sean McDonough’s jock.

    • John Y.

      Brutal. I really mean that – brutal. Has anyone ever noticed how much more intense and “big-time” it feels when there’s a national broadcaster for the game (like Jon Miller, for example?) It’s a wonder that Orsillo secured one of the most important jobs in baseball broadcasting – even moreso, that he owns a monopoly on broadcasting the team as well with Sean McDonough completely thrown out of the way. Orsillo’s boring, by-the-book demeanor is a nightly annoyance. It’s as if he’s paranoid/terrified of any remote critique of an umpire, player, coach, event. Remy and McDonough had incredible chemistry – but this was because McDonough held his own, was hilarious and – get this – didn’t constantly read off the screen or fake-laugh his way out of every Remy joke. McDonough improvised and had a sarcastic – but good-natured approach.

      • joan

        when Jon Miller does a Sox game you can be assured that I am listening to the radio.

      • nmpatsfan

        Bingo! Why are we stuck with this guy? Everytime I hear “deep and far”, “enjoyed a 1, 2, 3 inning” or another of his painful cliches I ask myself “how does this guy keep his job?” And would somebody please tell him to STOP SPEAKING IN EXTREME PASSIVE VOICE!?!?

    • buttercup

      for some reason I always imagined McDonough’s “jock carrier” to be a gent that is into waxing, working out at the gym, have vast experience with self-tanners and have very strong opinions on good techno dance music. This doesn’t sound exactly like Orsillo, so I agree- he can’t be the jock carrier.

    • Jack Green

      Don’t look back. McDonough is old news, for a reason. All you frat-boy buddies can try to smear O all you want- pretty pathetic. Red Sox Nation has a persona, & Donny-O is a big part of it.

      • Marc Gagnon


        If anyone wants to listen to some over-analyzing announcer, who merely regurgitates statistics, then tune to ESPN. If you want a real analysis paired with an unbiased opinion, then Don and Remy are your guys. All of these number crunchers simply take the spirit out of baseball–I mean there really is no predicting what can happen in a season.

  • Funkhouser

    Seems pretty harmless, although not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Told viewers that an eclipse occurs when the sun passes between the moon and Earth. Often mistaken for the inflatable pilot in Airplane. Generally inoffensive. Approve!

    • DaveR

      “Often mistaken for the inflatable pilot in Airplane” was so funny that I totally ripped it off for a blog post. I gave you credit, though!!!

      • wally the green monster

        And you both ripped it off from the !

  • FCM

    As exciting as a manila folder. I wish, just one time, he would call Remy on the carpet for turning the broadcasts into the RemDawg Home Shopping Network.

  • LJ Sandwich

    Might have some inside information on obtaining Jared Remy’s mugshot photo.

    To the best of my knowledge, never crashed his car drunk into the side of Florian Hall and then had his then alive pappy bail him out of it.

    So long as when he’s fired, he doesn’t spend the rest of his life lamenting over the loss of his dream job when he could have had a gig with the Mets…I say…APPROVE!

  • Nopointe

    He’s better than most broadcasters. And he’s better than any of the national pbp guys. He’s not close to Gowdy, but there is no one that good announcing baseball currently.

  • Kevin

    Doesn’t complain about bad umpiring ad nauseum like Shirtless McDonough. Is a total homer and NESN shill, but I have enough outlets to turn to if I want negativity. I don’t need it on the broadcast, too. Just give me the balls and strikes and stay out of the way. APPROVE!

  • buttercup

    I like the commercials he does where he gets to show off his hidden talent- over-the-top-physical-screwball-comedy. like the one where he puts on different shirts and jackets with Tim Wakefield? OMG! ROTFLMFAO!! The only thing funnier would be slamming the family jewels in a car door.

    • Joe

      I think Don does an excellent job. His voice is good on the ear and he comes well prepared.

  • Bob

    thinks the Monkeys are on par with the Beatles

    he used to play make pretend baseball as a boy in his room in rural NH and still talks about it

    he is a one trick pony. if I hear him say any of the following again my head may explode…

    “carved foul”
    “a bit of business between pitcher X and batter Y”
    “in the backdoor from 3rd comes player X”
    “walk off with the win”
    “down by way of the K”

    • fishercat

      “tough outing”

      “rough stretch”

    • John

      Don’t forget “Thought it was Ball 4 but the captain gets the bad news from Daryl Cousins.”

      Big approval from me though. He’s grown on me through the years. And for those complaining about McDonough, he could’ve had the job if he didn’t outprice himself with his national profile. He was too expensive for a local station.

      • John Y.

        After a batter begins walking to first base only to realize the call was a strike –

        “[Player] gets the bad news from [umpire’s name].”

        • Bob

          Manny’s back and he’s back BIG

    • Bill

      “double-barreled action in the bullpen”

      His call after the final out of Bucholz’ no-hitter was probably the worst I have ever heard.

  • fishercat

    Obsessed with pitch counts as if they are dead sea scrolls. Wish he had more power to reign Remy in. Company man, not bad, not great, would prefer that I had a button similiar to SAP that would turn the announcers off and I could just hear the sounds of the game. Maybe someday.

    I’d take the radio team over these two anyday.

    I will say that he was very good with TNT last year during the playoffs. How Remy has become in people’s minds Vin Scully crossed with Red Barber I’ll never figure out.

  • LL

    Domo arigato Mr. Orsillo.

    Domo. Domo!

  • Nopointe

    Sean McDonough, Sean McDonough, Sean McDonough

    Any thought to the damages inflicted on Florian Hall if he was leaving Fenway at 10pm 81 night a year?

  • Lance

    I find him entertaining. He and Remy make a great team. Great voice. Love the fact he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. If you listen to other play-by-play announcers you appreciate this guy much more. Makes boring games worth listening to. Knows when to shut up.

  • Steve

    all you have to do is listen to some of who else does games for other teams. Head and shoulers above 80% of what is out there for announcers for other clubs and national outlets.

    All I have to say is thank God Chip Carey doesn’t call Sox games.

  • HighWireNickEsasky

    For me, this is a disapprove type situation scenario

  • Forbin

    the orsillo (and remy) act is tired. mcdonough is missed. little creepy though how orsillo sounds like mcdonough.

  • Ian

    I can’t complain about him at all. Both him and RemDawg make the broadcasts fun with their schtick. I do agree with FCM that he should say something to Remy about the schilling of his own stuff or at least ask for a cut.

    He’s gotten better over the years and will continue to do.

  • KF

    Used to be ok, but too busy being a clown with Remy who is the worst. I miss McDonough. Disapprove.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    APPROVE…..I have the MLB package and listen to alot of other baseball play by play guys, he’s better than most….as for the people complaing he’s not “exciting” enough….what do you want?….IT’S BASEBALL FOR GOD’s SAKE!

  • Jon

    Approve because he’s not trying to sell me anything.

  • Rock

    Harmless but nowhere near as good as McDonough. Over-uses pet phrases and words that nobody really says or uses. I mean, who says the word “unscathed”? He must say “certainly” at least 20 times a broadcast. Overall though he gets an APPROVE. (Better than Bob Kertz)

  • b holmes

    i’ll regret this when the robots take over, but orsillo really sucks. reports are the next version orsillo will have a basic personality so there is hope.

  • Scott

    Not Sean McDonough.


  • Jon

    I like Orsillo even if he is bland. I hate listening to the broadcasts though because Remy is always trying to sell me something. I’d use the radio if it synced up with the video, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

    Approve Orsillo, can’t wait to disapprove Remy.

  • Classless Concepts

    Nothing to get too hot and bothered about here. Orsillo wins by virtue of being next to that abortion Remy.

  • Muggy

    I like Sean McD better but Orsillo has grown on me over the years. Approve.

  • Tony


    Donny O. isn’t the greatest play-by-play guy I’ve ever heard, but he’s not the worst either.

    Gets excited during the game when it’s appropriate and doesn’t over-do it.

    Bland? Maybe, but competent for sure.

    I gained a lot of respect for him when he showed the class not to retort to Sean McDonough’s on-air attack about how Orsillo “stole” his job “by copying” him.

    That was classless and Orsillo showed the good sense to let it hang in the air for what it was–a classless statement–without retaliating.

    Most Boston media personalities would not have shown such restraint.


  • JohnnyApps

    Mildly disapprove.

    Remy makes him look good. Not even close to McDonough.
    Harmless company man. I wish he would spice up the broadcast instead of being so vanilla. Rarely critcizes or questions the team, umpires, lack of players hustle, MLB, etc.
    Sometimes crosses the line when joking around with Remy from being amusing to annoying. Has approved over the years and is better than Kurtz was but is still only average. Needs to call out Remy.

  • JayCee

    While he can sound uncannily like McDonough (during the period when they were splitting the games, there were times when I couldn’t tell which was which) I prefer Orsillo. McDonough’s constant whining about the umpires was getting very tiresome even if he was right. Remy’s OK too but given the choice I prefer the radio team.

  • Chris

    He and Remy are the beer & pretzels of the sports broadcasting world; both bring pure genius to the table, and their humor is pee-inducing. I APPROVE Orsillo as strongly as I DISAPPROVED Dan Shaughnessy.

  • Brian

    I really like him. I like the chemistry between him and Remy. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Heatily approve!!

  • Mitch

    Very rarely makes a mistake, and is always in a good mood on air. Consistently pleasant delivery in the Jon Miller mode, which works extremely well for me.

    A talented professional who refuses to make himself The Story. Santos and Gorman come immediately to mind as others of this ilk.

    Can laugh at himself, a sure sign of a secure person.

    Good broadcaster…and a good guy.

    Highly approve.

  • Doza

    Once people realize that Crash McDonough is long gone and done in this town the better. D-O does a decent job without the ego trip, also his chemistry with Remy is good.

    “Down by way of the K”, all the way!


  • Pete

    As a play by play guy, he says too much. I can see when someone swings and misses, so there is no need to say “swing and a miss” every time someone strikes out. He also repeats the same phrases…”outing” instead of start and “the winning run is 90 feet away” whenever a guy is on third base. He tries a bit too hard to be Remy’s pal. I prefer McDonough.

  • fishercat

    I’m just glad they updated Orsillomatic’s software and gave it longer lasting batteries before the trip to Japan.

  • AbeScromsbie

    DO is solid people. Doesn’t take himself too seriously, unlike 99% of local sports media. He’s got a great rapport with RemDawg. Approve!

  • HBob

    I don’t know how anyone could feel strongly about him, since he is so bland. To his credit, he’s not offensive, or boorish, or a show-off, and those are important for someone from whom I hear so much.

    But — and I figure I gotta be one of the very few to notice or care — but why can’t he speak in sentences! He doesn’t know what an active verb is, and he uses gerunds (the -ing form) as if everything is happening now. “Beckett, getting 3 outs on 7 pitches in the third, and we’ll be right back.”

    If you listen for it, you’ll hear it so often it’ll start to grate on your last nerve. Like that ’80s Great White tune you can’t get out of your head.

    McDonough was better by far.

  • jw

    He is good but Sean McDonough was FAR superior, which originally put Orsillo in a difficult situation following his footsteps when he went full-time. He has proven he is fully capable but I am neutral towards him overall. Seems like a very nice guy but I would not miss him if he left.

  • Fred West Lynn

    Now that I’ve purged my Shank bile from my system…

    I don’t have any real problem with Don O. except when he suddenly slips into being Remy’s second banana. His complete inability to ignore Remy’s old-turd grumblings about the trip to Japan, the proper way to pack a suitcase, Wally’s adventures and nearly everything except the baseball game at hand makes him complicit in that sideshow, but I understand that he’s still a minor league guy at heart who was quite suddenly part of the greatest stretch of televised baseball these parts have ever seen — why make waves?

    FWIW, I always appreciated McDonough’s and – earlier – the WSBK Dick Stockton’s slightly acerbic take on the game, especially over the long season. But I also recognize that is a hard act to keep going over the years; certainly those guys failed at it.

    So what if D.O. comes across as a bland good guy? There’s worse things At least he’s not doing shoutouts to Drinks or any sideshow and when he’s not getting distracted by Remy, he’s perfectly acceptable.



    I’m indifferent.

    Manages to keep shirt on and has yet to been beat up by the cowardly Jared Remy.

    I’d let him call Dorchester Pee Wee hockey in the offseason.

    (Meekly) “Approve!”

  • J.R.

    Approve. Good voice. Provides a nice pace to the game. Isn’t the self-important McDonough. Doesn’t take himself seriously (it’s a baseball game, for crissakes). So he uses some expressions over and over again. Big deal. Show me one PLB guy or gal who doesn’t. Besides, I like to save my venomous disapproves for the truly despicable in our sports media midst like Metergerbil, Fraudway, Shank, et al.

  • Slug

    Nice guy but still afraid to challenge Remy on anything, over-giggles at unfunny jokes. Stole McDonough’s “He stuck him out” line and others.

  • Lefty

    Hasn’t sought to raise the bar on the broadcasts, but he has prevented the broadcast from careening around out of control and hitting a wall. I have no idea what his father did for a living, and I like that. Doesn’t seem bothered that former Sox announcer works on sounding just like him.

    bland approval

  • cathrine rickert

    who writes these comments?? Remy fans? iS this competition. Remy is the color, Don is the professioanl announcer. College trained. Well I think Don is the best, by far. He is professional… and does not self promote. John Miller? you are kidding, right?? I’ll take professionalism over a hot-dog promting, chain smoking money grabber anyday. You can hear Remy lighting up his cigs constantly.

    • media-tor

      While Remy may be a chronic smoker, I don’t know how you can hear him lighting up during broadcasts since smoking is no longer allowed in MLB press boxes.

      • Nixon

        Don is fine (I approved), but Miller and Dave O’Brien are both better. McDonough was better on air too, though his attitude and price tag make DO at least as good an overall choice from a NESN perspective…

  • DaveR

    For those of you who are highly critical of Announcer Boy, I suggest you go listen to a Yankee game on YES. You will RUN SCREAMING back into the warm, loving, competent arms of Don within half an inning.

    Of course you won’t be able to listen to him any more, because you will have gouged both your ears out with an icepick in order to end the pain. But you will have come to appreciate him.

    • Doza

      What? You don’t like the “SEE YA!” homerun call?

  • JDokes

    I loved him as HAL in 2001.

    I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

    Vote APPROVE, Dave.

  • Andrew

    He knows when to shut up and he does not detract from my enjoyment of the game. Sadly, this alone puts him head & shoulders above most play-by-play guys. Joe Buck anyone?

  • bobbyB

    Don does his job.. well. Remy is okay, but remember he is the color, the former player.. and he wines too much, tries to argue with Don, acts jellous, and can be a jerk sometimes. I feel like changing my bank acoount every time I see Remy on his commercial. Seems like he is out for the big bucks. but they work well as a team, on the whole. I guess there is always some tension.. but Orsillo is just very, very good.

  • Spence

    Having grown up in Chicago as a Cub fan listening to Harry Caray butcher players names, call outside fastballs “inside sliders” and even going into his home run call on a pop fly to short, I can say without doubt that Mr. Orsillo is tops in my book (I loved Harry but it was a different “era”, of sorts, and Harry fit the “party” image of the Cubs of the 80’s). All one needs to do is pick up the MLB package on satellite or cable to realize that Don has a true talent that 99.9% of the other announcers in this day and age of “all teams/every game” broadcasts just don’t have. Cozy up to the TV one night and listen to ANY of the other cable outlet announcers and tell me if ONE of them can match the professionalism of Don Orsillo. Don doesn’t “overdo” the game and allows the true fan who understands what’s happening to make many of their own judgments. All true baseball fans’ need is a little help with the details when it comes to the count and the feel for what is going on at the park. TOP NOTCH all the way. To loose Don would be a SIN as you never know what you HAD until you don’t have it any more……….What would happen if someone like a Chris Berman stepped into the booth at Fenway?!??!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie

    Chris Berman.. God forbid! No, we at Red Sox Nation love Don. He represents us well. Remy is a charactor.. but Don is the true pro. Together it just clicks.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    well, this is interesting…most of the posts are negative but Orsillo is kicking ass in the poll….APPROVE 524….Disapprove 94…..go figure…

  • anthony

    people usually only comment when they have something negative to say. But Don puts all play by play annoucers to shame. Someone mentioned the Yankees.. that will make you appreciate what we have. Don IS the best.

    • Angry Old Bastard

      I agree, as I mentioned in my earlier post I have the MLB package and so I hear announcers from all over the country…and some of these people think Orsillo stinks??….I wouldn’t put too many ahead of him, except for maybe the real “greats” such as Vin Scully, Harry Kalas etc…..same thing goes for Remy, most color guys in these other markets are HORRIBLE, Remy knows the game.

    • Joe Sottile

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. Don is the best. He has a great voice and does a good job. He has a good sense of humor and puts up with Jerry’s teasing in a classy way. Listen to Jon Miller for a while and he will drive you bonkers…..bla, bla, bla……So let’s keep Don where he is – he is A++++++++++.

  • http://[email protected] theresa burke

    I think Don is a great announcer, and I don’t even like baseball 😉
    Cathy’s clown

  • tommyB

    Why are we even having this discussion. Don, is by far, the best play by play annoucer. If you have the baseball package I’m sure you’ve listened to a few of the other guys. They don’t even come close to Don’s professionalism. Okay, so he may be a tiny bit dry.. but that’s his job, to give us the little bits we pro-watchers might have missed. Now we do need a better color person.. Remy is just sad.

  • Joe Sottile

    Don Orsillo is great in my opinion. He has a great voice and is easy to listen to. He doesn’t blab and blab like Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Our whole family enjoy his announcing and his sense of humor. He puts up with a lot of teasing from Remy and handles it very well.
    Give him an A++++++++++++ for a job well done.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    ….I know it’s not his “turn” but I’m suprised at all the negative comments directed towards Jerry Remy….would they rather have Joe Morgan and his, “now WATCH THIS! LOOK AT THIS!” analyisis?

  • fishercat

    the backlash towards Remy is because he is always pimping his ‘brand’.

  • DUKE

    I just get sick of him & imagine alot others do too with his endless laughing & pimping of all things Remy. Plus a real shill for the team. he could use a little sean mcdonough or yes dan shaughnessy in him for sure!

  • media-tor

    To respond to AOB and anthony’s comments, I’m not surprised Orsillo’s approval rating is high and the positive comments here are on the money about him. I can also appreciate the feedback from those here who don’t think of him as highly. But just remember that the number one flavor of ice cream is vanilla, which tends to go well with everything.

  • Marc Gagnon

    Remy and Orsillo make the games worth watching. If the game gets horrible and boring, they’ll come right out and say it, or poke fun at some weird looking fan in the crowd. Whatever it is, they always find a way to get folks glued to the tv. Yeah Orsillo can be a bit monotone sometimes, but his expert analysis more than makes up for it. Besides Remy brings out the color. All I know is that you shouldn’t break up that duo–they alone make every game worth watching.

  • Brett

    Disapprove and strongly.
    As an TV insider I’ll tell you how Don Orsillo got the NESN job.
    The only reason Don Orsillo got the NESN job is because of Jerry Remy.
    Remy worked with Sean McDonough and couldn’t take McDonoughs ribbing on air. Remy hated being the 2nd banana to Sean. So RemDawg pulled a powerplay at NESN. He told NESN bosses that either McDonough goes or I (Remy) go.
    NESN let go McDonough and brought in Don Orsillo who plays the idiot to Remy and laughs at all of Jerry’s lame comments.
    Jerry’s happy that way.

    Its a fact that Sean McDonough made the “RemDawg” and turned Remy into a character.

    • Nixon

      Actually Brett, there was more to it than that…start with the fact that Sean made about 3X more per game than Don and NESN is notoriously cheap. Connect the dots from there.

  • Steve

    I believe I must live in Bazarro world if this guy gets any “approvals”. Leads me to believe this market doesn’t demand much….if anything at all. Goodness…I’m still amazed at you people.

    • Angry Old Bastard

      well Steve, the vote is: APPROVE 1,078 DISAPPOVE: 174……hmmmm…maybe it’s YOU

  • jethro

    inproved once he went to the copy sean mcdonough’s voice and intonation school. very vanilla. but he paid his dues in the minors, so good for him.

  • George

    Sean McDonough was brilliant. Much better wit and far more entertaining. Orsillo is a very poor mans sean McDonough. If Don’s face gets any fatter there’ll be no more room for Remy’s fat face.

    Orsillo owes all his big $$ new contract to that jerk Jerry Remy. Remy made Orsillo so Don will be forever sucking up to Remy which he probably does under the console between innings.
    Orsillo sounded much more professional when he did the NLCS games for TBS last year.
    We’re stuck with Remy/Orsillo for the next 20 years.

    Thank God for radio.

  • Joe

    slight approve. It’s like winning a playoff game by 1 point – it’s a win, but the blowout (McDonough) is better.

  • SofFanin NH

    DISAPPROVE…only reason he got the job was because he is polar opposite of McDonough – Yawn Orsillo will NOT criticize the Sox…or question a manager’s move etc…he won’t even go so far as to mention something benign – for example Youkilis is slower than molasses…or Coco has a weak arm. I liked McDonough for pointing out some of those things…and questioning an ump’s calls…

    Theo & Trio wanted someone to be a shill and he is…100%…they can mold him and he will do exactly what they want.

    He tries to be McDonough…Sean developed the whole RemDawg shtick and Yawn tries to keep it going and some games Remy gets fed up with his digs etc…and Remy seems about to say BACK OFF

    Orsillo puts me to sleep…

  • Last Train

    Can you imagine McDonough letting the Red Sox Nation Election and Membership Cards go un-mocked? No. Sadly, that is why he is gone. Don doesn’t have the stones to say anything about anything but Wally.

  • Chuck

    Orcillo is by far the most bland, irritating announcer I have heard. Team bias aside, if anyone has heard John Sterling call just one Yankees game on WCBS (radio), you will realize just how elementary Orcillo is. I can’t stand his line going to every commercial break, Red Sox “on top” (enter score). Or his reading of every stat line graphic as hitters come to the plate. Does he think he’s talking to a blind audience or something? It’s like he’s not even trying to be colorful, he’s just a boring robot. Remy also gets Joe Morgan sydrome with careless analysis of pitch replays (clearly a breaking ball but he calls it a changeup, or is just a good piece of hitting but he calls it a mistake pitch). Orcillo’s calls of dramatic plays also leave much to be desired. He just elevates his voice, never gets creative, never delivers a remotely memorable line (cue the NESN commerical…”Red Sox walk-off with uuuhhhh… another win!”). Pathetic. Disapprove.

  • Ryan

    The games with McDonough and Remy were a joy to watch and listen to. Orsillo is so blatantly plastic, sheepish and bland that it actually distracts me from the game. It’s a physically painful experience. It’s also obvious that Remy doesn’t respect him much. He may like him for being a nice guy, but that’s about it. McDonough and Remy were kindred spirits who perfectly represented the sarcastic edginess that New Englanders are known for. Is it any wonder that the Red Sox carpetbagger ownership didn’t have the intuition to understand this? Orsillo would have made a perfect play by play man for the San Diego Padres but he’s a dismal failure with the Boston Red Sox. McDonough could be a bit arrogant at times, but you could overlook it because he’s smart and funny. Orsillo’s act is intolerable because he’s as sharp and edgy as a pair of Red Sox Nation baby diapers.

  • frankwinters

    Remy and Orsillo are bores. They talk about being on the road as if anybody outside of their immediate family cares. So they got into the wrong rent-a-car. Boring beyond imagination…. Shut up and call the game!!!

  • LarryfromNewburyport

    Orsillo is the WORST announcer that I have ever heard and the most annoying…reasons?
    first he is so REDUNDANT and REPETTIVE that it borders on moronic behavior!….secondly he stats us to death with never ending useless stats throughout the entire game……his entire presentation is strange in that things that he could say in a single sentence he instead says in 4 sentences……he has a habit of saying the same thing in the beginning of a comment and again at the end…..example"for the month of June the sox are hitting .275 as a team(of course as a team)for the month of june…..also he will say"Ellsbury hits a liner to right and Abreu is there in right field to track it down!…….really strange stuff!…..he also has a habit of repeating players names……"ball one to Kebvin youkilis"…..1 and 1 to Kevin youkilis". and Kevin Youkilis goes to 1st base to lead off the 2nd inning'…….I hate everything about him as an announcer!……DISAPPROVE 100%!!!!!! those of you who like him,apparently are listening with earplugs!…'d have to be!!!!!!

  • Mad in Maine

    Orsillo is terrible, and Remy makes two. Orsillo has an annoying delivery, and he tends to swallow the first syllable of every sentence, so we hear "…'droia takes strike two…" and "…'zales has a single…" He also misses a lot of important stuff that goes on — he's either not paying attention or doesn't understand. And Remy? He's supposed to be an analyst, but most of the time we wonder if he's in the booth or has wandered off somewhere. Important things happen and Remy is absent.

    Sean McDonough?? You've gotta be kidding. Bland as tapioca and misses more than Orsillo.

  • Steve

    It is rather annoying to hear the two well paid chaps lobbying for free $140 shirts and sneakers.
    SOME of us can’t afford to even go to a game.
    Show a little sensitivity if you know what that is.