Approval Ratings – Pete Sheppard

Pete SheppardWe’re starting the week out with WEEI afternoon flash guy Pete Sheppard.

Sheppard has been with WEEI since 1994, making him one of the longest tenured on-air personalities at the station. He’s been working on The Big Show since 1999, where he is the flash guy and primary fill-in for Glenn Ordway when the latter takes one of his many vacations throughout the course of the year.

Sheppard also hosts The Real Postgame Show following Patriots games alongside Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie.

Unlike many of his colleagues at WEEI, Sheppard appears to enjoy and actually follow sports, and is an unabashed fan of the local teams, and his passion often comes through in exchanges with callers or co-hosts.

Sheppard is also known for his hatred of the internet and blogs, but there is a Myspace page dedicated to him.



Random Quote

You’re expected to just nod in the affirmative, utter “In Belichick We Trust,” and walk in lockstep off a cognitive cliff.

— Chris Gasper, Boston Globe, 9/20/12
  • Mike

    He might suck, but you have to approve of someone with no talent who has managed to keep a high-profile job for so long.

    • FCM


      Isiah Thomas

    • TjM


    • Mark

      mean spirited fat boy, last name isn’t even Sheppard, thats his “stage name”…real name is Costello..insert Abbott joke here

  • joe

    FINALLY! Pete is an absolute moron! He knows nothing outside of Boston sports (of which his knowledge of the different sports is minimal). He is unable to speak without sounding like a stuttering donkey. He’s a hypocrite (see comments regarding Moss). He’s better than Ordway and the rest, but that’s like saying heart disease is better than cancer!

  • aldo_cella

    I approve. He knows what his role is (bombtosser)and he does it well. I agree with Bruce’s comment, he actually seems to enjoy sports.

    The show is much better when he’s the host. The problem with the show is not Pete. It’s the format (beat the storyline into the ground) and talking over one another. He’s much better than all but a few of the co-hosts.

    Whom would you prefer to share a couple of beers with, Pete or Craig Mustard? No contest.

    • hank durod

      I agree. The show is better with Sheppard as the host.

      He is an over-the-top Homer, but I still approve.

    • Rock

      I agree with aldo. Thumbs up for Pete. If for no other reason than he isn’t Glenn Ordway.

  • Feejis

    There’s no bigger example of a “right time, right place” beneficiary than this guy. Who knew you could go so far being barely literate?

    His love of sports doesn’t outpoint his complete disdain for anyone not privileged enough to be stuffed in front of a WEEI microphone.

    Disapprove with a bullet. Now back to the grill, the burgers are ready.

  • FCM

    Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  • Guntfather of SportsRadio

    You know what, I’m going to approve. He sometimes flies off the handle. But he has quality chins, gunt, and gold chains.

    He’s a heavy version of Rutillio. He actually watches games beyond this market and likes all sports. Also listens to callers when he hosts the show and doesn’t belittle them for the most part.

  • Denise

    Fat, inarticulate and stupid is no way to go through life, Pete.

  • rick

    I used to think that he had some talent and knowledge and was constrained by his ‘role’ as the fat bozo on that daily screamfest. But after hearing him over the last few years without the Big O, he has taken on all the bad traits of #1 Fat Man without taking on any of his good traits (there are a few).

  • ben

    The “he actually seems to enjoy sports” has got to be the absolute minimum threshold for someone in the industry he’s in. To understand it, have a halfway decent memory and be the least bit articulate would also seem to be prerequisites for the job.

    • Guntfather of SportsRadio

      But Fraudway and his morning compatriots actually don’t watch anything except for local teams. And whenever someone attempts to go beyond the storylines of the day, they trot out the old bit of “don’t play your CD collection.”

  • LJ Sandwich

    The only positive I will have for this load is that when he hosts the Big Show, it’s actually better than when Ordway hosts. They have more callers, and talk more sports, without Ordway rambling for 20 minutes each hour.

    It’s faint praise, like saying old lady porn with 60 year olds is better than with 70 year olds.

    That plus aside, he wears is Connecticut School Broadcasting “degree” as his badge of honor. Anybody that didn’t go through that rigorous training is worthless.

    Fake tough guy of the worst kind.


  • Big Fat O

    Another so called expert on EEI that thinks because he’s on the radio he’s smarter than you.

  • Nopointe

    Keeps the show moving along .. smells of pesto and vomit .. secretly part of the Harry Potter cosplay subculture .. writes Tom Brady fan fiction .. likes to sit down and have a good cry .. thinks Super Size Me was about him .. singlehandedly responsible for collapse of Booty beer .. angry at Dale Arnold for stealing ‘his’ thing .. his thing – being fat and stupid .. wishes he knew how to quit you .. does a killer Neil Diamond at karaoke .. the type of guy you’d like to smoke some cigars with and play poker

  • ITT

    Approve. Actually talks about sports and not storylines when he fills in for Ordway. The post game show is a much better alternative than the crap on BCN. Can actually keep Smerlas in line and get him talking about the game. These are low standards but he doesn’t bother me nearly as much as everyone else over there.

  • Funkhouser

    Bungled the piano intro to “On the Dark Side”. Disapprove.


    I’ve heard from very trusted sources he’s actually a good guy.

    At odds with David Scott.

    Drinks and gambles.

    Best gunt in his age group.

    Likes hockey.


    • Guntfather of SportsRadio

      Gunt size is the tipping point for me.

  • Steve

    Can you believe this guy has a job? Let alone one that would consist of him trying to put together an articulate thought. It doesn’t get more Bozo-like than this walking (unfortunately talking) punch line. I wish I had more opposable thumbs than God gave me. Only two thumbs down here.

  • JayCee

    Approve. Every court needs its jester.

  • JohnnyApps


    I met Pete at Logan a few years ago along with Ordway, DeOssie and Smerlas when they were on the way to the superbowl, and Fred was by far the nicest, gracious, most down to earth guy out of the four of them. Ordway was arrogant and acted like he wanted nothing to do with me as I said a quick hello them as I passed by them in the terminal.

    I love Pete’s passion for the Pats and Boston sports in general. He seems to be a genuine regular guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not arrogant and full of himself like Ordway and the other guests on the Big Show. It’s refreshing to listen to Pete because he seems to generally like what he does and enjoys chatting with callers and talking sports.

    Love the Real Post Game show. A must listen after Pats games.

    • LJ Sandwich

      You must have forgotten that you were related to him.

    • Fred West Lynn

      What does the fact that Fred was nice to you in an airport have to do with Pete Shepard?

    • HighWireNickEsasky

      I once saw Robert Guillaume at the airport. Vodka gimlets are tasty.

    • Chris M

      All because you briefly saw them in an airport you come to this conclusion? You’re worse than Pete Sheppard.

  • John

    He is proof positive that you don’t need much to get into radio as far as talent. About as dumb as they come! Seems to think that yelling makes him intelligent.

  • Curtis

    Disapprove for 100 reasons but no more than the completely embarrassing interview with Tenn radio station where he was on as “expert” on BC football, yet couldnt provide a single name or stat about the team. Should have been fired right after he hung up for how his bumbling and stuttering reflected on the station, and this region. Was once called Big O’s spittoon and I cant argue with that description.

  • Corner Blitz

    Sean Grande’s not walking through that door. And if he did, Pete would douse him in bbq sauce and devour him.

  • The Jortsfather of Sportsradio

    Approve the enthusiasm and actual interest in the local teams (Bruins included). Disapprove the act and faux fights btw him and the Dennis/Callahan shows.

    One of the few WEEI’ers who is much more likeable off the air than on air.

    Off topic, but who wants a body massage?

  • fishercat

    watching someone in their moment of frailty can change your opinion of them. ever since pete and i were stuck next to each other in a traffic jam between exits 18 and 16 on I-93 i feel like we have some sort of cosmic connection.

    as i watched him pick his nose and contemplate the results he no longer was that fat blowhard that would be flipping burgers if not for his luck (we can assume hard work didn’t get pete to his station in life…) but was now just some overweight chump sitting in his modestly priced saturn and picking his nose.

    big surprise he bought the saturn and he didn’t go the anthony pepe route and max out his credit on a giant denali or caddy escalade.

    i approve out of pity.

  • Wilson

    World class A-hole!!
    Dumb as a box of rocks!!
    Disapprove with GUSTO!!

  • patrickpass

    I’ll agree he seems to enjoy sports. And then I think of his inability to string together any coherent thoughts about BC football when going on as a guest on a Tennessee radio station. That and other unprofessional anecdotes like it should only lead to one conclusion:


  • Fred West Lynn

    This is one case where the carefully even-handed description actually presents an unbalanced picture. Pete may know his sports — sometimes — but that rarely comes through as he is either creating some shouting tirade at a caller who dares to disagree with him (his opinions are, you should know, stone cold facts)or going off on some bragging about his and his Italian posse. “Get back to flippin’ burgers” is the man’s catch phrase — need we say more?

    I’m all for passion, but his is underinformed, self-centered and often misplaced.

  • Jon

    Disapprove for one reason: His incorrect predictions have singlehandedly destroyed a decade of Friar basketball.

    He’s a moron, but he still comes off better than “I must step on EVERYONE’S line!” Smerlas.

  • NAOP

    Approve (barely). Even though Pete is a big fat loudmouth fake tough guy, the fact that his tough guy shtick is so transparent it actually comes across as funny. Unintentionally funny to be sure, but funny nevertheless. He’s the best of a bad lot, and even though that’s damning with faint praise it is good enough for an approval from me.

  • http://Rochill15 Rockhill15

    This guy is pitiful. If you’ve ever seen on Patriots On-Demand when Belichick is in studio, it’s just sad. He looks like a little boy lost. The whiner line call in asking whether he’d prefer dinner with Brady or sex with Bunchen was classic. Just discovered this site and literally can’t wait for Meter’s turn… literally, Meter, what a DB, discuss.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    APPROVE…TENFOLD!…..I know Pete “the Meat” is going to catch alot of flack in this poll. But Bruce said it in the opening, AT LEAST THE GUY SEEMS TO LIKE SPORTS!…can you say the same about Heckle and Jeckle?…er, I mean Dennis and Callahan?….Pete seems like a run of the mill, blue collar guy, well guess what? That’s what ALOT of the listeners are!….I’ve been as hard as anybody on the WEEI “hosts”….but I must admit, I’m an unbashed MEAT LOVER!..I give Pete “The Meat” Sheppard 2 THUMBS UP…..APPROVE!

  • Tony

    Mild Disapprove.

    He gets a few extra credit points from me for actually bringing a modicum of Bruins talk to the Big Show every now and then, and he actually tries to follow college sports a little bit, unlike the rest of the ‘EEI staff (with the exception of BC lickspittle Metaparel).

    His blind homerism for the Pats is ridiculous. It completely clouds his ability to look at the upcoming opponent objectively.

    Seems a tad too condescending for a guy who’s not exactly an Ivy League scholar, and his angry and VERY LOUD rebuttals of callers who disagree with him is not very becoming.

    All in all, I can handle Sheppard a little better than some of the other hosts on WEEI, but I can’t see my way clear to give him an Approval rating.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Hey Tony,

    not to get into a big “thing” about it, but when it comes to Pete’s “homerism” and the Patriots…The Patriots have made it to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game FIVE TIMES in the last SEVEN YEARS… there really that much to complain about?….Other than not winning SEVEN STRAIGHT Super Bowls???….

    • Tony


      I acknowledge that there certainly has been ample reasons to feel confident about the Pats over the last several years, but I was referring mainly to Sheppard’s utter dismissiveness towards their opponents seemingly every week.

      Classic example: they were traveling to Indy last November to take on an undefeated team that had beaten them 3 straight times over the previous two seasons, and Sheppard yelled every day leading up to the game that “The Patriots are MUCH better than Indy!!!” to anyone that even dared suggest that the Colts might have had a chance in that game. The Pats won, but it required a great comeback in the 4th quarter against an Indy team that was down to one healthy receiver.

      That’s what I mean by his blind homerism clouding his objectivity when it comes to the Pats’ opponents.

  • The Gimp

    On my way in to work today I gave spare change to 3 bums that I’m pretty sure could do a better job on The Big Show than Pete.


    Still, one must give credit to someone who can succeed despite a complete absence of talent.

  • b holmes

    is it true he bleeds high fructose corn syrup?

    not a bright man. disapprove.

  • Rotillo


    Classic toady sidekick, same as to be found on the AM sports radio station of every major market in the country. Little is expected of Pete and he still doesn’t deliver. Only looks good in comparison to the legion of turds at WEEI.

    Better than: morning show, Fraudway, any Burton (except maybe Jake or Richard), Stearns, plagiarist preachers, Mike Adams.

    Worse than: anything on the radio other than WEEI between 2-6 pm, poison ivy.

  • media-tor

    I too met Pete once and he does come across as a decent guy in person, which is why the following response to Dave Scott a couple of years ago surprised me a little. Here’s the link (scroll about 1/3 of the way down):

    Sheppard is actually the EEI sports director, for what that’s worth. The hiring of the ‘flash’ reporters fall under his responsibility. He is also a graduate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I don’t think he ever attended college.

    • JayCee

      He flunked out of the Community College Of Rhode Island after 1 semester, which is not easy to do.

  • Bob

    disapprove, his degnerate gambler persona is annoying and has gotta go

  • Ryan

    The ankles of Pete Sheppard snapped under his weight on his way to accept his Connecticut School of Broadcasting diploma. He was too large to drag out back to be euthanized, and there wasn’t a tent large enough to set up around the grisly scene, so he was shipped to Guest Street in Brighton, Massachusetts. It was here, under the watchful eyes of trainer Julie “Swingin’ Junk” Kahn and jockey Jason Wolfe, that Sheppard was nursed back to just enough health where he was able to shout over callers and pick on Larry Johnson while rubbing his formidable gunt. If not for these bizarre circumstances, I never would have been able to vote DISAPPROVE! for ol’ Pete.

  • Doza

    Approve – he’s probably the best of the big show regulars. Don’t hold that against him.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Going through some of these “comments”….It’s OBVIOUS certain people just get a kick out of BASHING the more well known subjects…. I admit, in alot of cases it’s deserved…..but I think alot of the negative comments towards Pete are coming from the fact HIS OWN CO-WORKERS like to mock him (part of the show)…in actuality Pete probably knows more about sports than any WEEI “personality”

  • Scott

    Which is sort of like being the smartest kid at dummy camp, in the words of a pal.

  • lobstah

    What the hell is wrong with you people ? This is a rare opportunity to “beat the meat” in public. All these approvals are bumming me out on my birthday.

  • Andrew

    I can’t believe anyone would give this guy an approval rating. What ails these people? He may be a nice guy (I don’t know either way) and he may “like sports”, but come on. He is a large part of why I listen to FM talk in the afternoon when I would much rather be listening to sports talk instead.

    My biggest complaint is that the man single handedly ruins decent guest segments, particularly with Belichick. Sheppard simply doesn’t understand that the audience wants to hear the guest talk, not him. He may be the worst interviewer in the history of broadcasting.

    He’s like a fat drunk guy that you get stuck sitting next to at the bar. You wish he would stop talking to you but he just won’t shut up and leave you alone. I cannot understand how anyone could defend him. I can find plenty of drunk obnoxious people to annoy me in person, thank you.

  • Lance

    Disapprove. Merely liking local sports isn’t a valid reason – anybody hate the local teams. Dislike his tough guy persona that comes across as if he’s angry at life for making him fat and ugly. Hasn’t stopped him from his donuts and chips though. Loves the sound of his own voice way too much.

    Bullies callers which becomes someone without real intellect.

  • Stephen Starring

    The Big Show is 100X better when Pete hosts vs. that gas bag Ordway.

  • Dick

    Every morning he must pinch himself. How did he ever get this job? If he wasn’t born with a deep voice, he’d be flippin’ burgers. No education, radio bully, complete phony. Better than Meterparel, though.

  • Timmy Mac

    The meatiest meathead who ever headed meat.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Sorry Lance, but liking local sports IS A VALID REASON……after listening to dolts like Heckle and Jeckle..(er, Dennis and Callahan) whine and cry about the Patiots “Running up the score” and the Celtics not winning a series in ENOUGH games (forget that they WON the series, they didn’t do it in the “required” amount of games accoriding to those 2)……Pete “The Meat” is a breath of fresh air……

  • Brian

    Pete Sheppard as we know him as Flash Guy on the Big Show and potstirrer is a disapprove. I think if he was in a different show’s format, he’d go to into approve status. He does seem to like sports, watches them, and shows passion about them. His classic dispute a few years back with Dale about the Bruins was ignorant in one way, yet no one else at the station could even talk the talk with Dale when it came to Bruins hockey. When he does fill on the Big Show as host the show is more enjoyable, he keeps it running, and he keeps his Stearns/LJ/Moron co-hosts somewhat in check…..

  • media-tor

    I’m curious, is anyone listening to the Big Show today and are they talking about Pete’s approval rating here?

  • Angry Old Bastard

    I doubt it very much, Media-tor…..other than Dale once in awhile, WEEI personel AVOID mentioning BSMW at all costs…..(at least by name)

  • buttercup

    I don’t know if he has ever spoken publicly about it but I have to believe Pete Sheppard is where he is as the product of some behind the scenes settlement after one of the regular onair staff made fun of the mildly retarded who have speach impediments. Hiring Pete made that little ugliness disappear.

    WEEI hates sports and it’s audience. The fact that they have Pete The Meat in a position to communicate proves that out.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Oh buttercup, please,…your act is wearing thin

  • HamLah

    you ppl are tough…i must say pete “the meat” is hilarious when he goes on his rants…ordway is way worse…

    its funny how everyone hates on WEEI on these posts, i mean im not the biggest fan but it can be good to listen to sometimes…

    i agree w post above, i cant wait for meter, he is the worst, seriously he should be working at mcds, actually i take that back hes not even qualified there, hes just a plain dbag…

  • ikoiko

    Pete S:

    – unprofessional
    – unprepared
    – I have sent ‘eei notes about him, I don’t get it.
    – If he has a large role on a show – I turn it off. If he is guest host – I turn it off
    – worst interviewing skills in media – I have never heard or seen worse
    – Wish he got sued for something he says on the air

  • buttercup

    “Wearing thin”…on Pete Sheppard day! I get it! That’s funny!

  • MarkB

    Granted that Pete is a buffoon – though not at the Smerlas level – but when he hosts the show he seems to suddenly “intelligent up”. And as others have noted, he actually follows sports outside of I-495, which is more than I can say about anyone else on the show.

    I can’t believe I’m not taking a dump on the guy. A show with Pete as host, and Steve and Lou as guests might actually be listenable.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Couldn’t AGREE more, HamLah. …If everybody would COME CLEAN they would admit they are FAITHFULL WEEI listeners…People who really, really, really, IGNORES WEEI would be oblivious to them and would not be on this site making comments about them….I don’t believe any of these people who start a post with, “I don’t listen to WEEI, BUT…’…..what a load of CRAP…..I’m not saying you can’t criticize WEEI, Lord knows I have…but give me a break we all listen….and I still say, PETE THE MEAT is O.K. in my book

    • fishercat

      as a good friend once wrote; do you type with your elbows? have you been in a serious brain impairing accident? were you part of a study by the government on lobotomies?

    • Chris M

      actually, it’s natural and cathartic to vent about something (WEEI) that most people wouldn’t give you the time of day to vent about.

  • Scott

    Talk about acts wearing thin. “Oh, you know you all listen!” Bullshit I do. Aside from the odd (and I do mean odd) Mustard-Johnson hour now and again – like the people who slow down to gape at car wrecks. To that I plead guilty. As far as the Big Show? That would be like being IN the car wreck.

    That ‘clean’ enough for you?

  • jon

    I approve of Mr. Pastore here for every reason given for approval, AND for every reason given for disapproval. Sometimes, a guy is just funny, whether it’s insightfully funny, uncomfortably funny or obnoxiously funny or whatever. To our delight, Pete manages to be all things to all senses of humor. Whether I’m laughing with Pete or at him, I still love to listen. Jovial approval.

    Oh, and, Mr. Body Massage Machine GO!

  • Angry Old Bastard

    Hey Scott, what the hell is your point?… YOU JUST ADMITTED you listened to WEEI….THAT WAS MY POINT…good grief………hello Mcfly?…hello?

  • Chris

    I am astounded that this wind-bag isn’t the runaway leader for negative votes. Clearly and without a shred of doubt, Pete and his operatives are stuffing the ballot box. No doubt. None. The picture of Mr. ‘Connecticut School of Broadcasting’ is in the encyclopedia next to the entry, ‘Sports Media Hack.’

    Shep-hud is Wal-Mart door-greeter material…if he can get through the door.

  • Scott

    Your point was that we all FAITHFULLY listen to WEEI. I “admitted” that I listen to an hour of Mustard and Johnson now and again, and my “point” is that after several years of being insulted, I don’t listen to WEEI faithfully and I sure as hell don’t listen to Ordway and his nitwit review. Nice reading comprehension, though. Now go get your effing shinebox and while you’re at it, Jason’s coffee needs freshening up. Try not to spill when you pour down.

  • lobstah

    When is the last time Pete saw his meat anyway ?

  • Nopointe

    When they split up the commercial voice overs at WEEI, why does Pete always get stuck with the ones about firm dog feces.

  • 02062

    Disapprove – Thinks he’s part of the Patriots and Red Sox organization and has had some hand in their recent success.

    Knows everything about all things Providence College Basketball – which would be great if anyone cared about Providence College basketball.

    Was given the opportunity to go press Jimy Williams with tough questions and turtled.

    Nilan would have cleaned his clock.

  • Steve From Yellowstone


    But believe it or not, I generally agree with most of what the guy says. And when he’s hosting on his own (like the post game show), he’s terrific. If it were up to me, both Denise and Kelly Ann would be fired and he’d have the morning drive show. For that reason, even though he has serious flaws… I gotta say APPROVE.

  • Sluggo

    If they ever do a revival of The Honeymooners, this guy is The Ralphie Kramden of the 21st Century. HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA. Bang, zoom!

    When do we get to vote on “Why Does Pete Gustin Have a Job When His Bits Are Mindroastingly Unfunny and Unlistenable?”

  • Angry Old Bastard

    OK, Scott, whatever you say…..The way I read your last post was….”blah, blah, blah, blah…I listen to WEEI all the time but I won’t admit it…Blah..Blah…Blah..Blah..”….whatever makes ya feel good pal….

    • Scott

      Right. That’s exactly what I was saying – I listen all the time, if you don’t count the other 720 hours a month that I don’t listen.

  • Feejis

    If Pete Sheppard were for sale on Amazon, the “People who bought this also enjoyed the following products” list would include items such as Gallagher, syphilis, Old Country Buffet and an audio CD of alley cats having sex.

  • Providence Pitstain

    He is the worst. I do listen to EEI faithfully – a P1 as they are called in radio…and he is as unprofessional and unprepared as anyone I have ever heard. He could be classified as “a turd” to use his words…hypocrite for the Moss comments…likes sports – as long as the caller shares his opinion. Out of town friends heard him once in my car and had that “this is the mighty WEEI we hear about? The BEST ?? sports talk in the country?” look on their face… Bleccchhhh….

    I love the back handed compliments of “well, he sucks…but he is better than Fred”…this is Meat’s vote…and we agree he is awful.

  • Davey

    Approve … he stuck with the Pats when the media elites jumped on the Spygate lies.

    • Chris M

      Not hard when you’re a homer like Pete.

  • Will

    How can you not love Pete?

    The guy adds a little fun to my afternoons. He is definitely the best part of the Big Show.

  • JohnnyApps

    You guys label EVERYONE as haughty, elite, self serving, moron, unintelligent, no talent, arrogant, homer, fat, unprofessional, unprepared, etc.
    How can you people not like Pete Sheppard? Compared with the other hosts and characters on WEEI this guy is as much of a genuine, sincere, regular guy as you are going to get. Isn’t there anyone in the boston media that you all like??…good grief.
    I haven’t approved of a lot of these media guys, but a few of these guys are okay to listen to…

    • Snuffy Smith

      These comment sections add credence to Pitino’s comment about the “negativity in this town”, just look at some of the comments for people with high approval ratings. If you just read the comments, you’d think that they had strong disapproval ratings.

      As far as Petey goes…
      he’ll never join Mensa, or win an oratory prize, but he is passionate, more respectful of callers than the usual ego maniac host, certainly more entertaining, and doing his best with what he was given. To paraphrase another coach, “He is what he” and you’ve got to love him for that.

  • Chico

    A “proud” Italian-American who changed his last name..insulting

    I admit the battles his bulbous tongue has with conversational English are sometimes amusing, but the bottom line is this- if I came upon a mushmouth like this at my local dive I’d be hard-pressed to continue a conversation for lack of clarity. That someone for whom coherent sentences are dismissed as readily as exercise and doctor’s warnings against excessive pork consumption is given a microphone and a strong FM signal instead of a drool cup is mind-numbing. A 50 year old, 275 lb flash “boy” who has much more luck then sense. He should spend the four hours on the air thanking the good Lord for his luck, instead of berating anyone who disagrees with him using “facts”, “statistics” or “a third grade education” or lacerating names like Johjima as to ruin them forever

    • JayCee

      About the name change…I always wondered if perhaps his family asked him to change it. After all, would you want it widely known that you were related to him?

  • Chris M


    He’s a homer to the Nth degree. He can’t spit out a sentence without stumbling over his own words (thus resulting in tireless insulting of his stuttering). His pet arguments with people like Hingham residents and Colts fans are understandable, but end up sounding like a on air car crash.

    Plus, this reasoning that it’s great that he’s a unabashed sports fan (boston sports fan inparticular) is ludicrous. By that logic, we all qualify as better radio personalities than Pete Sheppard.

    At least he has a made for radio face.

  • http://Jimbo Jim Gallivan

    I can’t believe that I voted for Pete, he is stupid and simple, maybe it’s because I am a SPED teacher but as the bio states he truly likes sports, other than Bob Ryan can you say that about many boston sports media, he is the anti-Bob Halloran a smart guy who hates all sports and the athletes who play them

  • Chris

    As an aside, he reminds me of Bluto on the old Popeye cartoons.

  • Siggy

    Stugatz on this Tiki and Torch loving guy! Unprepared, a hair trigger temper, makes Johnny Most look objective, an a-kisser, a superiority complex, a gambling ‘cooler,’ a pseudo tough-guy from The Hill who would run the other way, king of the run-on sentence…


  • Andrew

    The level of approval votes continues to baffle me. There are many times that I want to listen to sports radio for my afternoon drive home, but being North of Boston WEEI is the only signal I get. Because I enjoy sports I have tried to stomach the Big Show, but it is now virtually unlistenable. I still attempt to listen every now and then, but I typically find myself going to another program after only a nimute or two. Pete Sheppard is one of the primary reasons for this.

    His knowledge of sports is limited yet he frequently shouts down callers that offer a view different from his… He is such a homer that anything he offers as “fact” must be taken with a grain of salt… His interviewing skills are painfully poor… Does not know when it is appropriate to simply shut up and let others speak… His on-air persona is simply not likeable…

  • The Actuary

    Pete knows most of the time he’s over the top, and makes no pretense he is an “expert” at any sport (Exhibit 1: the “Lock of the Day”. He tries to play Everyman and it works. Plus, the show gets infinitely better when he hosts it in the O’s absence.


  • gary

    I don’t understand the reasoning of approving because he’s better than Ordway. That’s like saying that you’d prefer losing your left foot as opposed to your right foot. The guy is borderline retarded, as seen by his speech and ideas.

  • Regnad Kcin

    I have noted that he is a better host than Ordway – admittedly a strange phenomenon. But that’s it.


    What I do approve of is the many funny comments being directed at this knucklehead here today. Makes my day.

  • eireanch

    Mild disapprove. I like him better when he’s running the studio. But when he gets into flash boy, Ordway ball washer, scream over every caller who disagrees with him mode, I tire quickly. Besides, I only listen to the Big Show when Felger is in commercial.

  • K-Man

    I cannot believe how many people approve of this hack. It just goes to show you how the bar has been lowered when a load like this is on afternoon drive on a major market radio station. Positively embarrasing.

  • Nixon

    Wow, with all these negative comments here it is hard to believe we are talking about the #1 rated Afternoon Show in Boston on the #1 rated Sports Station in the country. I guess that stuff about the “silent majority” is true.

  • Vito diGregorio

    Does a good job at presenting the flash for listeners but sometimes gets too emotional and acts unprofessional over trivial things. is basically congenial toward the callers unless he is personally attacked, in that regard I don’t blame him. Like him especially when he discusses the “Azzurri” soccer squad during the World Cup, so I slightly approve him on The Big Show.

  • Upton

    Disapprove to the 100th power.

    Where does one start to underscore the weaknesses of this clown?

    1) The infamous “Tennessee” interview. That should have him fired on its own.

    2) His incredibly suck-up to Bob Kraft during an interview at last year’s Super Bowl. “Mr. Kraft, do other owners come to you for pointers?”

    3) He freaking gave Gabriela Sabatini a rose during a press conference

    4) A classic bully. He and 4-A Lou Merloni went after Evan Grant like he was a child molester, but can “Pete the Meat” name four positional starters on any team in MLB other than the Red Sox or Yanks?

    5) Hypocrite. If someone dares to misprononce the name of a Boston athlete, he’ll jump all over them. Yet, he regularly mispronounces names of out-of-town athletes during his flashes.

    6) Talentless. Rarely brings any real insight to the table. He has good pipes (only reason he was hired in the first place) but never uses them for original thought.

    7) Gutless. Take your fat, sorry ass down to Bristol and let Vince Doria know what you really think of them.