Approval Ratings – Steve DeOssie

Steve DeOssieWith TomaseGate slowing down, (though I still plan on a wrap-up post) its time to get back to the approval ratings.

Today we’re looking at WEEI Big Show Football co-host Steve DeOssie.

DeOssie played for Don Bosco Technical High School and then Boston College for playing 12 years in the NFL for the Cowboys, Giants and Patriots, winning a championship with the Giants in Super Bowl XXV.

Year-round (but especially during the football season) DeOssie is a presence on WEEI as well as various television outlets around New England, such as WBZ-TV. He plays up the touch-guy persona, but can also bring strong analysis of the game to his appearances on the various shows. He also co-hosts The Real Postgame show with Pete Sheppard and Fred Smerlas.

During the week of Super Bowl XLII DeOssie did a creditable job of balancing his Patriots analysis with the fact that his son Zak was playing for the opponent.



Random Quote

But that didn’t make up for the fact that the Pats bollixed up that first pick like amateurs.

— Kevin Mannix, Boston Herald, 04/25/05, After the Patriots selected Logan Mankins
  • Mike

    I never have minded DeOssie. Smerlas and Sheppard make the Real Postgame show unlistenable, though.

    • susan

      Deossie is a turncoat and should be an effin cheer leader for the ny giants. Futhermore he loves ny sooooo much maybe…..he should move there and get a nice fat pay check from media venues there and then he can bash the patriots and patriots nation all he wants….the guy is an idiot

  • Corner Blitz

    I have to give him an approve, he talks knowledgably about the game and can give reasoned analysis when called upon. He can engage in where did you go to school schtick, but for the most part has a good feel for sports. Best when away from Smerlas and Big Show cronies. A very decent guy in person.Approve.

  • Nopointe

    He routinely confuses birdwatchers who think they’ve spyed the elusive pink faced turd.

  • rrsafety

    I like his football analysis, but his “bully” attitude slides him down on the scale: DISAPPROVE!

  • patrickpass

    I voted disapprove for the way he screams at callers at times, arrogantly portrays himself as superior when he has had his share of issues in his life and too easily falls into the Big Show stupidity routine.

    And its too bad, because he obviously knows football and offers great insights from his 12 years in the league on occasion. That is something to be respected. I thought last year, when his son was in the draft, he covered the draft better than anyone locally. When he seriously analyzes the Patriots, he’s good.

    Its too bad he just can’t be more professional and stick to the good football analysis, and even on other sports on occasion, than falling into his tough guy, arrogant demeanor.

    Oh well. Until then, its an easy disapprove.

  • fishercat

    Glory days Pinky DeOssie. He’s Lou Merloni with a bad attitude and a tough guy persona. Spent my life avoiding his type. The quintessential Boston College grad. Wears failed marriages as a badge of honor. Disapprove.

  • thetruth

    I have to echo patrickpass- Does know his stuff, but there’s way too much tough-guy, loud = right shouting at callers. “You’re not smart enough to put words in my mouth” will be on his tombstone

    • patrickpass

      I am sure his defense would be, and we’ve already seen some posts in his defense along these lines, that its a schtick. He’s playing a character.

      Too bad. Its unnecessary. Whether he’s really an arrogant douche bag or just allows himself to be portrayed as an arrogant douche bag doesn’t really matter. If you allow yourself to be portrayed that way then, sorry, you ARE a douche bag. And I believe part of his real personality is contained within that schtick. I mean, he has been divorced how many times? Drug problems, fights, alcholism? There are issues there. Not casting stones, everyone has issues. But the simple “its a schtick defense” isn’t gonna absolve the guy.

      If I knew the guy (I don’t) and he asked for my advice, I’d say, hey this is your career now. You’re in the media. Take some pride in it. You can be good when you want to and offer good insight. Why not be professional?

  • thetruth

    Almost forgot- All the shouting and tales of locker stuffing means disapprove.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    APPROVE!…I think some people take the “tough guy” thing too seriously…met him at the Patriots/Panthers Super Bowl, couldn’t have been nicer….seems to LIKE sports, which puts him ahead of Heckle & Jeckle (D&C)

  • The Gimp

    I agree with the bio…he did a good job balancing the Pats and his son in the Super Bowl.

    …Despite this, I am compelled to disapprove. He sqaunders his experience and ability by engaging in far too much “Guy Radio” rather than sports radio. Also his Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb act with Smerlas makes him a cartoon version of himself.

  • Mary Maguire

    Fine by himself get rid of SMERLAS – he isn’t funny

  • FCM

    Voted “Most Likely to Be A Closet Power Bottom”. Approve???

  • Ironhead

    Has a worse rug than Marv Albert… disapprove.

  • Johnny Milad

    Something wierd with this guy. He seems to just try to hard to be manly. He always is draped in Harley Gear, The cigars, steak place, Big O always talks about him with young broads, divorced thrice. I gander he is compensating for something. What could that be. Besides that he brings nothing to the table. The best thing about when this current crop of great Patriots retire is someone will replace his old ass.

  • Funkhouser

    Kicked his wife to the curb in pursuit of jock-sniffing hosebags and blow then showed back up when his kids were grown and successful. Disapprove!

  • LJ Sandwich

    One of the loudest know-it-all gasbags on the air. I HATE his signature line in a fight “DON’T YOU PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH…YOU’RE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!!!!”

    Has more divorces than superbowl rings. Runs a questionable charity with fellow meathead Smerlas. I’m sure they eat well from this.

    Opened up an overpriced food joint in Twin River selling horsemeat at outrageous prices…that place should be boarded up within a year or so.

    Seen seated next to fathead Drinkwater at Sox games…yet another minus.

    Face has same complexion and appearance as a Baboon’s toukas.


  • Rock

    I like his thinking and find myself in a agreement with him but he uses cheap-shot methods to railroad callers and that alone earns him a strong DISAPPROVE.

    Demanding that a caller defend their opinion by answering litmus questions that he, Steve DeOssie, has determined are the truth serums of the agruement is such a weak schtick. Using a loud voice to do so only makes it worse.

  • AbeScromsbie

    A blowhards blowhard… Any cogent football analysis he occasionally brings to the table is vastly overshadowed by his condescending attitude towards everyone but BB. He’s the classic example of a dumb witted jock assuming his world class athletic skills carry over to intellectual superiority. He’s an ignoramus of the highest order.

  • J.R.

    The fact that his Approve/Disapprove rankings are currently almost in a dead heat confirms the conflict we’re all having with this guy. Solid football analysis, which I enjoy and appreciate, coupled with the mandated/scripted tough guy schtick on Fatboy’s afternoon gab fest.

    However, if I measure him against the likes of Metergerbil, Dangerous, the morning show jerkoffs, etc., I pulled the level for approve.

  • Big Fat O

    Tough guy arrogant jerk persona outweighs the knowledge football player.


  • Dick

    Knowledgeable, is unfortunately is closely linked to Smerlas. What is his obsession with cigars?

  • EMan

    Very knowledgeable and intelligent, but unfortunately is inexorably linked to Smerlas. I don’t undersatand his obsession with cigars. He acts like smoking a cigar is some source of pride.

  • Tony

    I’m on the fence about this guy.

    I think he really adds something when he’s just talking football and analyzing the game, but he far too often falls into that WEEI trap of being controversial and loud for the sake of it all.

    I’ll give him a mild approve based on his football analysis alone….that’s essentially what he’s paid for anyway.

  • Guntfather of SportsRadio

    -Strong gunt size.
    -Son who made became a professional on his own merit(like me).
    -Whores himself out for free food.


  • Wyatt


    Can’t stand the ummmm tough guy act, the ummmm cigars and the ummmm know-it-all personna. And he ummmm always throws ummmm a few ummms in there as well.

  • LL

    50/50 for this guy? Guess the minions on Guest Street are busy today.

    • Nixon

      Do the minions on Guest Street have Arbitron diaries too?

      • ozzy


  • Chris

    I’m not at all surprised to see voting nearly even. He gets points for having played the game of football at the NFL level. This is a whole lot more than you can say for most of the members of the Boston Sports media cabal, who clearly goofed off in school, skipped classes to go to Fenway, and schmoozed free food and drink from anyone and everyone. With that as a resume, no wonder they ended up as sports media hacks. So points go to Steve for at least having ‘played the game.’

    But many of those points get taken away because Steve is now a sports media hack. He has transited the meridian, so to speak. He is, to put it bluntly, ‘One of THEM.’ So it will be no surprise to see Steve at 50% approval…not altogether unexpected for this situation.

  • JohnnyApps

    I mildy disapprove.

    I think this guy comes across as a homer. I thought he was irritating and annoying throughout parts of last season, especially super bowl week, when he was on WEEI. He’s was steadfast in his opinion that the pats had a dominating top 5 defense, when in reality it was nowhere close. I thought that argument was ridiculous …the Pats were winning with their offense. Last years defense was nowhere near their previous superbowl winning team’s defenses.

    I also don’t like the fact that he’s a know it all host who callers can’t reason with. His opinion is right and that’s all there is to it. He will not accept opinions or thoughts that aren’t the same as his.

    Overall he is a decent hosts and handles interviews well…I just don’t like the fact that he comes off as a homer and he’s never wrong. Sometimes I do enjoy his analysis. Maybe being on The Big Show has a negative effect on him.

  • JohnnyApps

    I agree with JR and a lot of you guys on the split vote…

    Definitely gets points for his experience playing in the NFL…does a decent job analyzing the Pats when he’s away from The Big Show.

    I hate his arrogance and his tough guy attitude…

  • The Jortsfather of Sportsradio

    Approve! (nothing snarky to add today). Always loved when he went after the kicker for the jets (nick lowery?).

  • eireanch

    A weak disapprove. His NFL analysis is solid and he did a great job with the Super Bowl. Who could have blamed him had he turned into a pom-pom for his kid? Instead, he kept it even keeled. Good on him.

    But he trots out the tough guy persona way too often, and he is absolutely unlistenable when he does.

  • Wilson

    I approve….with a very light hand…

    I met him once outside of Fenway. That was when he
    was on The Zone with McDonough. He couldn’t have been
    nicer. However, that was a long time before his head got
    rather large along with the other large headed idiots on EEI. I do feel that his knowledge outweighs his tough guy attitude and I can handle that. I mean really, the guy played in the NFL for 12 f’n years…What?? He isn’t a tough guy?? I’ll admit, I don’t listen to EEI anymore and that is the place I think his tough guy deal got the most exposure due to the whiner line callers etc., but for what he brings to the table as far as NFL info, I’ve found him to be much better than the non-jock talking heads.
    Compared to Smerlas….he is a Nobel Prize Winner!

  • Mark

    Steve is just horrible. If he's ever on I am not going to listen… everyone I know is the same way. I can't believe the Approves are winning. I'm sure Steve has his people voting everywhere

    • susan

      I am sure he does have his people voting also.

  • buttercup

    The Sports Final with Vinaiteri after SB36 goes down as the singular most embarrassing appearance by a Sports media figure in this area and that is saying something considering Mike Adams had his own show for years and Ted “The Immaculate Combover” Sarandis never passed up a NECN spot.

    Taking the second chance that a hard earned recovery offers and turning it into the chance to rig shady charities and make a fool of yourself on radio by being a yapping azzhat speaks to a complete lack of self respect. Bully all you want Steve, but that empty little boy inside isn’t ever going to get the hug you so desperately scream for…

    • George

      I’m not sure what state of being this guy is in, but I’m pretty sure its not recovery.

  • George

    I’m amazed this guy gets this much credit here. I guess it shows that a stint with the Pats and real NFL experience counts for a lot – or possibly the DeOssie family and goofy-groupies have been busy.

    First of all, what the guy is like face to face is not relevant in this discussion. No one on EEI has pissed me off more than this guy. I haven’t heard this level of ignorance/arrogance since Eddie Andleman was on the air. If that’s schtick, why would this meathead go off when a caller questions pushes one of his many buttons?

    I once heard a Don Bosco grad from his day tell DeOssie he used to kick his ass every day for lunch money back in the day. Steve went ballistic and the caller had to talk him down, saying he was only joking.

    He’s also way too eager to share his simplistic political views, which I could care less about.

    Yes, I do hear insights from time to time, but the excess wind blows me away. To me he personifies pretty much everything that’s wrong with sports radio.

    • fishercat

      complete agreement.

  • Paul

    Since I never listen to the Big Show I voted approve for old times sake. I used to enjoy listening to him with Sean McDonough when Sean tried to “raise the bar”

  • Andrew

    Seem like a decent guy. Offers good insight into pro football, but badly needs to get away from The Big Show. I think he could succeed on his own merits if he could keep from getting sucked into the WEEI nitwit radio schtick. He can speak intelligently, but the show format discourages this.

  • b holmes

    like most 12 steppers he has a hard time opening up to opinions differing from his own. the tough guy persona is likely used to mask feelings of inadequacy. these feelings were previosuly masked by blow.

  • Jon

    Y’know, even if he didn’t bore us with Callahanesque political views or babble about the steakhouse or threaten to beat up callers, I’d still disapprove due to his link to Smerlas. I’ve never heard anyone in radio step on his co-host’s lines as much as that guy.

  • Doza

    “I am right you are wrong because I played the game” reporting is good?


  • Ken Fang

    I liked him when he was on WBZ Radio with Dan Roche, but when he joined WEEI, he started this silly tough guy persona that he didn’t need to take on.

    When he’s doing analysis, he’s actually pretty good, but his act on WEEI outweighs any positives. I give him a thumbs down.

  • howzie

    Wears failed marriages as a badge of honor. Disapprove.
    You make that sound like a bad thing.

  • Steve

    Why would I want to listen to a jock arsehole on the radio?


    Five years ago I would have voted “approve,” but not now.

    Will sit next to Drinkwater at a Red Sox game.

    (mild) “Disapprove!”

    Bruins season tickets now on sale

    (617) 624-BEAR

    • Ironhead

      The above post just used up the dozens of cents Charlie Jacobs set aside for the Bruins marketing budget for the ’08-’09 season.

  • Snuffy Smith

    One of the key personnel in EEI’s effort to dumb down the Boston sports scene (just look at about 90% of the Big Show co-hosts). Has he had an insightful observation yet?

    With the likes of Tim Fox, Pete Brock, and other ex-Pats in the area why do they continue to bring this dolt back??? Never mind, I forgot the objective isn’t to bring insightful radio to its listeners. Dumb asses make better foils for Ordway. He couldn’t possibly look smart next to some one who is smart.

    • George

      Tim Fox and Pete Brock would have to be very hard up to even consider co-hosting the Big Show. Although they, and guests like them are the only reason I tune in and hope the boys will let a guest make a few points without the “witty” interjections and 10 minute long questions. Otherwise I can’t put up with the idoitic, non-stop gufawing and stupid jokes.

      It really sucks that the concept of sports talk has been completely screwed by these idiots. How they are No. 1 in any category is beyond me.

  • julie

    Unlike Steve, Tim Fox has a real job.

  • Classless Concepts

    He is simply a blithering idiot who “wins” shouting matches with callers by screaming, yelling, then hanging up. Some “expert”. The Combo plate special of Ordway, Smerlas, DeOssie and Sheppard is radio diarrhea

  • Deester

    He's the best football analyst in Boston. He's smart, and you can't blame him for losing it on some of the meathead callers on EEI. Handles the thing with his son with class. He's like the Keith Olberman of sports- he's smart, gets said what needs to be said, but he's not above mixing it up with a little "Britany Spears shaved her head again" type of stuff for the entertainment value.


    • susan

      Which cousins are you?

  • patsfan

    Please point out 1 time deossie has ever threatened a caller. listen closer, he makes as much fun of himself as anyone. you are confusing him with smerlas. deossi is the most knowledgeable football analyst in the market. what a bunch of whiney posters on this site. many callers to eei are annoying and uninformed and deossie challenges them to back up what they say. amazing how eei has such ridiculously good numbers when most of the posters here hate the shows. entertainment people …entertainment… fox and brock?? yawn. btw both are anxious as hell to get on the air anywhere.. they cant they bore people. deossie and smerlas are at least entertaining. lighten up and unless he stuffed you in a locker just enjoy..

  • georgepap

    This goon is a bully's bully. Maybe his son (Brown alum) could act intellectually superior, but this goon is not qualified to give anyone else a report card, let alone insult their intelligence. He went to BC, a rubber stamp diploma mill, and probably rarely saw the inside of a classroom. I've noticed he regurgitates what I hear first hear elsewhere from more knowledgeable NFL analysts. Other then that his neanderthal behavior when pared with his BC ilk Smerlas says it all. These arrogant clowns should stick to lecturing fellow barflies at their tacky bar in RI.

  • SteveLeave

    I think you need a new poll here. The amount of loathing for DeOssie is far beyond what it appears you believe it to be.