Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti

Tony Massarotti, come on down…

Massarotti has been with the Herald since 1989, as he joined the paper fresh from Tufts University. He was the Massachusetts Winner of the 2001 National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Sportswriter of the Year award.

He’s been covering the Red Sox since 1994, but in recent years has moved into more of a general columnist role. With a few exceptions, his columns on sports outside of baseball usually tend to be on the negative side, and his recent column attacking Patriots fans alienated many readers.

He is highly visible on the Boston sports media scene, appearing on WEEI, Comcast SportsNet, NESN and WHDH TV.



Random Quote

Belichick will not be so lucky. He doesn’t have (Jimmy) Johnson’s personality, which can be as jovial and charming as a snake oil salesman’s. Worse, this Patriot team isn’t going to win two Super Bowls any time soon…

— Ron Borges, Boston Globe 11/22/01
  • T-Rock

    Used to have a ton of respect for his writing, in recent years he’s moved to a blowhard Ordway-esk type delivery and now I tune him out. Disapprove.

  • The Actuary

    Shill. Sellout. Orbway suck up. Tony, where did it all go so wrong? I’m guessing it was when you got derailed to The Zone and came crawling back to ‘EEI and had to play the foil to Glen…*sigh*

    Can’t wait for the day you hack off McAdam to the point where he busts you one in the chops…


  • MJ

    A yahoo, hero worshiper and gutless suck-up.


  • ben

    Only voice worse than Simmons.

    • DV

      Huh? How are they even comparable?

      • Classless Concepts

        both have nasal, whiny voices

  • Kevin

    Used to like, now can’t stand. Disapprove.

  • Dave F

    Really Strange – Don’t think anyone in local sports media has changed his persona as much as he has. Until 4 years ago he was cerebral and schtickless, usually providng the voice of reason. The change seemed really out of character. My only guess is that since it came around the time that he had a kid and bought a house in Sudbury, he saw it as a way of generating extra income.

  • DV

    I completely understand that the purpose of a columnist is to incite discussion with their writing. They must have a concrete opinion on an issue and stick with it.

    The problem with Maz and other columnists in this region (i.e. Shaughnessey) is that they just take cheap shots instead of making relevant points.

    Tony M. is one of the worst ever since he’s bought into his wrestling character “Evil Tony”.

    The other thing I find absolutely deplorable about Tony is he incessant attacking of the fanbase. A “Pink Hat” or a “SuperBowl wearing fool” I am not, but to each their own and to degrade a fan is just pathetic.



    My highest “Disapprove” to-date. Makes me want to go out and buy a Bruschi jersey.

  • b holmes

    you know the annoying chew toys for dogs that squeak? tony is slightly more insightful than the squeaky toy.


  • LJ Sandwich

    He’s a dink.


    • Chris

      You should be a newspaper editor. I said essentially the same thing in 100 words; you managed it in three. Good job.

  • Marc


    And a complete hypocrite – relentlessly sucks up to and defends those who he covers who are freindly to him(Grady Little being the best example) which is completely unethical in his line of work. He then bashes fans who do the same even though they have no responsibility to act any different.

  • fishercat

    Would have disapproved of this guy even before he recently embarassed himself by insulting his customers. He fits right in at WEEI though. Perhaps the greatest collection of jerks in one place since Hitler’s bunker in April of 45.

    The lasting image I’ll have of Tony is him preaning around a batting cage on his cell phone talking loud like he was part Frank Sinatra, Leo Durocher, and Drew Rosenhaus.

    It was mindroasting when he wrote that piece of garbage a month ago considering it was for the most part a description of himself without the game jersey. Fat, bloated, sportsfan. Just because he writes about it for a paper I wouldn’t start a fire with he thinks he’s some how above the paying customer.

    Imagine if in any other industry a spokesman came out on t.v. and insulted the people that pay their salaries like Tony did. Unbelievable.

  • Scott

    Just despicable. Can’t say enough bad things about him.

  • Muggy

    TM is a completely transparent fraud who writes “Look at me! Pay attention to me!” columns so he can puff his pompous little self up during his shtick-filled appearances on the worst sports radio show in the world, where he fits right in with the blowhards and ignoramuses shouting each other down. Truly a hack’s hack, he’s clearly scared silly of that newfangled Internet and correctly suspects that after newspapers die in a few years, he will be without a job due to the fact that his writing never offers insight,a fresh angle, or evidence of energy expended. Incredibly, he doesn’t know a lot about sports outside of a little baseball.

    Lazy, agenda-driven, squeaky, and getting fat as a sausage.


  • Wilson

    I’m not a violent person, but he is the only person I’ve heard that makes me want to hunt him down and clean his girly, squeaky, whiney clock!!

  • Nopointe

    Learned his vocal style from recordings of chipmunks being strangled .. wears Red Sox underoos to bed .. his car smells like a bum’s feet .. thinks to himself ‘hey at least I’m not Tomase’ .. always tries to order 2 items from column A when the Chinese restaurant says 1 item from column A and 1 from column B, just to be edgy .. his feet smell like a bum’s car .. wears his watch on his right arm in the European style.

    • NASCL

      Not in the picture above

  • Lance

    Someone (probably his parents) did him a great disservice by telling him, maybe once, that he’s interesting. In the distant past he could at least cover a team but he’s awful as a “personality.”

    His radio voice is just like the Simpson’s helicopter reporter guy. I would donate money to the defense fund of the schmuck who clocks him.

  • rrsafety

    Tony Massarotti – conniving little pizza boy. Despicable ingrate. Makes fun of people who like sports but LOVES people who make their living reporting on sports.

    Pro: Growth hormone dealer.

    Con: Whiny bitch.


  • Scott

    48 approve at this writing. I’d be interested to hear from at least one of those people – if you ‘approve’ of this individual, you can’t be a sports fan, as he is one of those pervs who hates the hand that feeds him. So, the question is, what exactly are you ‘approving’ of?

  • Guntfather of SportsRadio

    He’s a brave columnist is the mold of my good friends Ron Borges, Nick Cafardo, and Willie McDonough. Plus he’s developing a nice belly/man boobs/gunt combo that really appeals to me.

    • Chris

      Don’t forget that he’s limp-wristed.

    • DV

      How exactly is he brave?

      “Plus he’s developing a nice belly/man boobs/gunt combo that really appeals to me.”

      Is this an attempt at comedy? Then you wonder why our opinions are so easily dismissed.

      • HighWireNickEsasky

        DV may be angrier than Tony…

        • DV

          I’m not angry at all. That’s just not funny ^

          I understand that’s “Jorts” shtick, but it’s not even funny, give it a rest. Some of the comments are hilarious, but that’s not funny.

        • DV

          I’m not angry at all. That’s just not funny ^

          I understand that’s “Gunts” shtick, but it’s not even funny, give it a rest. Some of the comments are hilarious, but that’s not funny.

  • KF

    If I remember correctly, he was also a Jimy Williams suck up, too. Sometimes I used to think Jimy used to pick names out of a hat (Jeff Frye batting 3rd)to make out his batting lineup.

    Tony has become a little too self important. At least Shaughnessy will come up with an amusing line once in a while – Tony seems humorless. Disapprove.

  • Ryan

    Sounds like he should be working alongside Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, not circling Ordway like a moon.

    Disapprove – another smarmy, smug “journalist” who follows (and creates) storylines. Used to be better than this, but WEEI and his promotion to columnist ruined any chance he may have had.

  • Char

    Tony Whiner. A twit who goes searching for something, anything for Boston sports fans to panic over.

  • Siggy

    Everybody I know who went to Tufts also applied to Harvard but didn’t get in. Of course he has disdain for the common fan. Wouldn’t you if you were that smart?

  • Tony

    This man has no redeeming qualities.

    I disliked him long before he wrote that Pats fans bashing piece last month.

    He jumped the shark for me the day after the 2003 ALCS ended when he endlessly insulted and harangued fans on WEEI who called up to question his passionate defense of Grady Little’s non-moves in Game 7.

    He’s a smarmy little whiner with an utter contempt for his audience.

    DISAPPROVE with extreme prejudice.

    • rrsafety

      I agree…. the day after game seven is when it started.

  • A Nonymous

    Would have been an approve if it weren’t for his insane belief that Grady Little was correct in leaving Pedro in the game in the 2003 ALCS. And his bizarre belief that we “misunderstood” his column accusing New England fans of being suck ups.

  • EMan

    Was first-rate at one time. He has been getting increasingly bitter since the Metco Gorilla incident cost him a shot at the midday show on “EEI.

    It’s one thing to critique the athletes and organizations, but It’s something else to slam your own customers.

    Maybe it’s the Herald. Was Callahan an a**hole before he worked for the Herald?

  • J.R.

    Yet another in a disturbing and increasing number of once solid writers (Felger, Curran, et al) who made periodic appearances on the radio who were once good but have all ultimately sacrificed their souls and reputations at the altar of WEEI. “Look at me!!” “Look at me, I’m ‘edgy’ and ‘contrarian’ and I’m over here!!!” is what motivates these hacks now.

    In MazzHole’s case, he’s smart enough to realize that the newspaper biz as it once was is heading down the same path and outcome that impacted T-Rex and company, so he’s desperately trying to latch onto an electronic medium gig before the meteor strikes Harrison Ave.

  • mike b

    It’s distressing that Maz wrote a column promoting Ortiz for MVP while also in a business relationship with him to author his biography. I guess no ethics and no talent go hand-in-hand.

  • Wyatt

    You guys all nailed it.


  • JDokes

    Bitter Castrati.

  • Chris

    He gets a huge ‘Disapprove’ simply because he is ‘Highly Visible.’ Little children should be seen and not heard; sports media hacks really ought not be seen OR heard, but it’s never in their nature to abide by that simple law of nature. Mazz (rhymes with…) is a muckraker and a contrarian who has that elitist, haughty perspective that his is the highest perch and that everyone should be talked down to from there. There are not enough negatives to describe this leech.

  • Matt H.

    Approve simply because of the relentless bashing he administers to first class phony Dale Arnold.

  • AbeScromsbie

    He’s a miserable bollocks.
    He’s the classic sanctimonious sports writer with an ardent dislike for the very people who allow him to make a living!? Tomase notwithstanding, Mike Lowell could not have selected a greater fleck of turd to co-write his book.

    • Steve

      Uh Rob Bradford wrote the Lowell book.

      • AbeScromsbie

        My bad… Too many pathetic books coming out by these hacks… My point stands.

  • Anne

    He can’t resist the cheap hit. Even in his book celebrating the 04 team, he for some reason felt the need to take a shot a Pedro in EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER.


  • Box Score

    I don’t think the voters are showing much compassion for everything Mr. Massarotti has to endure to bring his unique brand of truth to the masses. Have you ever had hot flashes? What would you do when confronted with the ugly reality that is menopause?

    A little empathy would serve us all well here.

  • Sluggo

    Lousy writer. Lacks insight. Hypocrite. Fraud.
    When the Herald circles the drain, Mazz will disappear into the great, sucking void.
    Until then, I don’t read him and I don’t listen to him.

  • Chris

    Where the heck does he scare up over 100 ‘Approve’ votes?

    The guy must have carpal tunnel syndrome voting for himself.

  • NAOP

    DISAPPROVE! Much like T.E. Lawrence after his run in with the Turks in Daraa, Tony Mazz returned from WWZN a changed man. No prisoners!

    • Lance

      Funny and very witty – thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  • Angry Old Bastard

    DISAPPROVE!…..annoying little “girly voiced” pip squeek. ….condescending, two-faced rat, “I just called all you people, yahoos, hero worshipers and gutless suck-ups”..Will YOU PLEASE help and DONATE to my charity so I’LL LOOK GOOD??……..give me a freeking break!…..The typical, “I know EVERYTHING, you know NOTHING” sports hack….best thing he can do is take his lap dog Tomase, and go for a long walk (off a short pier of course)

  • Bill

    I could not come up with enough distain for this miny- mouse voiced phony that has not already been said. I hope somebody in a Brucshi jersey knocks his nose bone back up into his skull. No Talent Orbway rump swab.

  • Pete

    You think Tony is a bit sorry that he wrote that article trashing the fans of New England?

    • Bruce

      No, he isn’t.

      It brought him attention and stirred people up – exactly what he wanted.

      • Angry Old Bastard

        …yes that’s true…However, this familiar “style” has worn out it’s welcome with me. I USED to be somebody who read ALL the articles, even the ones by writers I despised. “well, let’s see how so and so is going to piss me off today” I would say….well, I think it was “spygate” that pushed me over the edge. I finally said, “I’ve got ENOUGH aggravation in my life, why am I reading this CRAP?….so you’re right, Tony Mazz did get attention and stirred things up, but I don’t read his stuff anymore and the same goes for the rest of the, “Stir the pot” crowd, Shank Shaugnessy etc..etc…. What’s the point?, the act is REALLY TIRED….I just get the condensed version from BSMW

  • aldo_cella


    Setting aside his recent Patriots ruminations and his work on ‘EEI, does this fellow ever state anything you didn’t already know? Do his thoughts ever encourage you to reconsider your opinions? In these respects, he’s very similar to his Herald cohort, Steve Buckley. Lame, lame, lame. Wasted motion.

    By the way, does anyone know if the subjects of these forums read the results of the polls and the comments?

  • JohnnyApps

    Mild disapproval.

    I can’t really put my finger on why I disapprove of this guy…I guess I’m just not a huge fan.
    He’s a fairly good writer and I agree with his columns occasionally, but I just don’t like him.
    He’s got a whiney voice, he appears way too often on NESN, WEEI, Comcast SportsNet, etc.
    He doesn’t seem to have a wide range of interests in his columns..he pretty much only writes about the Celts and Red Sox.
    He’s far from a must read like Bob Ryan and a few others are.

  • Brad

    Massarotti = Sniveling

  • George

    The posts so far have just about covered it all. Mazz was a adequate sportswriter early in his career, but even then he a biased, agenda-driven weasel. As someone’s already mentioned, his stubborn, myopic defense of Jimy “flat-brim” Williams was ridiculous and an early sign of things to come. In discussion, he’s often paired with Tomasse, but he’s worse than Tomasse – who is simply a moron, while Mazz is a mean-spirited moron.

    I no longer buy or read the Herald. Mazz is neck and neck with Shaunessey for my apathy. Sports are supposed to be fun, an outlet for most fans, but Mazz is just the element in sports meda that ruins it for everyone. He just sucks.

  • Div


    Tony is a classic example of a guy who was decent as a Red Sox beat writer when it comes to delivering facts and information, but is entirely ill suited to write as a columnist. He’s deservedly getting slammed here for that incomprehensibly pathetic rip job he wrote a few weeks ago, but ask yourself this: Before that, had he written a column in two years that made any kind of impression on you whatsoever? In lieu of getting noticed for his writing ability or having a unique take on the sports world, he needed to go the angry columnist route because he doesn’t come close to meeting the level he needs to meet to be a successful columnist. Howard Bryant’s (love him or hate him) worst column was more interesting than anything Tony has spit out.

  • Rock

    Ironically, his voice tells it all. Elitist. Snotty. Know-it-all. Preachy. Who can possibly like this guy? I mean, really.

  • stephenstarring

    never has anyone taken themselves so seriously who write for the f’in boston herald – this guy is a pathetic joke.

  • Classless Concepts

    I thought long and hard about this guy and came to one conclusion: he really is the worst of the worst in Boston sports media.

    – He appears on WEEI with his gonad pinched voice and whores himself out for the money. All the while making half jokes that he “isn’t getting paid enough” for his appearances. He yells at every caller, no matter what the topic is.

    – His anti-Boston sports fan column was brazen at best, career suicide at worst. Never bite the hands that feed you, stupid. Also, a hypocrite because he is obviously a Red Sox fan and doing books with Ortiz would NEVER mess with his objectivity, right?

    – His Baseball notes column in the Sunday Herald is trying so hard to be Peter Gammon’s old notes column.

    – His general columns ARE mostly negative, the bedrock which with this stupid Boston media is built on. He now weighs in on the Celtics and Patriots, which he has no business doing since he has little or no knowledge of either sport (Much like Korheiser on PTI). Due to this, I don’t read the Herald anymore.

    I disapprove of him stealing my oxygen

  • ObjectiveBru;ce

    Not a fan of anyone who writes “as told to” books with people they’re supposed to cover, thereby giving themselves a commercial alliance with their subject.

    However, the column on the willingness of Patsies fans to swallow the preachings of St. Bill as delivered by sycophantic sportswriters afraid to offend the coach was one of the best columns of the past year. The Pride of Epping may choose to call it a “column attacking Patriots fans,” but was nothing of the kind; it was a thoughtful analysis of what exists.

    • Classless Concepts

      ummm yeah…ok. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, well it must be…

      • Dan

        well, it must be Bill Belichick and his cheating ways?

        I voted approve for Massarotti, he is one of the biggest reasons I buy the Herald every morning. Looks like people are still upset with the Super Bowl loss, where the Pats weren’t the best team on the field that day. GET OVER IT!! Enjoy the Celtics awesome run instead!! Belichick cheated, the media ran with it, he was exposed as a cheater, and the football gods made him pay with the worst 18-1 NFL season in history. End of story.

    • Tony

      Please spare me!!

      Was it also “thoughtful analysis” when he viciously lambasted anyone who disagreed with his willfully blind defense of Grady Little after Game 7 in 2003, just because Grady was his buddy?

      The entire baseball world knew that not only should Pedro have been yanked after Bernie Williams’ RBI single, but he probably never should have been allowed out of the dugout after the 7th inning.

      But Tony Mazz kept insisting that Grady was right, and when the fans disagreed with him, he stomped all over them with his stilletto heels and condescending, arrogant, elitist b.s.

      The man’s not the least bit thoughtful or analytical.

  • DUKE

    WOW you guys are tough! Tony is the 1 man who brings reason to the big show when he’s on. Noone since Felger
    has dared to repeatedly stand up to the Grand O on such a constant basis. Also as a columnist, I actually like him better becaus he is not hiding behind the redsox curtain. He is freer to say what is on his mind & not worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. Again I don’t like when the media in this town take the company line and just become a schill for th eteam they are covering so they continue to have good relationships & get to continue to eat the free food! And to me….there are too many in this town who do that! Mazz’s voice is different & you people dont seem to like it. Well….I for one DO!

  • frank

    I don’t read his columns and he is part of the reason I no longer buy the Herald.

    I love the Big Show – but turn it off when this man is on.

    What he said about “fans”, hurts and is indicative of the kind of smug, “better than thou”, media attitude that is disgusting.

    I have no interst in anything he says, writes or does.

  • James

    Another pompous jackass baseball writer. I can’t stand baseball writers. They always inject themselves into stories and are so headstrong with every argument or conversation. And everyone of them are pompous.