Globe Taking on Boston Mag on Belichick

A couple items of interest this midday:

David Scott has The Boston Globe preparing for life without Gordon Edes, and at the same time gearing up to battle with the all-new by creating an internet-only Red Sox reporting position in addition to a replacement for Edes. Interesting stuff. Scott provides a list of potential hires by the Globe for the open spots.  

Boston magazine has 14 armchair psychologists (including Senator John Kerry, Michael Felger, Will Leitch, Gregg Easterbrook, and embattled author James Frey) break down the mind of Patriots coach Bill Belichick.


Random Quote

You guys called us old, over. I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis. It’s opinion and obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank y’all for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under us. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry.

— Kevin Garnett, 4/18/12
  • KF

    If any article involves commentary by John Kerry or Gregg Easterbrook, I think I’ll pass on reading it.

    All I know is Bill Belichick is a brilliant football mind, is the best coach/mgr in all of professional sports, and he coaches my favorite football team.

    • DaveR

      Asking Gregg Easterbrook to comment on Bill Belichick is like asking George Wallace to discuss the civil rights movement.


    • Bruce

      With a couple of exceptions, the takes are actually pretty interesting, and positive.

  • Joan

    When I saw the title I rolled my eyes but it was actually sorta interesting. Of course i skipped whatever Easterbooke had to say. Felger’s take was interesting. Talk about a flip flop!

  • Tony

    Why are they asking Easterbrook to comment? This is the same man who called on Belichick to resign, or for Goodell to either suspend him indefinitely or ban him from the NFL outright in his last TMQ column back in May. I would think the very mention of Belichick’s name would send Herr Gregggggg into convulsions.

  • Angry Old Bastard

    ……I’m at the point where to me it’s ALL ABOUT THE GAMES….I think I’ve O.D.’d on the opinions of all these clowns throught the years……14 armchair psychologists break down the mind of Belichick???…..ahhhhh…..I think I’ll pass.

  • Dan

    I think Felger uses the “Do business as business is being done” mantra every time he makes something up to tease a story (“Did Tom Brady leave practice early with an arm injury today? We’ve got the latest coming up!”). If Sportscenter pulls crap out of thin air to tease stories, and the Herald makes stuff up to create stories that wouldn’t otherwise exist, Felger’s just doing business as business is being done!