Approval Ratings – Dale Arnold

Dale ArnoldDale Arnold is the co-host of WEEI’s mid-day “Dale and Holley” show.

A Maine native, Arnold has been broadcasting games since he was 15 years old. He attended Bowdoin College, and began doing Maine Mariners games in 1979. In 1986 he got the same job with the New Jersey Devils. From 1988-1990 he was the voice of the New England Patriots.

In 1991, he joined WEEI, and in 1995 he started calling Bruins games for NESN, a post he held until 2007. On WEEI, he has had a variety of broadcast partners, from Eddie Andelman, to Bob Neumeier to his present partner, Michael Holley.

This year he also joined the Red Sox broadcast team, calling mostly Wednesday games while Dave O’Brien handled his ESPN duties. Arnold is the only broadcaster to have called games for the Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Revolution.




Random Quote

You’re expected to just nod in the affirmative, utter “In Belichick We Trust,” and walk in lockstep off a cognitive cliff.

— Chris Gasper, Boston Globe, 9/20/12

    Much better hockey announcer than Jack Edwards.

    Was a good radio host for the first dozen or so years but has become crusty, jaded, petty, bitter and morbidly obese.

    Tom McVie is his personal Gandhi.

    Once flew from Maine to New Jersey so he could fire a guy face-to-face rather than over the phone.

    Mild “Disapprove!”

    • Danny Smith

      I’ve been a Boston Bruins fan for over forty years, and I’m sorry, but I find Dale Arnold insufferable. As a transplanted New-Englander living in Claifornia, I rejoiced ten years ago to realize I could watch Bruins games via Direct TV. There was only one catch — who the hell is this announcer? Dale’s high-pitched, chirpy, nattering, misquito-like voice, coupled with his smarmy, Bob Costas wanna-be attitude (and who’d wanna be him?), made me actually turn to the out-of-town broadcasters. The best news I’d had in years was that NESN had fired him. The worst news I’ve had in years is that the Red Sox are going to start infecting their broadcasts with this porcine, elfin blow-hard. Please, Red Sox… don’t do it! Dale Arnold stinks!

  • Beaker

    I voted disapprove. Now, could I have just as easily voted approve? Absolutely. Let’s say, just for the sake of discussion, that I voted approve. I’m not saying that I would have voted approve, but just for the sake of discussion, let’s say that I did. And, by the way, I have no way of knowing how other people will vote here. Everyone could vote approve, but they could just as easily vote disapprove. I have absolutely no way to know that. Now, just for the sake of discussion, let’s say everyone votes approve. I’m not saying that’s what will happen…I really don’t know…but let’s say for the sake of argument that they did.

    • rrsafety


    • rolf


  • Doza

    I am a Dale supporter.

    He does a decent job in PbP for now all 4 (5) major sports teams. And his show is easily the most intelligent of WEEI’s weekday lineup. He respects statistics, and blogging, yet isn’t political or racist like the morning guys, nor is his show a shouting match between 4 fat blowhards like the 2-6 guys. He routinely has on excellent guests through baseball and football season, as well.

    I can’t force myself to give him a disapprove just because rest of the station sucks. He does a solid job in the 10-2 slot. If you find him boring or dry, then tune in at some other time to be “entertained”.

  • Brett

    Beware any female media people who refuse to flirt with David Scott-he will bash you on here. True story.

  • Jason

    Like WEEI in general I do not see what the draw is.

  • TC

    Too milquetoast to form his own opinions, so he’s generally harmless. Annoying, but harmless.

  • ITT

    A fraud’s fraud. Like a clown who hides his tears, he hides his bitterness and anger behind the awww shucks I’m just a regulah guy trying to earn a buck act that seems to fool quite a few people. Cribs his material from the BSMW message board. I’ve actually been tracking instances of this for the past three months and I’ll be presenting this information to the Wrath of KAHN in the near future.

    • Jason Coyote

      Wonder if he’s talking about this poll on his show today? Or has he already headed up to Papoose Pond?

  • Nopointe

    He hi-diddly-blows

  • LJ Sandwich

    Any guy that had to sit next to Eddie Andelman for that many years deserves combat pay. I can only imagine the daily pain of watching Eddie gargle ducksauce and ramble on and on about Vegas, Horseracing, Hot Dogs, Comedy Shows, his three worthless thieving sons, The Colonel, ticket prices, New Yorkers on the cape, boxing, sports lies, annual gobble show, greatest sports movies, how much he gives to charity, Steve Sweeney, how much he gives to charity, Hot dogs, how much he gives to charity, his three worthless theiving sons, how much he gives to charity, and how much he gives to charity.

    Approve…but only because of the torture he was subjected to from Edward G. (as in Gunt) Andelman.

    • mandb97


  • Lefty

    I like Dale.

    The most frequent criticism of him is that he’s too nice, which isn’t much of a critique. His show (regardless of co-host) has consistently been the only show on which callers can actually get their thought out and have a dialog with the host(s). He has been too much an an apologist for the Bruins, but his is also the only show that even attempts to talk hockey and he can do that with relative ease. His PBP was effective and contrasted with the current PBP approach. He doesn’t do a bad job on the Sox, though he is clearly nervous at times.


    • Classless Concepts

      His show? It’s a joint effort with Holley, who I think we can agree makes that show better.

  • Corner Blitz

    Sanctimonious know-it-all who lectures on ethics and morals to the great masses of unwashed…Arnold is the only broadcaster to have called games for the Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Revolution and has sucked at them all….won in a landslide the Most Improved Gunt of all media members nationwide…he lambasted a caller 1 day before the Thornton trade about how stupid that trade would be, then not surprisingly twisted the other way defending the trade for a year, even reciting all the point totals for the players involved…..steals liberally with little or no attribution….if he takes a check, rest assured he’s in your pocket…..Disapprove!!!!!

  • bholmes

    every corporate suck up and shill you’ve ever worked with is embodied by this tool. incapable of making a statement or decision that is outside of the conventional wisdom. why anyone would care what fawning sycophant has to say boggles my mind. ruins the radio broadcast of the sox with his faux aw shucks persona. horrible.

    • Matt H.

      No need to comment because that says it all. He’s a gold plated phony and deep down he knows it.

  • Box Score

    Listening Dale Arnold makes me want to kill myself. The worst part is how he thinks he’s fooling anyone with that BS “aww shucks” demeanor on air.

    He represents everything bad about everything.

    Blatant rip-off artist and the world’s oldest virgin (Jon Tomase is right behind him). I will now spend the rest of the day hoping he gets a painful rash underneath his Eddie Andleman gunt starter kit.

  • Dave F

    Another casualty of too many years on the radio. Started out very likeable as person and informative as a host – 15 years later he’s neither. Has become really lazy with show preparation and compensates that with being condescending to the callers. His career,personality, and looks (see above picture) have emulated his former “A Team” co-host.

    • Fred West Lynn

      You know, I never realized that his appearance really IS morphing into EGA!

  • mandb97

    I have been a fan of Dale’s for years. Since he replaced the great Mike Emrick with the Maine Mariners until now. You can actually listen to his and Mike’s show without getting a headache. He does not interrupt callers and shows respect even when the caller may not deserve it. Brett you are absolutely correct about David Scott. He is a jerk. I wrote some not so complimentary items about his book with Calipari. I did not swear. I did not use bad language. I just stated my opinion about what a bad guy I believe Calipari is and not only did I get my statement removed but he showed my email.

    • Classless Concepts

      “He does not interrupt callers.”

      Maybe 10 years ago he didn’t…

  • Mitch

    Why anybody would put even an ounce of stock in his opinion is completely beyond me.

    Must work awfully cheap, because he’s not employed based on talent.

    I haven’t listened for quite a while now, but I suspect strongly that he isn’t shamelessly kissing Jerry Jacobs’ or Thanksdad Jacobs’ arses anymore.

    Disapprove…and regard as completely irrelevant.

  • Neumie’s shattered codpiece

    True story- much like Rogue when Magneto used her in that mutant machine, his skunk patch appeared out of nowhere when I explained that a Pittsburgh Pinch had nothing to do with the Penguins penalty-kill. What’s….wrong…with…that? Plenty, friends.


  • Guntfather of SportsRadio

    Gunt Gunt Gunt Gunt Gunt Gunt Gunt!!!!!
    With no end in sight.


  • Char

    Pompous, pretentious ass.

  • Ed Brown’s Garage

    “Oh C’mon!” I don’t “want to play semantic games” with this comment. I should probably “wave to a clue from shore” but I am not a Dale Arnold fan. He of the 1 hour show prep per 1 hour on air. The “talent” whom, on consecutive days prior to his vacation gave a Euro Cup soccer replay as a live score and then in a scheduled interview with Ken Rosenthal claimed Mets GM Omar Minaya traded Scott Kazmir. Master of the softball question. Has Richard Seymore had a bad game since becoming a regular guest? Has Terry Francona made a bad decision since becoming a guest? A cheerleader with a fake laugh who greets certain guests as “Mr.” Defender of the indefensible regarding the Bruins. No longer announcing Bruins games he now comments on ownership. His defense of the Thorton trade was laughable and about as predictable as a 3rd trip to the buffet. Amazing that a man with a weak voice and little talent has had this much success. Clearly a case of the right place at the right time with the proverbial horseshoe up his well rounded a**.

    • Matt H.

      Couldn’t agree more but someone we know might say you have the “IQ of an asparagus!”

    • ozzy

      Ed Brown’s Garage. Thats where Chico could be found.

      Full agreeance on all points. A ballsucking, toadying, syncophantic, mean spirited little shiitheap.

      He and Rish also act like they’ve never heard a baseball game on the radio before. Just listen to Uncle Joe and do what he does, dumbasses.

  • green33

    His next original thought he has will be his first. I’ve never listened to two people on the radio say so little with so many words as D&H.
    I want to like him, he’s better than what happens before & after him at that station, but I’ve been disappointed by the lack of substance (gunt excepted of course).

    • Jason Coyote

      Saying “so little with so many words” is exactly how you fill four hours a day and twenty hours a week.

      I wonder if Dale would be appreciated more had he worked back in the sportstalk days of Guy Maniella and the Great Gamere…

  • Brian

    Approve. His show with Holley is easily the best “sports” format show on WEEI. There are no gimmicks that exist on virtually all of the other shows. He gets tortured on the Big Show (Whiner line mainly but during the show too)essentially for being too nice. Is a versatile and decent broadcaster (lacks the pipes but tries to be as prepared as possible). I’ve e-mailed him along with a few other personalities over the years about various things and I can honestly say he almost always responds, unlike almost all the others (Although Shaughnessy does as well)……And as mentioned before, anyone who’s had to deal with both EGA and Ordway as long as he is gets an automatic approval.

  • Rotillo

    Hokey, unfunny doofus with an excess of fake moral outrage. Holley is decent host and carries Dale and when other, younger, smarter co-hosts are on with Holley, youcan see that Dale is really an anchor keeping the show in the WEEI zone of storylines and hyperbole.


    • Boston Dan

      One hundred percent spot on.

      Someone forward this to Kahn.

    • ozzy

      Dead on. I’d forgotten about this. When Holley has Michael Smith on its an actual decent show.

  • DaveR

    Hey, at least someone still pays attention to hockey in this town.


  • Fishtale

    Used to be a big fan. Not so much anymore. He did bring me to this site though and for that I am thankful. Mild disapprove…

  • Rick

    A terrible baseball play-by-play man, a Bruins and NHL ownership suck up right up until the time he was canned (and acted like the play-by-play role was his birthright), and the world’s worst interviewer. If he ever asks a guest “Golly, how great is player X?” again, I will go down to Guest Street and punch him in the gunt. If you want to know how bad he is, listen to Holley without him.

    Felger is also lifting from the board.

  • Sluggo

    His voice reminds me of Liberace. Good for Project Runay, perhaps, but ill-suited to the NHL. Dis.

  • LabGeek

    I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean.

    He starts off every response with “I mean”

    WHY???? Impossible to get through 30 seconds of him talking without hearing that phrase.

  • fupa mcladyman

    He was the worst looking girl at Bowdoin, and that is saying something.

    • Classless Concepts


  • Mike H

    Say what you will, but his vocal intensity calling Bruins game was always dead on for every situation. I always enjoyed it, and I had a lot of trouble watching Jack Edwards do all the games this year. I’ll approve 7 days a week for that fact alone.

  • Tony

    Dale is OK. He’s non-offensive. Nice guy. Knows sports.

    He would normally be a solid approve vote were it not for the fact that he’s been, for YEARS, sticking up and apologizing for the thieving billionaire from Buffalo who has single-handedly destroyed professional hockey in Boston.

    Yes, I know “things have changed” since the strike ended and the salary cap was put into place, but that doesn’t give them a pass for the first 30 years….Dale was in their employ for at least 1/3 of that time, and he never met an anti-Jacobs argument that he’d fight, or simply ignore.

    • Tony

      I meant to say he never met an anti-Jacobs argument that he wouldn’t fight, or simply ignore.

      My bad.

  • Eman

    The purgatory of being partnered with Eddie earns him a free pass for years to come. He’s working on another pass by having to suffer through Mr. Cool’s hideous music and “Outstandings”. Sometimes too much of a nice guy, but will “blow up” total jerks, unlike Ms. Mustard on Saturdays.

    By the way when does Mustard get reviewed?

  • Pete

    Holley is like a kid left home alone while the parents (Dale) is on vacation. What is this fascination with the “lightning round” anyway?

    I hope that Dale doesn’t have internet access at Papoose Pond…because some of these comments might make him MAD.

  • Jon

    Disapproved solely for his link to the font of the evil that is Jeremy Jacobs.

  • Ken Fang

    I’ll vote a mild approve. He’s a better listen to the D&C Right Wing Power Hour. And his show is not a massive talkover fest like the Big Show.

    He and Holley are the best on ‘EEI, but by default.

  • JohnnyApps

    Strong disapproval.

    I dislike Dale Arnold more than any other person on WEEI. It’s not even close.

    He’s no different than some of the other haughty, snobby hosts on WEEI. He’s a know it all host who constantly shots down callers who he thinks are irrational, over emotional, wrong, off base, are overreacting, etc. I hate his condescending attitude he has towards people who he thinks are wrong or who he disagrees with. I just think he takes his job too seriously. Instead of creating a dialogue and a two way conversation between callers and creating a positive, give and take exchange, its usually him trying to calm people down with his steady voice of reason. It’s annoying. There should be more of a conversation between him and michael holley and the callers instead of Dale getting in the last word and deciding if the caller is right or not. He’s not as much of a dominating bully as other hosts…but in my opinion he’s right up there. He comes across as whiney and condescending…and I find Dale and Holley to be unlistenable most of the time. If I listen to sports radio during the day I find myself listening to ESPN radio more now.
    I do think he was great as the Bruins play by play man. He’s not good doing it for the Red Sox. I wish the Red Sox would go out and find some new, fresh talent instead of picking the same old retreads like Arnold.
    Also, his interviews are way too vanilla and boring. He doesn’t ask the tough, pointed questions that D&C does. He think’s he’s friends with Terry Francona and treats the interviews as such. He doesn’t want to ask Francona or other coaches in Boston tough, possibly uncomfortable questions because he wants to keep his ‘friendship’ with them intact. In my opionion his interviews somewhat lack integrity because he won’t keep his interview subjects accountable because he thinks he’s friends with them.

    • Fred West Lynn

      I think your sentence should read “He thinks he’s friends with Terry Francona…” Dale can’t tell the difference between a genuine friendship and a paid appearance (see: Parcells, Bill)

    • JoeSchmoe

      You are absolutely right on…!!!

    • Chris

      I think Dale is the ‘John McCain’ of Boston sports media, meaning that he has this fraudulent ‘smooth and calm’ voice but you just KNOW he’s a power keg inside who just is LIVID that not everyone adores him or agrees with him. You can see and hear Dale ‘go off’ from time to time, and it’s because he wishes more people bought into his charade than actually do.

      • Chris

        I said ‘power keg’ but meant ‘powder keg.’ I’ll call that a ‘freudian slip’ and take the mulligan because Dale is all about cultivating his own supposed ‘power.’

  • JohnnyApps

    I agree with NASCL…he HAS become morbidly obese…
    and he’s a bitter guy. Doesn’t seem like he enjoys his job much.

    • Jason Coyote

      Maybe being a sportsradio host is similar to working as a customer service phone rep: you burn out, become cynical within three years and when that happens you should be replaced by someone with a non-jaded disposition.

      • Ken

        Ted Sarandis is (was) a perfect example of this phenomena you describe..

  • Dan

    Solid approve. The guy knows his stuff and is a great host, while also doing a great job announcing games. Not sure why it isn’t ok to be a nice guy in Boston? I think there is a difference between wishy-washy and being too nice…..Dale is too nice…

    • ozzy

      The problem is he’s NOT too nice. He’s an ickybalookey pusbag.

  • Captain Dunk

    He had the greatest call in the history of sports when doing a Pats game back in the day: “This place is gone icky balooky”


    • Mitch

      Yeah, that’s right. “Havlicek Stole the Ball” and “It’s Pandemonium on the Field” pale in comparison to that meaningless inanity.

  • DUKE

    He is just plain aweful in calling games & his gig doing the sox is proving it! Hated him on bruins….his whole act is irritating to the serious fan. So overrated its pathetic! Being a schill for jacobs all those years and defending the B’s everytime someone called EEI to talk bruins. Always had excuses….but he is a sorry excuse for a play-by-play man and his best days are surely behind him all the way around!

  • Box Score

    Dear Approved Voters,

    I am sorry that you and I can’t be friends. I’d rather listen to the screams of dying children then his pansy voice.

    Kind regards.

    • Ed Brown’s Garage

      Thank you, sir.

  • fishercat

    can’t stand this guy on the radio or doing sox broadcasts. never had an original thought in his entire life. middle management through and through. the cries of ‘make it stop, allah allah’ can be heard as far away as havana as they use tapes of his peter king interviews at guantanamo. probably nice as pie in person though.

  • fred derf

    Hard to understand him when doing Red Sox games but maybe that’s because his head is up Jason Wolfe’s keyster.

  • Lance

    Mildly approve. He and Holly come prepared with 10 minutes of very good material. I turn it off with the magic words “let’s take some calls…” Callers are almost as stupid as Felger’s. The one about Moss and the restraining order lost me as a regular listener. Can’t stand idiots who call into sports talk radio.

    He does have a nice-guy persona which is a breath of fresh air for EEI.

  • MarkB

    Classic Dale Arnold minute: a caller askes a question, and then says “I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.” The response from Arnold? “I HATE guys like that! This is supposed to be a conversation. Blah blah blah!

    WTF? The guy asked a perfectly good question, and he didn’t call to make stupid arguments, just get the host’s take. It’s not a conversation when they blow you up, and then ridicule you for three minutes when you can’t defend yourself. The guy is not too nice – he’s a total pussy. There’s a difference.

  • bholmes

    loves the “im gonna ask you a tough question here….” which is always followed by his serious radio voice and yet another softball question. this guy is the worst. i could give a crap if he’s “nice” he is awful. the racist homophobes in the morning have more integrity than this trained seal. the ultimate yes man. i’d rather be tased than listen to a minute of this apple polisher.

  • Davey

    Lou Lamoreillo fired this fraud when Arnold was with N.J. … Lou knew this jerk was a complete pompous phoney but agreed not to reveal the REAL reasons for his firing … Rumors swirled about perverted life habits and horrible disposition … Has low testosterone levels … Viciously back-stabbed Bob Neumier.

    • Chris

      Neumier is deserving of whatever he got from Dale or anyone else. I think I despise Neu-MEEEEEEEEE more than I do Dale…and that’s saying something. The caricature of a rodeo clown.

  • Rock

    The one I’ve been waiting for!

    Makes a living out of overstating the obvious in an attempt to make himself sound insightful, which is just so lame. Not very knowledgable outside of hockey, which wouldn’t be so bad if he knew it, but he doesn’t.

    Very defensive, smug and remarkably uninsightful. Plays the role of a highly educated, well spoken sports academic but is nothing special at all.

    I cannot imagine anyone listening to Arnold on EEI and voting approve here. Honestly, the guy is worthless.

  • Classless Concepts

    The definition of condescending. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a caller he interacted with on a normal level. His constant “I..I..I..I know that…” stuttering when answering a question is insufferable. If Michael Holley could somehow force him out, WEEI would have a quality show.

    His call of Red Sox games is worse than what Trup and Geffner offered. He is the company man to the hilt; watch as he shifts from smooching the Bruins to the Red Sox.

    I PAR-TICU-LAR-LY disapprove of Flanders.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    ….DISAPPROVE….a pompous ass, “holier than thou” type. Is it any wonder he and Peter King are “buddy-buddy”?…..always making it sound like all fans are complete idiots with statements such as, “well, you know, THE FANS think the Red Sox can just trade Alex Cora for Albert Pujols!”…..” THE FANS think the Bruins can just go trade Marco Sturm for Sidney Crosby!”….he does that CONSTANTLY…bottomline?…the Dale & Holley Show is always at it’s best when Dale is ON VACATION………DISAPPROVE!

    • Jason Coyote

      When any sportstalk host uses ‘the fans think’ in their argument what they really want to say is ‘the folks who call this station think’ because that 1% of the listeners who call in couldn’t pass the wonderlic test if you gave them the answers.

  • Fred West Lynn

    Gosh Golly Dog Trousers!
    I kinda think of Dale as the radio equivalent of White Castle burgers. There’s something of substance there, but not much and not enough to sustain anyone over a long period of time. Small bites are passable, but the full faceful starts an instinctive retching reaction. I think I mind Dale much more in his talk show role than as a passable PBP guy, and that’s my main exposure to him. I find it creepy that he gets his shorts wet over playing golf with GHW Bush. And that he keeps bring things like that (and his boy’s college and his girls’ hockey playing ) with a “I rately talk about my home life..” head fake that fools no one. Yes, Dale, we know you married the first girl you ever kissed, but what did you do with the first boy?

    Paired with Holly, it’s a twisted apotheosis of inauthenticity as each tries to out-hip each other. Please! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels had more soul. And were far more entertaining.

    Is he the worst thing on EEI/on Boston Sports? Not even in the Top (Bottom?) Twenty. Considered on his own, is he a deserving of his caricature as a nerdy, obtuse Flanders? Okely Dokeley!


    • Jason Coyote

      “The radio equivalent of White Castle burgers”…perfect metaphor because you occasionally get a craving for both, they’re especially good the longer you’ve gone without, but too much of either will give you a major coronary.

  • Corner Blitz

    I’m going to Wrentham and end the madness once and for all, who’s with me?

  • Drew

    Approve. I agree with a lot of what has been said above, both positive and negitive. But when all is said and done, he does not treat all his opinions as fact as D and C do. Also unlike D and C, he seems to a have at least a basic respect for his listeners. He does not scream over his co-host or callers when they are trying to make a point as they do on the Big Show.
    It has gotten to the point on EEI that the second I hear D and C, Larry Johnson, Butch Stearn and many others I have to shut off the radio. I agree, he is not a shining star by which all others are should be measured, but compared to other idiots put on the air by weei on a daily basis, he’s pretty good.

  • Cam

    Disapprove–with that voice, how did he ever decide to try a career in broadcasting? Is there some idiot out there that actually encouraged him? Probably decided early on that he would kiss ass as often as he thought was required to rise in the ranks. When NESN offered him the studio host job, he said he was a pbp guy, not a host–what are you from 10-2?Does get some respect for putting up with the Kowloon King!

  • Geo

    In my opinion, it can – and does get a lot worse than Dale. If eei were a baseball team, he’d be a middle relief guy who could someday blossom into an innings eater.

  • Rock


  • mark

    Far and away the biggest fraud in WEEI. Comes across as an aw shucks good ol boy but I have been told behind the scenes is not well liked and an a-hole. Does no show prep, has a terrible memory due to laziness and just reads info off his laptop all day. Michael Holley’s talent get’s lost with Dale as co-host. Steals all his materail off websites and other people’s thoughts and has been doing it for years, the Boston Sports Guy called him on it. Can’t believe he just signed a new contract with talent like Ryen Russillo out there. Must have naked pictures of Jason Wolfe.

  • Chris

    The epitome of ‘haughty and elite.’ I do enjoy it when sports media hacks show cracks in their armor. They understand that fans can ‘fight back’ with blogs, approval ratings’ like this, and message boards. It becomes easier than ever to ‘call out’ those who displease them, and it’s fun watching Arnold blow off steam when we ‘get to him’ as we most certainly do.

    • Jason Coyote

      While that’s great in theory Chris, it’s too bad Dale’s on vacation this week because by the time he’s back at the mic he’ll have forgotten all about this poll.

      Unless of course he doesn’t log onto the net until his return from the land of birds, trees and non-wireless connectivity.

  • Chris

    The very fact that the approval statistics are TOTALLY out-of-kilter with respect to the comments PROVES that Dale and his Mom are probably clicking the ‘APPROVE’ button all day long. What an insular, self-promoting, hack Arnold is…and with super-glued hair, no less!

  • JohnnyApps

    The ridiculous thing is I think Dale is actually the highest paid host at WEEI.

    • Mitch

      Oh, of course he is. Radio always invests the lion’s share of its salary dollars in the mid-day time slot, when virtually nobody listens.

    • Nixon

      Uhh…no. Radio stations pay their AM and PM drive hosts more than they do their midday hosts.

  • Bill

    I mean, I PAR-TICU-LAR-LY disappove of this puffy skunk headed fraud. He makes my skin crawl… Should go back to papoose pond and stay there. And, Oh, by the way, a total fraud. Not funny, talks down to callers. And, oh, by the way, and oh, by the way, and oh, by the way….

    • Rock

      Bill, great point here. The way Arnold says some words, like ‘particularly’ grates on me too. The worst guy on the station……and that’s saying something.

  • arquimedez pozo

    A total butt boy who could’nt play sports in high school because he had no talent and he had to rush home after school to have tea party’s with the girls . These are the words that come to mind when thinking of fat skunk head .
    canteen boy
    crotch crickets.

    This Fat Over Paid ,Over Indulged , White piece of bread continues to donate every day to the Puss-ification of the American Male

    • Ken

      You forgot “Gunt”

    • Fred West Lynn



  • buttercup

    There was weird moment, I don’t know why I recall these things and maybe that makes me a “non-reliable” source but it was sometime during Pedro Martinez’s last year as a Red Sox. Maybe he was skipping the All-Star game, maybe he was having a star moment, I don’t know the specifics beyond our friend Dale saying, “He lost me forever.”

    Who, as a grown man thinks like this? How could another grown man “lose you”? I mean the more you think about it, the more it upsets you, right?

    Didn’t we get over this hero worship awhile ago? Shouldn’t someone in the media not be so invested or at least invite more …something?

    Boy, this sh!ttle troubles me, and for that, I vote disapprove

  • Rick Mc

    Mike Rish is announcing the pants off Dayul, a 20 year vet.

    • Jason Coyote

      It’s actually John Rish (normally the studio update guy who’s also done some BC hockey PxP) that filled in with Joe at the Trop last night. But you are right about the missing pants.

  • ercadincadoo

    acts like a nice guy but in reality is a pos. rips eddie andelman every chance he gets but andelman never rips him. danny from quincy brought the ea ripping up one day and dale cut him off. cant stand him!

  • The DA

    Mark me down as a Dale “hater”….he is so smug and annoying. Also, he’s a fraud. He claims he had a baseball scholly at Miami, yet came home due to “homesickness”.

    He’s an effin hack and should be called out on his fraudulent claims.

    Dale sucks!!!!

  • john reilly

    i cant stand this wishywashy little creep of a man. eddie andelman said dale arnold has strong opinions. he is very much against cancer and child abuse. the guy just plain rots. pete shepherd should have that show. very much disapprove of that jerk dale arnold.

  • Big Show Fan

    Anytime i put on WEEI and hear dale arnold, i have to immediately change the channel.  He is so dull and boring, i would rather listen to the classical channel or NPR.  I can’t believe this man still has a job.  The conversation on the show has about the same enthusiasm of a conversation at a friggin WAKE!! With talents like Felger, Zolak, Deossie, Smerlas, Steve Burton, Bob Lobel, Zolak’s fat partner from providence, even friggin dickerson and tanguay would be a great replacement. My Choice would Felger with a big show type round table of differnt guests every day, like Zolak, Zolak’s fat partner mabey his name is skippy?, Lobel, etc etc
    P.S  Mustard and Johnson BOTH suck even worseI feel bad saying that about Larry Johnson since he seems like a real nice guy, but he absolutely unlistenable on the radio, when i hear him i immediately switch to Howie or Jay Severin
    sad but very true

  • Steve

    Anytime this clown is broadcasting a Sox game, I will not listen. I simply choose the MLB out of town announcers. He is an arrogant guy who really needs to be off the air. I no longer listen to WEEI at 10 -2 because of him. There are many other talented hosts that would easily take his place. Bye Dale it is time for you to go!

  • George from RI

    I had an hour drive during the game last night and really wanted to hear how the Sox and Bucholz were going to do. After an hour of listening to Dale Arnold I was ready to drive into a bridge abutment. This guy sucks! I didn’t like him when he was with the Bruins and he is more annoying then ever now. He is so enamored with how he uses big words and pronounces every fricking syllable with perfect clarity! He must have been the biggest dink as a kid. He grew up to be a complete ass! 100% Disapprove!

  • Dylan

    Dale Arnold is terrible. When the action gets hot, he gets tongue tied and his play-by-play becomes a connect the dots for the listener with gaps and pauses such that your not sure what just happened. Then Joe fills us back in. Additionally his speaking voice sounds like a prepubescent lesbian on steroids. Why is he working for the Sox? Hey Theo, Dale Arnold sucks, do us a favor and trade him for a retarded lab monkey.

  • http://[email protected] Hoss

    Potentially, the single most irritating human being on the face of the planet. A close second thru fifth would be (readers choice – no particular order) 2)Glen Ordway – BLOWHARD
    3)Fred Smerles – MEATHEAD 4)Steve D’Ossie – PINHEAD 5)Butch Stears – TWIT

  • Ed E. Skankus

    Totally unlistenable. Ruins Sox games. Huge hockey fan until he got canned from the bruins and now he avoids all hockey talk. Seems to wait until he understands which way the wind is blowing on all subjects and then jumps in on the popular side. The Lawrence Welk of talk show hosts. Bring on Felga.

  • Tim

    I can’t stand Dale. What a boring guy.

  • Jeff

    Watching NESN with the sound up…now that’s heaven. When Dale was on, I just couldn’t listen. If I had to endure another “Bruins PEEL off and change it up” again, I think I would have to drive a shiv into my head. What I don’t understand is Gord Kluzak. For all those years, he had a clean shot to the back of Dale’s head and didn’t take it. Dale is the definition of Broadcast Fail.

  • jreils

    Bad mouthed Eddie Andelman every chance he got.Kind of sad since Eddie has always said nice things about Dale.Caller “Danny from Quincy” pointed this out one day and Dale quickly ended the call.Perhaps struck a nerve?Does have strong stands against cancer and child abuse.For the record Dale is against both of them.

  • Mark

    Listening to Dale Arnold is akin to nails on a chalk board.

    -Dale’s indignent to callers that don’t share his opinion.
    -Without the stats and information in front of him, Dale has limited factual knowledge. Never shy giving his opinions & panders to just about every athlete he talks to.

    Dsle Arnold’s 15 min were up 5 years ago.