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Dan ShaughnessyYes, the day is finally here.

The Boston Globe clearly considers Dan Shaughnessy the star of its sports department, putting the columnist front and center whenever a big sports event is catching the attention of even the most casual of sports fans. Shaughnessy gets the call for all the front page stories during the baseball postseason, and even now with football and basketball. He is used by the paper to be the voice of Boston sports.

Shaughnessy grew up in Groton, and is a graduate of Holy Cross. He started his professional career with the Baltimore Sun in the late 1970’s, serving as Orioles beat writer. He moved on to the Globe in 1981, where he covered the beat for the Red Sox and Celtics before moving to the columnist role. He is a seven time Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year, and eight times he has been selected as one of Americas top-ten sports columnists by Associated Press Sports Editors.

Shaughnessy’s feud with Curt Schilling has been well documented, and as has his role in the (short lived) resignation of Red Sox GM Theo Epstein following the 2005 season. His formulaic columns, ripjobs and contrarian opinions have earned him the title of The Most Hated Man in Boston, though I have a feeling he’s not as hated by the average fan as we might think he is. His work has inspired his own watchdog blog, the entertaining Dan Shaughnessy Watch.

He is a frequent guest on national sports shows such a Jim Rome, and is a frequent guest on stations all across the country.

Shaughnessy has written at least 11 books, including The Curse of the Bambino, The Legend of the Curse of the Bambino and Reversing the Curse: Inside the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Other credits include Senior Year: A Father, A Son, and High School Baseball and Ever Green The Boston Celtics: A History in the Words of Their Players, Coaches, Fans and Foes, from 1946 to the Present.



Celtics Look Bad in Game Four, Series Tied 2-2

Well, I had a full post almost ready to go this morning, but darn it, the save button wasn’t my friend this morning.

As an update, today will be the final day of the BSMW Memorial Day Mystery Sale. There’s still plenty of good stuff to fill 15 or so more boxes with stuff. Most of the boxes will contain more than one item. So as a reminder, here’s how it goes – if you donate $50 or more to the site, you will receive a box of stuff…it could have books, videos, shirts, or some other item. Most of the items are Boston sports related, but there is some other stuff in there.

The Celtics dropped game four in ugly fashion last night in Detroit. The Pistons jumped out to a early lead and never looked back, leading wire-to wire in this one. Since I lost my original post with all the links, I’ll try to bring you some of the top stories from the morning papers. Check the full links at

Mike Fine has the Pistons evening the series at 2-2 with a smothering brand of defense right from the start. Rob Duca has the Celtics unable to take advantage of a generous night from the officials.

Antonio McDyess killed the Celtics last night, with 22 points and 16 rebounds. Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics erred not only in leaving his open the entire night, but also by not trying to get him out of the game after he picked up three fouls in the first half. Dan Shaughnessy says that if the Pistons come to play, the Celtics are in trouble.

Bob Ryan says that the Celtics owners did not get their money’s worth out of the big three last night. For NBA history buffs, Ryan also provides 22 things you might not know about the Pistons franchise. Bulpett has a look at the bad boys in the stands in Detroit.

Mark Murphy’s notebook has Kevin Garnett disappointed in the Celtics defense. Kevin McNamara’s notebook looks at the quest for the ring among the players. Bill Doyle’s notebook has Sam Cassell struggling with his role with the Celtics.

The Red Sox finally won a road game, beating the Mariners 5-3 in Seattle. Check the coverage at

BSMW Memorial Day Weekend Mystery Sale

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It’s a really busy time here in the BSMW household. We’re getting ready to move sometime in the next couple of weeks, and also preparing for the birth of our first child in just over a month. Things are pretty overwhelming in a number of ways right now.

I’ve found that in the last five years or so, I’ve accumulated a ton of books, videos and even shirts related to sports and specifically Boston sports that various entities have sent me to review or look at. The wife tells me there will be no room for a lot of this stuff at the new residence.

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