Approval Ratings – Alice Cook

Alice CookAlice Cook is a figure skating queen turned TV sports reporter.

Cook competed in the 1976 Winter Olympic games in the pair skating competition. In 1984 she joined WBZ-TV as a sports producer, and the next year became a sports reporter for the station.

During her career at WBZ, Cook has covered the Patriots extensively for the last 10 years, being a key part of the station’s pre and post game coverage. Cook has also covered several Olympic games, both for WBZ-TV and Turner Sports.

Cook worked for ESPN in 2001 and 2002, winning a Gracie Award in April 2002 for a story she did for “Outside the Lines” on Mari-Rae Sopper, a former gymnast killed in the September 11 attack on the Pentagon.



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This is the ultimate dilemma. Of course fans want the Red Sox to win the World Series, but the dilemma is be careful what you wish for because you might get it. And if the Red Sox played the Cubs in the World Series, one of those two franchises will be permanently and forever altered. One of them will never be the same. So remember, while winning is the ultimate goal. If you’re a Sox fan or a Cubs fan, it carries a steep price tag. Life will never be the same.

— Bob Lobel, chat 10/9/2003
  • DaveR

    I wish I had that woman’s genes….. She doesn’t look a day over 40.

    Can’t think of a single complaint about her work — she always seems prepared and doesn’t ask ridiculously stupid questions. Approve.

    • Alan

      What you mean is you wish you had her SCHEDULE. If you only had to, um, “work” two hours per day, three days per week and have others do all your heavy lifting, you could spend the rest of your week staying in shape too. Ever wonder how in 20+ years as a reporter, she has managed to avoid breaking so much as one meaty story?

  • JohnnyApps

    Approve. She’s a solid reporter…classy, professional, prepared, smart, seems to like her job and appears to have a great time doing it…she’s quietly one of the best reporters covering the Pats…

  • Vince

    Alice Cook is very pretty and polite. Alice is also a total waste of time.

    Did you ever wake up after a Patriots game thinking, “Gee I wonder what Alice thought of the game last night?”

    There’s a reason

    Alice is a non-factor in the Boston sports media venue and if she looked like Hillary Clinton, we wouldn’t even be discussing Alice.

    • HighWireNickEsasky

      Why would we ever ask what Alice thought about the game? She’s a reporter not a pundit or a columnist. The main problem in this town is that most reporters think they need to have an opinion or schtick to get noticed. Alice has been doing her job well on TV since my impressionable adolescent years (I won’t go into my coming of age details here for everyone’s sake, nor address the tortured logic of the Hilary reference).

    • Feejis

      If you wake up and wonder what any member of the media thought of the game, may god have mercy on your soul.

      • Chris_SNH

        DING! We have a winner!

      • TC

        HighWireNick and Feejis with the BINGO comments of the week!

    • BK

      I often wake up and wonder what Fred Smerlas or Meterparel think of the game… She stands on her own merits… non-douchebaggery!!!!!

  • bholmes

    want to touch her heinie.

  • Homer’s Jebus

    Approve. It’s amazing that WBZ has talented report like this and instead has chosen to make a bitter old drunk followed by an empty-headed buffoon the face of their sports department.

    • media-tor

      I believe it has always been Alice’s choice not to be the face of the Ch. 4 sports department. The viewers’ loss is her family’s gain. Big approve for playing to her strengths as an objective and highly professional reporter.

      In the interest of full disclosure she’s looked a bit stiff and awkward on the rare occasion I’ve seen her actually anchor a sportscast.

  • Ryan

    Played Veronica Corningstone to Bob Lobel’s Ron Burgundy well, only instead of falling in love with him, she’s kept her trap shut about the way he treated her.


  • mark

    She’s a spinner. APPROVE.

  • The Jortsfather of Sportsradio

    ahhh Shelby Scott, ooh Alice Cook, yes Shelby Scott, be mine Alice Cook, oh you dirty Shelby Scott, Alice Cook, Shelby Scott, Bob Lobel!!!!! That dream sequence was rudely awakened by my alarm clock.

  • LJ Sandwich

    If a fart makes no noise and doesn’t smell…is it still a fart?

    Alice may well be the biggest non-factor on the Boston sports scene. Barely there. If she retired, would anybody know? I can’t figure out what her regular work week is. I don’t think she’s ever behind the anchor desk, and they’ve placed some real corpses in front of the WBZ studio cameras.

    Get’s the cushy gigs like the Olympics (yes I know, she’s laced them up in the past) while Dan Roche has no travel budget. Rumor has it she digs hacks with red wigs but I can’t confirm nor deny.


    • Ken

      Exactly..Irrelevant to the sports reporting scene in this town.

  • Tony

    My first reaction when I saw that we were going to rate Alice Cook today was: “Wait….Alice Cook is still on TV?”


  • Dougie the Sky Fox

    Is that her name? I thought it was a command: Alice, Cook! Fenderbenderoo!

    Sorry there is no room in Sky Fox, Buck and I are zip tripping to see the Falmouth Commodores!

    • VeeBee

      No time for a stop at the Kream N’ Kone, Dougie? My stomach’s grumbling!!

      • Dougie the Sky Fox

        You got it Victor Bravo, Dougie loves Kreamin’ Kones

  • Chris_SNH

    APPROVE. Alice is pleasant enough and doesn’t fall into the mire & muck that Jackie MacMullan did (‘Who?’). There is an ‘APPROVE’ rating for every individual out there who does their job well and knows the boundaries.

  • KF

    Bland on the run. Disapprove.

  • Mitch

    Alice Cook is a talented and versatile professional who actually ‘walked the walk’ before she became a sports reporter. It doesn’t get any more intense than the Olympics…and this gives her credibility in droves.

    By far, the most genuinely pleasant person in Boston broadcast media…and clearly, a reporter-without-peer when it comes to understanding what it means to compete.

    Not only does she do an extremely thorough job whenever she covers a story, but also, Alice always makes me smile when she’s on air…which should be far, far more often.

    Knowledgeable, credible and likeable.

    Approve. Approve. Most highly, approve.

  • Ken Fang

    One of the nicer people I’ve met. Good reporter. Was used by TNT during its Olympics coverage in 1992 and 1994.

    I’ll approve.

  • DUKE

    Sure she is relevant to the Boston Sports media. She is very good at what she does. She is a true Professional in every sense of the word. I would love to hear more from her to tell you the truth!

  • Pete

    Solid cougar. Approve.

  • Sluggo

    I like her.

  • Dr. Vazdeferenz

    Approve. If you didn’t realize she was still reporting then that’s good; That’s the point of reporting, so that the story gets said without the self promotion. Finally a reporter who doesn’t whore herself on some two-bit cable news broadcast.

  • Beaker

    I give her points just thinking of the number of times she’s had to pull Lobel’s hand out of her pants and loaned him Visine.

  • jon

    I’m 28 years old and consider myself to be a reasonably above-average sports fan.

    I have never seen or heard of this person in my life.

    • media-tor

      I assume she’ll be back on Ch. 4’s Patriots Gameday show this fall, Jon (Sunday mornings at 11:30 before the NFL Today if you want to see her work). She also occasionally does the Pats game recaps on the Sunday night Sports Final program.

  • Guntfather of Sports Radio

    A more attractive woman the Felger. Approve.

  • MarkB

    Like that diet vanilla ice milk that has absolutely no flavor. I won’t vote disapprove only because she’s such a non-entitiy. This is why they invented the TV remote.

  • Dixon Dee

    Jon I wouldn’t admit that if i was you. Why are you saying that? Your calling yourself an Idiot by doing that! She’s only been on the air since 1985. Only 23 years (said with dripping sarcasm. I approve whole-heartedly!!!!

    • jon

      How dare you call me an idiot? I may be wildly ignorant, friend. But I’m no idiot.


  • jon

    I also didn’t hear “Knights in White Satin” until I was, like, 20. No one believed me.

    DISAPPROVE … of myself.

  • North Shore

    This has no relevancy whatsoever to either the approving or disapproving of Alice, but I did work with her sister about 20 years ago and the sister (red hair, green eyes, nice bod, great laugh, loved to party) was was a lot of fun and just a nice person.

    Oh, yeah. Approve of Alice, too.

  • Vince

    Alice Cook – a career in sports media that never was.

    Zip Rzeppa contributed more to Boston sports reporting

    • Jason Coyote

      If by ‘contributed more’ you mean he was about ten cards short of a full deck then you are correct.

      So she’s short on ‘zip’. Alice just goes about her job without bringing any attention to herself.

  • aldo_cella


    We criticize Buckley, Ordway, Shank, etc. for making themselves part of or more important than the events they cover and for thinking that their opinions are more important than the facts of the events they cover, and then we criticize someone like Ms. Cook for being bland and innocuous.

    I’ll take someone like her over Buckley and Shank any day.

    Also, I suspect she knows more about sports than Burton anyway, although that’s faint praise to say the least.

  • Rick

    Jumping in the wayback machine, I give her an approve in 1988.

    How does anybody give a rat’s ass about a local sports reporter these days, let alone one who is on camera for about three minutes a week?

    We may as well be discussing our favorite dinosaurs. Do you prefer a triceratops or a tyrannosaurus rex? It doesn’t matter! They’re both dead.

    She is still goddamn hot for someone her age. I would have crazy dinosaur sex with her.


    Better skater than Glen Murray. “Approve!”

  • george

    I think Aldo hit the bullseye on Alice. She’s cute AND knows her sports more than some of you people think.

    She obviously enjoys what she’s doing. You don’t hear her on Fat-HA-HA Talk Radio, and she never makes herself the story. She pretty much has the opposite characteristics of the people many posters on this board rail against. What’s not to like?