Manny Hits Home Run Number 500

Not a bad weekend thus far for Boston sports fans.

Manny Ramirez hit the 500th home run of his career tonight in Baltimore. It was struck in the seventh inning, on the first pitch he saw from former teammate Chad Bradford. On NESN, Don Orsillo gave the call, and then he and Jerry Remy let the moment speak for itself.

Sean McAdam has an appreciation of Manny’s career and accomplishments on

Somewhere, Mike Adams was heard complaining that Manny watched the home run for too long and didn’t run the bases quickly enough.

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  • tom turkey

    you’re right on Mikey Adams. his angle on the baseball show was you can’t retire Manny’s #24 without also doing the same for Dwight Evans. and that Doooey hit more HR’s with the Sox and prevented more runs in the field.

  • Fran

    Mickey Adams is the only person in the world that could make Dennis and Callaghan the SECOND worst show on EEI. Michael Holley is the only reason to listen to that station.

  • CCF

    The OrsilloBot (Rev 8.0) is incapable of improvisation so it had no other choice but to stop speaking after reciting the pre-programmed script for Manny’s 500th.